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Hi everyone,   after feeling a bit more comfortable with power tools,  I finally ventured out and purchased a table saw.  I chose the Ridgid.  I have never used one so have been trying to learn as much as possible with books and videos at this point.  I have a family member that has told me that he does not want me to be intimidated by it but to learn to respect it.  He intends to pay a visit and give me some instruction on it's use which will be of huge value.  He does not live close by so I will need to cram a lot of info in a short amount of time.

I would love to hear how many here had their first experience with a tablesaw.  Did you learn at school?  Self taught?   Simply grew up around it's use?   Feel free to share any ideas and stories.  Keeping hands and fingers away from the blade goes without saying.   I think I am more worried that if I feed a board in the wrong manner, due to my lack of knowledge that I will set myself up for a dangerous kick back.  

Thanks in advance!

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Hi rita read your manual thoroughly before use ,allways use a push stick .And work by this old addage if it dont feel right it probably isn,t .

It's great that you have a helpful family member.  Start with making cross cuts with your miter gauge. Make a hundred little cross cuts to build your confidence.  Cross cuts won't kick back

Don't forget ear plugs.  Never slide your hands towards the blade. 

I had my first lesson and first try out!   Loads of fun.   The saw runs much quieter than I thought it would and the cuts are very smooth.   Proof of what a new saw blade can accomplish.   He showed me both rip cuts and how to use the miter for cross cuts.   Tablesaws are built with men in mind and so it is a little taller than my 5 ft height to adjust too.   I will need a decent supply of various sized push sticks and I would like feather boards too.   So excited to get to creating!  


Re feather boards

I find them very useful for both ''vertical'' (mounted on the fence),

and ''horizontal'' (mounted on the table surface), utilizing the miter slot.

They can be purchased as well as shop-made, to suit your needs.

(You can see several versions, viewing Kregs router tables and Rockler tools).

An auxiliary fence is very useful---I find a 4 inch high fence very useful.

Make it so that it can be readily ON and OFF, your existing table saw fence.

A cross-cut sled is a very useful tool.  It can be a shop-make design, to fit your needs.

Another is a miter sled---this also can be shop made.

A good quality miter gauge is very beneficial.  

I find the Kreg miter gauge to be the best on todays market.

It can be adjusted to an accuracy of 1/10 of a degree.

(No I don't make watches---I strive for accuracy).

Another useful item, is an auxiliary work top surface.

Placed on the table saw surface, when the saw is not in use---

and used as an additional work top.

It can be as simple as a sheet of 1/2 material with 1x2 flanges on 3 sides, to keep it in place, so it doesn't slide around of off the table.  

I also use one on m router table, and other work stands.

If you should have any questions, or need additional info, please do not hesitate to make a post.


Make lots of practice cuts---ripping, cross cutting and mitering---

practice makes perfect.

You'll want to become familiar with your saws capabilities.

Enjoy your new saw

'til then, make lots of sawdust.


Re table saw working height

Your table saw can be mounted on a shop made mobile stand/cabinet.

Make the working height, so that is most comfortable for you.

I find the working height, waist high, the most comfortable.

Kreg tools offers some metal stands, that features an adjustable height, 

and with provisions to attach swivel locking casters.

Thanks Ken!   love the idea of a auxiliary work top surface for the saw.  I have a 12 inch Dewalt miter saw that is my work horse for much of what I have attempted up to now.   I know the tablesaw is going to be used a lot but not nearly as much as the miter saw.   Perhaps that will change as my skills develop.  It amazes me of all the shop built jigs that go into getting projects done.   You always see "look what I built",  not the 5 jigs you built along the way to get to that final product!    My tablesaw is not the portable jobsite kind so no adjustment can be made to the height and has the castors included so it can be moved out of the way if needed.    It was a concern for me at purchase but I loved the sturdy feel of the cast iron.   Heading out now to make that sawdust :)

Try youtube there are loads of videos on using power tools. You can jump on my site, backyardwoodworking on youtue.,com/user/backyardwoodworking  or emal me at be more than glad to help you out

Hi Rita,

I just learned how to use my table saw also.  I am lucky enough to have a father-in-law to show me the do's and don'ts.  I'm not sure if you have a specialty hardware store like Woodcraft. they have classes that teach more hands on than a video would be.  

Small town USA does not offer many opportunities for class instruction or demos.  I do have a Johnsons Workbench not far that from time to time will host a event.   I have been viewing videos and reading text but no replacement for hands on.  I guess there is a reason they call it "beginner". :)

A great asset to a table saw, is the Kreg Miter Gauge

Only $9.95 Plus Free Shipping, US Only

Hi Rita,

I'm a beginner woodworker, too.  My dad lost his vision in his right eye last year and he is giving me his tools.  He took a few woodworking classes but didn't get a chance to teach me yet.  I just brought over his table saw (it is an old one) and his router table.  I got a quick lesson on the router table but he can't remember things very well and he forgot what some of his jigs are for.  I haven't had a chance to use them yet.  I'm also waiting for a friend to come over and show me how to use them safely.  I use my miter saw all of the time. I just LOVE my Kreg jig.  Once I learned how to use it I want to build everything with it!  I can't wait to learn about the other tools as well.  Take care and happy building!

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