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Visited the local Sears store the other night here in Wausau, Wisconsin to see what they had in Kreg accessories.  It's a fairly large store.

Turned out they had nothing.  Talked to 3 employees in the tool department.  None of them ever heard of the Kreg Jig.  In fact one of them said "I've been here 20 years and I've never heard of a Kreg Jig".   One of them said maybe I'd have to go to a special woodworking store to get one.  ( I told him that I already have the jig but was looking for accessories).

All the local home improvement stores here have the Kreg but not too much in accessories.

Mistakenly, I thought Sears would be the place for these.  Maybe a Kreg Sales Rep should start hitting on these guys.

Anyway, that was my "Sears Experience".   

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I was really impressed when the Kreg team showed up at the woodworking show in Sacramento last November. Was actually able to talk to one of the guys who uses the jigs, not simply selling them. If I want something, normally I want it NOW, so I support my local tool supplier or get on the computer and search it out or call direct. Patience when in need is not a long suite of mine.



I have had good luck finding kreg products and supplies on on my last order I paid around $22.00 for 1000 1.25 inch Kreg pocket hole screws.

David Dean said:
well dont feel bad I had to order my K-2 online in the stroe they had no clue what I was talking about and the only place around me to get Kreg tools is lowe's and I'm lucky if I can get 3 box's at a time and some time's they dont have them at all and it cost me $40 for 1000 screws men did they get me on shipping at Kreg's and amason they keep at you in tell you get somthing you dont need so jion the club.

I worked for Sears about that long also.  (retired now, thank goodness!)  Sears used to  be the go-to place (B.K. - before Kmart).  Unfortunately they are only looking for profit with the new ownership they now have.  Now they have just enough woodworking items to get in trouble.  (And no employee that knows how to use either!)   January 21st at 1pm in 1993 is the last time some stores may have had items such as Kreg and other usuful things.   That's when they shut down the "Big" catalog, for use especially in the smaller stores like the one I was at.  Then, until now they have have been "downsizing".


Just had an big "eye opening" at the Woodworking Show in Indianapolis this past January!  Kreg...ALL over the place!  It was great to see and be able to ask about all I have never seen that's Kreg!

The Home Depot in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota has a Kreg display with some of Kregs' products.  When people come in and ask about it, I take them right over.  I've used the Kreg jig for a while and it is one of the handiest tools in my garage.  The K3 is my workhorse.  Fences, gates, and furniture.  Nothing else comes close. 

                        gbain   plymouth  minnesota

  I"m suprised you found someone in tool dept that even had idea of what you were talking about some of the people in big chins have no idea what the tools they are putting on shelf are used for   LOL
Hey Fins59, I live in Wisconsin Rapids and our local Ace Hardware has the Master Jig kit, screws etc.  Any of the other stuff I go to the web.
Up here in Central Canada, I find that almost all of the specialty Lumber stores like Peacock sell the Kreg tools.  Big box stores like Sears, Costco and Home Depot do not know what we're talking about.   Lee Valley, Busy Bee Tools stock everything you need, and mostly the places where a craftsman will visit.
Ace does carry a large assortment in their warehouses. Each store is independently owned and they all might not have it on their shelves. If you ask, they can look up what you need and order it. They should be able to get it in 2-3 days if they don't have it in their store.
Here in Louisville,Ky I found that Lowes has a small area for Kreg Jig products.  There is a much larger tool retailer, Bargain Supply, here that has a better stock of Kreg products.  I don't go to Sears much.
I have found that of the big box stores in my area (Northern  VA) Lowes has the best supply. They have most of the common components needed but you still have to find an online supplier or specialty shop for certain plugs and screw sizes.
 My sears experience was great I found the Kreg Master kit online at I went to order it at my sears store the salesperson knew about the Kreg jig and asked me if I was going to buy some screws. I was so excited about getting the jig I forgot to buy my screws. I bought it just before our first big snow storm last fall. I can't wait until I go buy some screws later on this month.

The fact that three clerks in the "tool department" at Sears had never even heard of a Kreg Jig is exactly why Kreg should run as fast as they can from Sears.  Big box home improvement centers are bad enough at being uninformed.  I have noticed the the local big box stores are carrying more Kreg products, but your specialty woodworking store is still your best source for products and knowledge.


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