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Hi all

Looking for a router table,  does anyone have experience of the Kreg table which is one i am thinking of with an MDF top.  Also been looking at Jessem and UJK, the Axminster brand so all feedback welcomed.

                                       thanks Roy

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Hi roy, got a kreg benchtop router table click on product reviews top of page on right your find lots of interesting reviews including the kreg table,mick.

I'm a rep for Kreg in Mich and Indiana and yes I'm biased. There are a lot of good tables in the marketplace, but IMO, none as sturdy as the Kreg PRS1040. Much of my time from Sept. to May is spent at dealer sales events (Kreg dealers who stage open houses, etc., with many vendor reps attending, demonstrating, selling). Most of the customers like the fence system on the PRS1040, it works like the fence on a table saw. It has one lever that you push down, locking the fence perfectly square (given that you assemble the table to instructions, calibrating the squareness of the fence to the table). Kreg's stand (the foundation of a router table), is 1/4" angle iron, powdered-coated and pre-drilled to close up and create shelving. Nice. The feet are heavy-duty and have rubber bottoms making it hard to's steady. A lot of customers like the casters we have to move the table around in the shop. That's nice. But the rubber feet (comes with PRS1040) make table incredibly steady. Most people don't know (because their hidden), about the two critical components below the table surface...the Kreg insert plate levelers and the steel braces attached to the sides of the plate opening. These steel braces are there for a purpose, a BIG purpose. When I rep'd machinery, one thing they instructed me on was the bowing of the could happen (usually from the mfg. not letting the cast table top mature before it was machined to attach to the saw). Always, always...if a person experiences any bowing in their table top it was located across the table saw insert plate opening. That's the critical point on the table. Anyway, Kreg (having a world of woodworking knowledge), included two braces to be attached to each side of the plate, underneath the table. Next time you see a Kreg table at a dealer, look underneath the hood, so to speak. You'll see'm. One more thing...the surface material on the Kreg table top...its called micro-dot. It's not smooth like all the other tables. The workpiece will not come into 100% contact with the surface...making the workpiece slide easily across the surface. That's what users want, no hangups with the workpiece. There is much more to say about the PRS1040, but my fingers are tired from typing. hehe. BTW, the MDF keeps the router noise quieter. You might want to look into our Triton routers (distributed in US by Kreg) they are powerful and priced right. 

Hi there

I understand the bias but at the same time you have seen them all and their pro's & cons.  I really like the simplicity of the Kreg pocket hole jigs I have and this has biased myself towards the Kreg product so will go and take a look some time soon and let you know the outcome.

                                thanks Roy

So if you haven't spent the money yet..did you look real hard into making your own.   Woodsmith and shopnotes have a great basic plan or just do theirs.   Items to purchase  a mounting plate.., knobs, nuts, long bolts--available anywhere,  and if you are ready a safety switch is great.  I found mine at sears.   Making your own top mine is a sink cut out a green laminate about 28 wide by 22 deep trimmed with oak, and I could have set the router back from center now that I have learned you need front room not just center it.   There  are many ways to clamp a fence, I have 3 fences, I even use a bolt as a pivot on one end and my clamp pads on the other.  Alignment to the bit is it, not parallel to the front of the table, thats why those crazy looking simple ideas under plywood work.  I don't have a miter groove but I cut raised panels with a vertical bit, and my door making bit is easy with a 90 degree sled.  I have a Sears 2 hp and its lots of power and heavy and 2 collets.   I had fun planning 3 trays for bits and 2 big drawers for accessories and now extra are going on the outside walls.  pvc can make the dust connect with effort.  check out some utube and hope this got you thinking.   have fun and save some dollars.

no   please read my comments below the  discussion.  thanks

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