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I want to make a CROSS out of 2x4s, glued and screwed together and I am not sure where to start. Do I glue two 2x4s (x2)... Has anyone else made a CROSS before.
Bill in Las Vegas


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Bill you need to make a lap joint , if you are using 2 x 4 ,S  , cut a notch 3/4 "  deep x 3 1/2 "  on the cross  part and the same on the up right board , when joined they should be flush , JIM !!

I'm lost Jim. I want to make the thickness two 2x4s, on set of 2x4s about 5 feet tall and the other set of 2x4s about 3 feet tall. I don't know what you call gluing the face of one to the face of the other. Like an Oreo without the cream center. Not side by side like you would a table top but 4" facing the 4". Next time I'll take a picture, even I'm getting confused. ll not -- :-)  Oh yes I put wheels on my screw and nails shelf and painted it Intoxication Green. I'm going for the old hippy look in my work shop. Or maybe deco-barn.  Thanks, Bill in Las Vegas

HI BILL,  first  of all  2 x 4 is 1 1/2 ' x 3 1/2 ", if using a 2 x 4 you will need to cut one  60 "  one  18 " and one 38 1/2 "  for the up right one ,  the 18 " one will be screwed to the top of the 60 " one  and the 38 1/2 " one will be screwed to the bottom of the 60 " one, leaving 3 1/2 " in the center , then you need to cut  one 36 "  long , and two 16 1/4  "   screwed to each  end , leaving 3 1/2 " in the center, the two should over lap to make the cross and be flush , hope this helps , if you have any questions let me know , JIM !!

Oh, I was thinking one long one in the center with the two shorter ones attached  to the sides via my Kreg jig. +

Thanks,  Bill in Las Vegas

That will also work , JIM !!

You could use a 1/2 lap joint at the intersection of your 2x4s. That will work good if you glue and screw it together.

Oh yes 1/2 lap joint. What's that mean. :-) I have never heard of a 1/2 lap joint. Man do I feel dumb, is there a pre-beginner's area. Thanks Dennis. Bill in Las Vegas

That is when you take 1/2 the material from one of the boards to be joined and the other 1/2 from the the other board. When you put them together it makes a joint that is flush on both sides. I wish I knew how to load pics. so I could show you but I am not too computer savvy. Sorry about that.  I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you. You might be able to look 1/2 lap joint on Google. There might be an illustration there or on you tube. I hope this helps you out. Take. Denny

Thanks much, I'll try that when I get bigger. Bill in Las Vegas

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