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Hi everyone

Was just wondering if anyone else feels kind of guilty woodworking with the pocket hole jig.  I know it does a great job and i use mine a lot but, I also like to build the traditional way (mortise and tenon, rabbits, dados etc) and can't help but feel a little guilty when showing off a project to someone.  Some how it almost feels like cheating lol.  Any thoughts? 

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You're not alone Charles- I felt guilty when I built a table for a friend and used pocket holes to join the legs to the rails!

It works, it's quick and it's strong but there'll always be a little guilt :)

I think the thing to remember (and a big part of Kreg marketing) is that this kind of joinery is getting people that may not otherwise do so to create things. The objective is a secure joint. What I love about pocket holes is that I can throw together a project in an afternoon that would take several days with other joints. Cheating? No! Always the right joint for a project? No. Just my opinion.

While Kreg Joints can be used almost anywhere, there are lots of other great techniques to use as well if you've got the time, the energy, the skills, and the tools to do them.


Hugh, you make a great point! One of the biggest benefits of working with Kreg Joints is that they're faster, easier, and less intimidating for beginning woodworkers and DIY'ers. For these people, I would wager a bit there is a lot more 'pride' than 'guilt.'  ;) The Kreg Jig helps to empower those who otherwise may not have given woodworking a try. It's  an incredibly strong and functional joint - but can be created with very little experience and a relatively small time commitment. You wouldn't believe the number of letters/messages we receive from customers (2 below) thanking us for introducing them to woodworking. Sometimes all you need is that one last push, and the Kreg Jig is that push for a lot of people:


 “As of two months ago, I had never built anything in my entire life.  After seeing your infomercial on TV, I decided to give the Kreg Jig® a try.  The project didn’t turn out perfect by any stretch, but I’m proud to say I built it, and I’ve never had so much fun.  The Kreg Jig® gave me the confidence to get started… Thank you!”

 “Just a few days after buying my Kreg Jig® I went from never building anything to wanting to build everything!  I blame you guys for my addiction to woodworking.  Since the Kreg Jig® I’ve gone on to buy a miter saw, table saw, jig saw, air compressor…  I just can’t stop myself!  I love this new hobby and it’s because of the Kreg Jig®.” 



For more experienced woodworkers, Kreg Joints can usually be hidden out of sight with proper planning... they eliminate the need to do a clamp up and wait for glue to dry  (since the screws serve as mini internal clamps), and depending on the application, Kreg Joints can be far stronger than dowels and biscuits. For every situation there are usually several ways to accomplish the task... it just depends on how much time you want to take and what you want the final result to look like. The Kreg Jig serves as just another great tool in the arsenal of a professional woodworker to help them choose the best joint for the job.


Great points from everyone, great conversation!


I have no guilt with it at all.  I am not that much of a woodworking purist.  This is the "better mousetrap" of joinery.  I could see using some of the other methods if seeing the result was important (i.e. dovetails) but if not why not go for the better, faster way?

Not guilty at all, proud to be able to do something I couldnt have done without it.

Just a different way to get the job done but faster, just like microwave popcorn, they taste as good as the old fashion way to do them. 

I don't feel guilty about using them. I'd love to learn how to hand cut different joints but all I have room for in my "shop" is a jig saw and a circular saw. I have to set up a bench and take it back down every time I build something so unless I can knock it out in an evening or over one weekend it's hard to build things.

But my Kreg Jig makes it easily possible to put together strong pieces in a matter of hours. I usually plan a piece, then make my cuts and sand edges one day, then the next day I break out the Kreg Jig and get to work.

After that I just have to paint/stain.

Wish I had a drill press, router, table saw so I could do all kinds of stuff but with pocket holes I can still have fun building things without a huge amount of money spent on tools and with minimal space.

 Buying biscuits and a biscuit machine is no different than buying a Kreg jig and some screws. Don’t feel guilty! Creativity is in the piece you are building not how it’s put together. Just because the rotary phone was the original phone doesn’t mean it’s the best way to dial a phone. Hold your head up high and embrace the better, faster and stronger things in life.

Thanks for all replies.  I guess I was forgetting that it was pocket hole joinery that got me started in woodworking.  It gave me confidence knowing that I could build things right away and led me on to other methods.   

Funny, this topic came up as I sometimes feel guilty for not building some things with more traditional techniques. Since I do woodworking for a living and occasionally do small production runs, pocket joinery is often a quick efficient method to get the job done.


While traditional techniques do have their place, so does technology. Anyone doing woodworking just has to decide what works for them.

No I dont feel guilty at all what took my grand father a mouth to do takes a week for me and if he was alive to day he would say the same thing?

Like almost everyone has expressed I don't feel the least bit guilty about using pocket hole joinery, I always wanted to build furniture and cabinets that I could be proud of, this little jig has lead me onto doing things I never thought I could accomplish.

I know from my own experinces that not only did it give me the confidence I needed it has also given me the opportunity to get advice and spend time sharing ideas and insights with some of the nicest and knowledgable people you will ever get a chance to correspond with.

I suppose if your have a background in fine wood working you might feel a bit of guilt. I don't so I have welcomed the pocket hole process.

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