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 I do not like to become vocal in this tone of attitude however this site is becoming another site of which "spammers" seem to like to pick on to place un-desirable spam which is forced on us and cripples the site.  

It is now 12:30 am PST on Saturday June 21, 2014 and this latest edition of spam began at about 3:00 PM PST on June 20, 2014 or about 9 1/2 hours ago.   So far there is around 10 pages of the spam on this site from the same spammer. 

Unfortunately  there has been multiple members whom have replied to the spam and this is not only exposing your computer and yourself to being the victim of a  fraud and virus laden material of which is sure to follow your reply.  It is certain to follow unless this person gets shut down, as why else would the spammer elect to correspond with you other that to gain something in return.  It also exposes us to un-desirable materials. 

This spammer left a personal e-mail address of which was the requested form of communication.  Should you desire to communicate with this person them by all means do so, but I request that you do not use this site.  Please use their e-mail address from your own computer e-mail system and then it will be your personal e-mail that gets the results and penalty of your own actions.  When you use this site it only causes more spam from not only this spammer but others as well.  This also exposes the rest of this community to your actions.  If you get a virus from replying to the spammer and then you send e-mails, don't you think that your infected computer is  also sending out the same virus?  Remember firewalls and anti virus software do not always catch virus laden material and as of late virus and other computer infections including key loggers are getting more complex and harder for anti virus and firewalls to keep up.

On March 14th 2014 the Kreg Rep put out a written discussion on the topic of spam and  why the spammers are placing spam on this site.  The manner of how to deal with the spam was also discussed.  I would request that you read it and try to adhere to is suggestions.

I am normally a understanding person however when it comes to carless and un-thoughtful actions of which endangers the security of this site I get a little angry.  I am sure that spam can easily be determined as spam when it is the same repeated statement time after time on each and every members page.

Just so you know that this person "ANNA" aka know as "miss leylo sheikh" is from Munnco, Mali West Africa and is a spammer of which has spammed numerous sites along with this community and in fact Google the name and see how many pages of information is available. There are numerous pages.  Also be aware that most fraud and undesirable Ethernet correspondence comes from Africa.

The last week's incident was the same with the same thing, with members replying to the spam and in recent spam incidents becoming "friends" with them and one member also posted his photo.

Now I am an easy going guy however I will not sit still and allow a great site of which we enjoy and use to discuss our woodworking among members and that  Kreg Tool Company had allowed this site to be free of charge to us, fall into another disaster like It almost did a couple years ago when we began to experience full blown porn. 

We are fortunate to have this site and we each owe one another as well as the Kreg Tool Company a debt of gratitude and each of us should strive to keep this site free of spam and other undesirable elements.  This will help keep this site going so that we may enjoy it for what it was intended to be.

Now if I have upset anyone then I am sorry but on the same token, I will also advise you that I will not sit idle and allow what I know to be harmful to this site and its members to continue without some resistance from me.

It is easy to ignore the spam and report it to the Kreg Rep so that he can deal with it in the proper way.  Please also remember that the Kreg Rep is also like us, he needs time off and time to rest and spend with family.  He does when advised of a problem take care of it in the quickest manner but we also should be helping as all the members should be also additional eyes for him.  That way we can continue to be a functional and clean community.

I appreciate your time and again if I have offended anyone then please except my apology.

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Crafty looking chair design, you got there, Robert.

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