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The all-new Kreg Precision Router Table System (Item# PRS1045) provides the perfect solution for all of your precision-routing needs. You’ll immediately appreciate all of its innovative features, which include an all-new multipurpose, self-squaring fence system, a big and extremely durable table top with Kreg’s Precision Insert-Plate System, as well as a heavy-duty steel stand that can be easily adjusted to any custom height between 29" and 35".

Multi-Purpose, Self-Squaring Router Table Fence System

At the heart of the router table is Kreg’s NEW Precision Router Table Fence (Item# PRS1015). You’ll quickly appreciate the easy setup and adjustability this new fence offers. Additionally, the fence features an innovative T-square design that always stay parallel to the miter/T-slot and adjusts easily without deflection. Plus, the fence comes with dual-fence locks, a micro-adjust wheel for precise setups, and jointing rods that allow the fence to double as a jointer.

High-Performance Table Top with Kreg’s Precision Insert-Plate System
Kreg’s Precision Router Table Top (Item# PRS1025) provides a spacious 24" x 32" work area. A durable Easy-Slide™ laminate surface allows workpieces to glide easily, while reinforcing struts ensure a flat table surface. A keyhole-slot system for the outfeed-end lock makes fence removal easy for freehand routing.

Heavy-Duty, Easily-Adjustable Steel Stand
The new Multi-Purpose Shop Stand (Item# KRS1035) offers solid support for the router table system. It’s constructed from heavy-gauge steel, and features legs that can be adjusted to any custom height between 29" and 35". Leg levelers ensure wobble-free footing. And the stand also accepts Kreg’s optional Dual-Locking Casters (Item# PRS3090) to create a mobile routing system.

Your All-In-One Solution for Precision Routing
Combine all of these innovative features and you have the all-new Kreg Precision Router Table System—your all-in-one solution for precision routing! The fence, stand, and table top are also sold individually for those who want to build their own table or upgrade an existing one.

Key Features:
• T-square-style fence stays parallel to Miter/T-slot
• Adjustable measuring scale is accurate and easy to use
• Fence locks solidly to ensure perfect setups
• Sliding fence faces provide adaptable workpiece support
• Jointing rods allow fence to double as a jointer
• Large 24" x 32" table supports big workpieces
• Durable table core and surface provide lasting reliability
• Combination Miter/T-track offers versatility
• Heavy-gauge steel stand provides a strong, solid base
• Adjustable legs allow custom table height (29" to 35")

Visit the Kreg website to learn more.

Retails for $499.99 (U.S.)

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Hello Dan,

Thank you for your interest in the New Kreg Precision Router Table System (Item# PRS1045). Beyond its innovative new self-squaring, T-square style fence and the new stand, the new PRS1045 System offers simplified assembly, fence faces that can be adjusted without tools, the ability for quick and easy fence removal, as well as an included Micro Adjuster to help you make precise adjustments. 

The new steel stand can be adjusted to any custom height between 29" and 35", which falls in line with Kreg Universal Bench System components.

Thank you for your interest in Kreg products. 

Dan Davis said:

So outside of the T-square design fence and the stand - is there any other differences?  I was curious on the stand update?  Is that to accommodate any future products or accessories currently not offered by Kreg?

OK, thanks for the info. Guess I'll just have a spare insert plate!
KregRep said:

Hello Nathan,

The new Kreg Precision Router Table System (Item# PRS1045) features a high-performance router tabletop, which comes complete with a heavy-duty Kreg insert plate. While the included insert plate comes undrilled, it can be custom-drilled by professionals at Kreg for capability with your router. 

We also offer an insert plate that is pre-drilled for specific Porter-Cable and Bosch routers, as well as an insert plate that is pre-drilled for specific Triton routers. Both of these insert plates are sold (and must be purchased) separately. 

Even if you order direct from Kreg, we are unable to include a pre-drilled plate with your new PRS1045 System, as the tabletop is prepackaged to include the undrilled insert plate. 

Thank you for your interest in Kreg products!

Nathan H said:

I was just thinking about the old one too! Will the new one be available with the predrilled insert plate if ordered direct from Kreg?

Have Kreg any plans to make a self aligning fence for the bench top router table? Would also make a good accessory for those of us who already have the bench top table.

I have last years system and I don't see any difference to the pictures via the link. This type of table is not something you use once or twice a year. It's designed for quick set up and heavy use and it works fantastic.  I "invested" $500 last year and I know that thing has paid off with the projects I've done for my home. The fence design is terrific.


Good info, thanks for sharing your insights.

Yup, I'll volunteer for testing.  I think this is on the top of my wish-list. 

This is like all Kreg products a wonderful piece of equipment.

Now for the real world the economy is still in the dumps and there is no money around to buy this Great  router table at the price it is being offered at.

Ban this if you like but it is true.

I got a chance to look at this system and the table looks very well built. The fence is way more
narrower than the old one. I think I like this better. The left lock down they switched from a knob to
a lever. The one on display didn't seem liked it worked as good as the knob. It could have been just the
Way it was setup. I couldn't tell at that point. The one thing I'm very disappointed in is the change
From the micro adjuster to a cheap plastic disk. You have to turn the disk to the depth you want to change
the fence by then slide the fence to the disk. It might be fine for those who use micrometers to
determine that they need to move the fence by .002 inches then turn the knob to that setting, then
release the fence slid it to the plastic disk and make sure the disk doesn't move (it sits loosely on the
shaft so it could move on you), then lock the fence down again. I'm a basic woodworker who finds it
much easier to loosen the fence turn the micro adjuster then tighten the fence and try again. Also my eyes are aging and trying to see the numbers on the disk that is on the side of the table that is facing away from you would be difficult for me. Younger woodworkers may find this a none issue. The
sales rep and I spent about 10 minutes trying to see if a micro adjuster can be added to the new fence.
We determined that it won't work. I feel Kreg cheapened the fence by doing away with the micro adjuster.
I almost bought the old fence but decided to wait to look at the new fence, I'm sorry that I did. What's
interesting is the price stayed the same. One would think that by using less material and a cheaper
micro adjustment disk the price would come down. So I decided on holding back from buying the fence
until I see if Kreg comes out with a modification that would allow the micro adjuster to be adapted to
the fence. Other than the micro adjuster, the fence seems to be well made and a promising future.

Rick in Pittsburgh said:

Appreciate the perspective Rick. I'm 60 and trying to read some of these newer tools requires I keep a magnifying glass and an eye loop handy. Seems like the industry is pushing bells and whistles when 9 out of 10 woodworkers just want something solid, consistent and simple for their hard earned money. My INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence is the worst for eye challenged old goats. Perhaps Kreg might consider marketing the older style fence along with the newer or better yet, keep the marketing department out of the engineers room.

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