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What are the rules when building a picture frame, using 45* cuts? The inside measurements vs outside measurements vs size of wood you are using to make the frame.?  Wierd question and I am quite sure I've worded it wrong, but mabey it makes sence????

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Debora , you are welcome , that Is what this site Is all about , wood worker,s helping wood worker,s !!   # 1 no you do not need to make rabbet if you are not using glass , just cut your boards to 1 1/2 " wide , then cut your first 45 degree ,measure 8 1/2 " on the short side of the 45 , make a mark then make a line 45 degree  from the top of board down to that mark and cut !  Do the same for the 11 " side !  # 2  when I cut the 1 1/2 boards  I try to get a board long enough to cut all four board,s !  Cut the top first then the side , next cut the bottom , then the other side !!  The best way I found to keep the grain to  run together is after I cut the top board both end,s , I turn the  board over and cut the next 45 degree  on the end , then turn the board back over and make your 11 " mark and cut !!  This way you will only lose about 1/2 " per cut , so when you cut your log board make It about 2 " ,s longer then you need to cut all four board,s ! The best way to figure  out how long a board you will need is to take a scrap  board 1 1/2 " wide and make your mark,s for the short and long board,s  , then measure the long side of the 45 degree cut,s  x 2 , this will tell you how long to make the long board , + your 2 ",s !   #3   the reason I add the 1 /16  , is some time,s  when they cut the glass it Is a little longer or wider then I need , this gives me a little play !! Sorry this was so long , will try to take some pics.  of the table saw set up I use to cut the rabbet,s tomorrow , have a good day , JIM !

Debora Cadene said:

OMG!!  James, I can't believe you went out and made a frame so I could see what you were talking about.  That is awesome!!!!  Ok...couple of questions.  

1. do i have to put the rabbets on the back if I don't plan on putting in a piece of glass?  I plan on cutting the thin wood I am using as the middle for my picture,  to just fit into the back. I've left enough room behind he frame so its flush.

2. when you are cutting  your pieces, it looks like your wood just continues onto the next piece with the grain. Have you sacrificed a cut to make sure the next one carries on?

3. I don't understand why you make the wood an extra 1/16.

and a time you make a cut and have to do the rabbet...can you take a picture of how the wood sits in your table saw to get that cut, or the router, which ever you used to make this.

thank you again for all the time you took out to make this so much easier for me to put together.  I really, really appreciate it.

so sorry it took this long to get back to you for this...I have been plowing one of my fields, so haven't had much time for the computer.

and John...thank you for the link to more reading for me. I will be going through it once I get a little more "me" time.

Hi james....I am wondering why you measure on the short side of the 45 vs the long side when making your cuts. I have a hard time placing the tape measure on the short side , because there is nothing to hold onto...what am I dong wrong?

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