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Hi Guys & Gals,

Bit of advice needed please.  I am new to woodworking and I'm in the process of setting up and equipping my work area in my garage.  I am making a list of power tools I need and researching the makes etc.  I am pretty sure about the make/model of router and circular saw I will be buying later this week.  I want to buy one or two power sanders but I am a bit stuck on the type that I should buy initially.  I know it depends on the type of work you intend doing but all I can say at the moment is that I want to get into general woodwork making stuff for the home and garden.  Any advice on the type of sanders I should aim for would be appreciated.  I have the funds to buy two to start with and prefer corded to battery powered as they will only be used in my workshop.

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I currently own a bosch 5 inch random orbit sander. i previously owned a makita 5 inch. the makita was a far nicer sander. get the makita you won't be sorry.



There is enough buying advice here already but as for sanding in corners..... I sand everything down before I screw it together, eliminating the problems of awkward areas.

Hello Pete


Good old B&Q -where would we be without it?

Buy as good a product as you feel comfortable with, both financially and

in your hand.

When sanding I find the little bags not much cop and attach a vacuum,

wife was a little upset when I borrowed hers before buying my own.


Wear a face mask till you get an air filter or an extractor fan in a window

or doorway. Dust is a hazard that all woodworkers need to take into account.


Happy sanding



I have different sanders for different purposes. I have an old Makita belt sander for quick removal of material and for large jobs. It can be used for sharpening turning tools and as a fixed sander when turned over and fastened down with its stand. I have an old Makita palm sander which is easier to handle for more awkward shapes and for finishing sanding. Both these have been invaluable and reliable over the last 20 years. I have a Dremel multisander for awkward shapes and would not recommend this as it is poor quality and poor performance for the money. I bought a Fein multitool last year with various attachments including different sanding heads. This has proved to be a really valuable tool and is probably the most versatile tool I have with excellent build quality but at a price. I cannot praise it highly enough. I would recommend the Fein and a Makita belt sander as being the best for quality and performance.
I have a Dewalt belt sander that has worked perfectly, but since I got a Dewalt Random Orbit sander I rareley use the belt sander- only used to hog off a lot of material and that is usually done on the planer unless the board is too large for it.  I also have an old Ryobi 1/6 sheet finish sander that has also been excellent.  Not sure the newer Ryobi tools are as durable as the old ones. I use the random orbit with coarser grits, usually 80-120 and the finish sander with finer grits, 120-220.  Most times I don't find the need for finer than 150-180.  The combination of having two set up seems to really speed things up.  You do occasionally need to replace the foam rubber part that interfaces between the orbital sander and the sand paper.  I really like the hook and loop method of attachment versus pre-glued or the mechanical method on the old Ryobi.  Regardless of what you end up with, you'll never regret changing paper frequently.  Worn paper is like using a finer grit.  It  slows you down and doesn't remove all the scratches from previous more coarse grits.  Welcome to Woodworking!
In the past I've found that my Ridgid Oscilating Stand Sander handles most of my stand sander needs.
Try the tools from Home Depot, especially the Ridgid brand. Always use the attachment for the vacuum system. Enjoy their lifetime guarantee.
When you buy sanding disks for random orbital beware I bought some from Harbor Freight wholes don't line up for dust colections and you definitly produce a lot of dust.

Hi Pete - I have a Hitachi 3 x 21 belt sander, a Bosch 1/4 sheet finish sander and a GMC Random Orbital Sander. Use all 3 depending on the job.

Gary - Check Heleta Industries for good prices on ROS discs and sanding belts. I also get some router bits from them.. tough to beat for the price.

Good choice was the orbital palm sander as your first sander. You can get grits from 30 to 320. I like the dewalt, got 2. I use it from sanding automotive bodies to fine sanding furniture. A belt sander comes in handy but go for the heaviest, higher amps. I have a low end black and decker that you have to lean into to get results. My second choice would be a 6" disk/18" belt sander. The belt sander can be adjusted vertical or horizontal. There are many models out there for $100-$500+.

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