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I am thinking about getting a pneumatic nailer and am trying to decided on a finish nailer or brad nailer.  Typically I would probably use the brad nailer more ofter for cabinets and small furniture, I don't do too much finish work on window casings or doors.

However ever, I found some deals on combo packages and was wandering if that would be a good way to go.  I don't want to spend a lot of money and don't need top of the line but don't want junk either.  Porter Cable and a finish/brad nailer combo for under $200.  Professional Woodworkers has a combo package for under $200 also, but I'm not familiar with that brand.

Anyone have any experience with Professional Woodworkers brand of tools?

Should I go with a combo deal, or just stick to a single tool, and if so, which one should I start out with?


Thanks for any helpful advise.



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I bought the Porter Cable combo set 5 years ago and use it often. I have had no problem with it at all.

I have the PC brad nailer, finish nailer and pin nailer.

I purchased them separately, so as to have a separate storage container for each.

The brad nailer gets the most use, and suitable for most applications.

The brad nailer (18ga wire) handles brads up to 2'' long, which is suitable for most trim work applications.

The finish nailer, (16ga wire) is more suitable for larger/thicker objects, such as door casings/framing, and the like.

The pin nailer gets used, primarily for ''pinning'', as well as tacking some smaller project pieces.

It's comes in handy for some glue-up pieces, as well as holding smaller & thinner pieces in place while sawing, cutting, sanding, or the like, where clamps will get in the way.

The pins are nearly headless, and beneficial for easily removal of wood pieces, without leaving large holes/indentations in your work-piece.

My PC brad and finish nailer have been in use for over 10 years.

They've been trouble-free---and I don't have any issues with jamming.

When purchasing tools, keep ''serving'' in mind---

can the tool be self serviced?

can you get ''ready & easy'' access to un-jamming?

Keep the tool clean and properly lubed.

Clean your tools before putting them away.

Lube the tool before each use---apply 2-3 drops of oil in the air inlet fitting, before each days use.

If you're using it all day long, apply a couple drops of oil after about 3-4 hours of operation.

Use the oil recommended by the OEM, or equiv ''air-tool oil'' ONLY!


I also use Porter Cable combo brad nailer with the PC tank.  Always drain your tank after every use. 

Thanks for all the good advise, it's great to have a forum to bounce ideas off of and get solid feedback from people that truly try to be helpful.

Of course I have done some more thinking and more research.  Since most of the use of the nailer will be from the "brad" family I will probably just get a Brad Nailer and pick up the Finish Nailer later when necessary.  That will free up some of my "Christmas" money for other goodies that are in more of a need than a want. 

With that in mind I'm also leaning toward the R213BNA  Ridgid 21/8" Brad Nailer.  (I seem to change directions like a fallen leaf in a Texas tornado)  I don't have any particular issue with the PC nailer but I do own other Ridgid tools and have not had any problems with them at all.  Besides that, it will help keep my shop color coordinated - LOL.

If anyone has a strong argument for not getting the Ridgid nailer I will certainly listen.

A couple of weeks ago in the discussion "What kind of compressor should I get?" 

some nailers were discussed.  You may want to review that discussion.


Brad nailers are a great tool for assembly of small parts, and making temporary fixing jigs.

Because you have the ability to adjust the impact on the brad I find I can temp nail just about anything,and be able to remove the brad later without any problems as its head and body is sticking out at the top.

I have a low budget Archer unit that uses 18 gauge brads from 15mm to 50mm.

Although its only $30 and the consumables are worth more than the tool I always have an independent oil line on it as opposed to the dry clean air I use for wood work.

The only point I would make (no pun intended) as with all powered tools make sure you hold the tool firmly and have it pointed exactly wher you want the nail/brad to go as its so fast that if your aim is off you will find the exit may be not where you wanted it.

I was making a platform decking for a Cubby house and miss nailed a row and had to grind off the exits as removing them whould have caused even more damage.




Robert Brennan

Dan,  I think the brad nailer is outdated.  I use a 15 ga. angle nailer and a headless pinner.  With these 2 tools you will never need a brad nailer.  The 15 ga. shoots from 1" to 2 1/2" and puts a hole about the size of a brad.  And the headless pinner shoots 5/8" to 1 1/4".  I use the senco guns which cost a little more than the average but I use them to put food on the table.  I suggest the craftsman 15 ga. angle nailer and the rigid headless pinner.  I have used both of the as I have a guy on my crew that has them and they work good.  good luck, Michael  P.S.  I have a brad nailer for sale, have not used in in 3 years

For Sale

Brad Nails lots of 5K

sizes  all 18 g, lengths 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 45, to 50mm

will throw in the outdated Archer brad Nailer as well


Robert Brennan


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