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I created a set of videos to help explain how Sketchup can be used for woodworking.  As well as creating custom pocket holes for Sketchup to add to your model.

I will be making other videos, please review these videos and post any questions you have or even complaints or suggestions.


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Info copied over from the original thread.

3D Warehouse Pocket Hole Collection
3D Warehouse Kreg Workbench

The pocket hole components I created in Sketchup are useful in planning your project as they will be laid out where the holes would be on your stock. You'll see if the hole will be too close to an edge or if it would cut out of the edge, and rethink your plans. Once you use the plans with Cutlist, it will tally all of the holes too, so you could know how many of each screw type to use, besides it calculating your boards you need.

Some other helpful info.
Woodworking With SketchUp: Start at the End
Woodworking With SketchUp: Start at the End
Woodworking With SketchUp: Start at the End they aren't woodworking focused, but still very educational on how to use sketchup.
Fixed link titles:
Some other helpful info.
Woodworking With SketchUp: Start at the End
Design Click Build
The Sketchup Show they aren't woodworking focused, but still very educational on how to use sketchup.
Also the SketchUcation forums has a Woodworking section.
Very nice and helpful, Thanks Tim.
Absolutely great videos, Tim! Thanks!
Here's another great SketchUp link for woodworkers... Fine Woodworking has an entire blog devoted to this topic... although I will warn you, it's not exactly 'beginner' level material:
Greetings Tim;
I'm a newbie here therefore I am taking my time to browse and read...allot of very good things to read I might add. Tim that was very nice of you to take the time and share such as you did, so well done I might add. Excellent speaking voice and tempo making it easy to understand plus not putting the viewer in sleep mode. Unlike many of my teachers of yesteryear.
I'm pleased I had joined for the info provided here has been very helpful. The input about SketchUp has solved my problem about a program I can use without having to own a bank. Bank robbing does not seem to be a good option for there are too many doing it these days... at least here in Hotlanta,GA.
KregRep, thank you for your helpful link. Learning how to use SketchUp appears that it will give this Ole fart [young in mind and heart] a challenge comparable to signing up for a course in school.
I used to help folks solve their puter problems and would mention to them that learning how to fully use their software can be more frustrating than most things they try learning or doing. The rewards are great if they can I say to myself I hope I can get half as good as you are, Tim. Since I cannot even draw a stick man well, I hope I can learn SketchUp.

May everyone's day be better than your yesterday;
Mine is for I'm having fun...learnin'
Updated the Pocket Hole components in the 3D Warehouse.

They are 3D now.

Very cool. Just really started using SketchUp as a tool for plan designs. Really reduces the errors I usually always make in projects and also helps me understand the amount of materials needed by using that plugin. The best part is that its free! Just started using the pocket hole system and built a few work benches and stands. The jig system is now the catalyst for an expensive new hobby for me. Though my wife has already tasked me with furniture she always wanted. heh heh =)
If you have any questions, let me know.
Will do.. Still trying to learn the basics so every model I have built is using 2x4s. ;)
Went a little crazy and created a collection of pocket screws, and added a second guide to the pocket holes so you can align the screw in the hole. Note the 1/2" hole has 2 guides for screws depending on if you use 1" or 3/4" screws.

Click the picture to see the collection.
Pocket Hole Screws

I will likely be making a video on how to efficiently "load" the screws into a pocket hole. It will fill every pocket hole with the correct screw very quickly.

With x-ray mode in Sketchup you can see your screws and where they will land even in complex joinery or odd size boards.

x-ray view

Absolutely amazing! I've really got to get into this SketchUp stuff a bit more! VERY impressive! This would be very helpful to test out screw placement befor starting a project... in case the screws might hit eachother or something! WOW
also found out how to print templates too
so you can print something to exact size and then trace it onto your wood
good for complex cuts, routing jigs, etc
see page 2 of

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