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A lot of plans I have found say that you shoudl use 1.25 inch Kreg screws for holes drilled at the 3/4 inch setting.  I find that these don't hold though and it is better to use the 1.5 inch screws.  IS it me doing something wrong that means I need the bigger screws or are plans I am looking at suggesting the wrong size screws?  What does everybody use for the 3/4 inch setting?  Thanks

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1.25 is the correct size for 3/4 inch wood Hard wood requires a fine thread screw and soft wood a course thread

Hi Andy. The 1 1/4" screw is the standard size for 3/4" stock. The 1 1/2" screws often push too far into the mating piece, which can cause the screw to poke through or "bump out" the face.

Check that your jig and stop collar settings are correct so that you are drilling the pocket hole to the correct depth. Always set the stop collar by aligning the step on the drill bit with the thickness mark, not the tip of the drill bit.

Also make sure that you are using the correct screw. As Bruce said, coarse thread is best for softwoods (and plywood), and fine thread for hardwoods--the more aggressive coarse thread can cause splitting in hardwoods. Make sure, too, that your clutch is not set too high. This can cause you to over-tighten the screw and strip the threads that the screw cuts into the wood.

Of course, experimentation is always the key to success, and if you are able to use a longer screw without problems, you can do that. In years of experimenting here at Kreg, and in many of my own projects, though, we find that the 1 1/4" screws are the best choice for 3/4" stock.


I have had the same problem. I have used the Kreg system for a few years now and know that I have all the settings done correctly. I have never had any problems with ANY other sizes other than 3/4" material. I too have went over to 1 1/2" screws and it has solved my problem. You just have to make sure you do not tighten too tight and cause the screw to come through the face of your project as mentions by the Kreg Rep in the other response.

I was just do some craftsman style window frames & the 1 1/4" wouldn't catch, very loose and not holding tight. My work around was after I ran the screw in, I would replace it with a 1 1/2" screw that I clipped the front point off.  Seemed to work for me, who knows if you don't try you don't know!

I've used the 1 1/4" screw for years, even before Kreig was around.  I also always use some adhesive and never had a frame come apart.  We used the evans system tub for several decades, building cabinets.  Kreig has simplified and made the pocket hole system available for home shops as well as commercial shops.  Not even sure if evans is still around. 

May want to check and make sure your set up is correct, perhaps drilling a tad deeper so your 1 1/4" screw has more meat into the wood.   Good Luck.

Set up is correct, the grain of the wood I am joining is what causes the problem, hence the slightly longer screw.

As I said, this was my work around, not necessarily yours or the next guy. But I'm glad to see your interest in helping others, it is appreciated. That what makes us all better & strive to build bigger & better.


Maybe a dumb suggestion here, but make sure you don't have drill chips left in your pocket holes.  I have had some breakout and just adjusted the drill bit a little shorter than the gauge shows.  No problems with 1 1/4" screws into 3/4" material.  Makes a strong and tight joint for me.  Also, make sure your clutch is set just tight enough to bottom out the screws and not over-tighten.

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