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I am looking for input from anyone that has an opinion about the above table saw.  I have been using the boyfriends Delta Unisaw...which is a dream.  I am now looking to get a table saw for myself.  I have been looking at the Hybrid's.  They seem to be a good size.  Not too big and not too small.  The price seems fair and I have read mostly great reviews.  But...more information is always better.  I want this to be a one time purchase with no regrets.  Thank you in advance.

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It's hard to see that little image, so for those who can help Stephanie here is a larger image to assist you...

Thank you.

BTW, I think it looks like a really good table saw for its price ($529 at HD). I had a Bosch 4100 (below) and it was $600 from Lowe's but it was movable. Depends on what size your shop is if you do or don't have room for a stationary tool, I didn't.


Thank you for your input/thoughts.  The Ridgid does have wheels that retract so it can be moved.  Which is one of my requirements.  I also want something bigger than the contractors portable version, but not huge/expensive like a cabinet saw.  Which happens to be what the boyfriend has.  I am putting it in my two car garage, that only has one car in it.  I am hoping for some feedback from people that either have one or one similar.  The reviews on it are great, but like I said, more information is always better.

I like it a lot and I now have saw envy!!!    I saw a craftsman one similar to this one.......but the orange is amazing!

Hi Stephanie,   I purchased this very same saw from HD this past Spring.  It was my first experience with a tablesaw so I cannot compare but this one has fit my needs perfectly.  Like you,  my garage is a two and a half car and using one and a half for my shop.  Wanted a saw that was sturdy yet movable and this one has been a perfect fit.  My initial concern was in regards to the reach.  I am short 5'1" and I feared the table would come up too high.  It is higher than what I would've liked but it has not been a problem.   The power switch sits on the left on the table.  I have found that at times, if I am standing on that side while making a cut, you can easily bump the switch reducing or stopping power.  Not a major issue, just need to be aware when I am on that side.  The saw has a locking mechanism for the knife to adjust at different heights.   I have been having trouble with it staying in the locked position.   I think that is user error more so then design error.  Again,  I just got it this Spring and no previous saw experience, it is still a learning curve for me.  I have had no regrets with my purchase however.  Hope this helps.

Thank you Rita for you input. There is a great saw review on YouTube and it mentions the same issue regarding the switch on the saw. But that really was the only complaint. Maybe if you built a platform step for yourself to help with being able to reach? Looking at other hybrids...I am 98% set on this saw. So many projects so little time. Again thank you for the information. Much appreciated.

Stephanie,  like you I read many reviews.   I was looking at a magazine that was rating saws such as Dewalt, Bosch etc and the Ridgid was listed as the recommended buy.  Online HD had the saw listed at $529. but in store price was $499.   Another thing that sold me was the fact that it came with a lifetime warranty.  That does not get mentioned a lot but for me, if I was going to make this type of a investment in a tool, I felt comfortable knowing that they would stand by their product. 

There is an old table saw sitting outside on a trailer that my nephew wants to see if it works. Now this thing has been sitting out there since I came back about 4 months ago, in the rain. I told him if it started it would probably catch fire, in that case I would just throw some wood on it and cook hot dogs and marshmallows. :)

What caught my eye about it was the built-in sliding sled...

...this is an image of it from the internet. Another feature is a safety cover over the on/off switch plus it can be locked with lock and key. I wouldn't bother with it but might try to salvage some parts.

I have the r4512 and I love it. I have it in my basement were room is really tight, I love being able to move it ot of the way when it's not being used. I also bought a zero clearance throat plate for it from woodcraft. It was fairly easy to assemble and set up. I did have to square the blade to the miter slot. it was a couple thousands off. I've been using it for over a year and havn't had any regrets about buyiing it.

I have this saw, and have used it on a few projects so far. The reason I got it was its value: best bang for
your buck for someone using it on the weekends, etc. I was looking at SawStop, Delta, etc. but couldn't spend that $. It is super quiet, strong, and very movable. I keep it in my garage and move it out to the driveway to cut.

I added the benchdog router table wing (to the left side which they say cant be done but it can) and a zero clearance insert. The guard and knife work well.

I've cut lots of oak and walnut and it doesn't big down with the 4/4 I had.

Lifetime warranty. HD will take HF coupon!

I want to get a cast iron wing for the right side, but haven't yet found where to get one.

Get this saw!

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