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Each year we receive hundreds of emails and letters from Kreg Jig owners letting us know why they love their Kreg Jig!  Starting June 25th, and through the month of July, we will be holding a “My Kreg Jig®” photo contest, and awarding a Year’s Supply* of Kreg Screws along with an assortment of Kreg Hats/Shirts!  If you have a Kreg Jig and a digital camera, this is your chance to win big!  To participate, you must be a member of the Kreg Jig Owners' Community.  If you're not yet, don't worry, it only takes 2 minutes to sign-up!


  • Each photo should include both you and your Kreg Jig®.  You can be drilling pocket-holes, standing on it, leaning on it, holding it in your hands… it doesn’t matter, as long as both you and your Kreg Jig® are in the shot. 
  • Entries must be posted as a reply in this forum thread.  
  • Photos should be embedded in the post, not linked to so that they can be seen by simply scrolling down… no extra click required. 
  • Please also include a brief testimonial-type description (a few sentences) of why you like your Kreg Jig®; what it has done for you, how it has changed the way you work, what projects possibilities it has opened up, etc. 
  • All entries must be submitted by July 29th.
  • Results/Winnings will be posted on the Kreg Jig Owners’ Community (KJOC),  August 3rd.  Criteria below. 


Boy, it sure pays to be a Kreg Jig Owners' Community member!  KregRep will contact all winners through community Private Message at the conclusion of the contest to get your shirt size, mailing address, etc.    

  • Grand Prize:  Your Choice of 10,000 Kreg Screws.  Up to 3 varieties.  Option to substitute 2,000 Stainless Screws
  • First Entrant:  To get things off on the right foot, the first person to post here, meeting the above criteria, will receive a free Kreg Multi-Mark.  Hurry!  Do you have any idea how many other Kreg Jig owners are reading this right now!?!  ;) UPDATE: 'First Entrant' Prize awarded.
  • 10 Random Winners:  10 additional winners will be picked at random, using the tools at  Winners will receive one Kreg Hat and one Kreg Shirt.  

Judging Criteria: 

The bottom line… is ‘have fun!’  We have to have some criteria to determine the Grand Prize winner, but if your photo isn’t that great, don’t sweat it!  We’re not all professional photographers… any photo with you and your Kreg Jig® will be fine… and remember, you’re just as likely as any other entrant to being one of the 10 random winners.  A small team of Kreg employees – including KregRep – will determine the winning photo.  Criteria for the winning photo is summarized below: 

  • Believability (photo and description) – Does the person actually like the tool/technique?
  • Entertainment Value – How entertaining/humorous/engaging is the photo? The more creative, the better!
  • Photography – How is the lighting?  Can the person/tool be seen clearly?  General photo quality.  


Photos should be embedded in a forum post below.  You can find detailed instructions for doing this… here.  Please do not simply 'link' to your photo, embed it if you can so we can all see the post without clicking. If you have any questions about shooting or uploading photos, feel free to ask them in that thread as well.

* In the event of more than 200 photo entries, ’10 Random Winners’ will become ’20 Random Winners!’  Double the number of winners!  Tell your friends, spread the word! 

* "Year's Supply" is based on an internal estimate.  Some woodworkers will use more than 10,000 screws in one year... most will use far less.

* Multiple entries (with unique text and photos) are welcome and will be included in the drawing.

* No Purchase Necessary


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Kreg Jig has been amazing to me and all my projects and continues to impress......

The KREG JIG has made all my woodworking projects easier, stronger, faster, & more enjoyable. But I like my new KREG DECK JIG just as much. I have had several comments on my new deck floor. It looks so much better without the screw heads & split wood showing. THANKS KREG FOR MAKING MY WOODWORKING HOBBY MORE ENJOYABLE.

Larry Barnett said:

This is a picture of Robert, my husband. He thinks he wants to divorce me because our projects get biger and bigger. I will give him one but not without a small price. I think I will take the Kreg Jig Tools, and his beat up truck! He can keep the 4 girls and the dog. If I can use Kreg to build a mirror frame, a cabinet for his china, a bar with doors, and help (direct :-) him with the front porch, I think I will take some more of his money, buy me more Kreg Jig Tools and start building my one room shack for my new furniture business. Okay, okay, okay, I'll cut him a little slack. He can borrow Kreg on week-ends and holidays and I'll keep the dog!!! lol :+}

A garbage/recycling bin container using the Kreg pocket jig to fasten ipe to the framing without seeing any exposed screws or nails. Without this jig, there would have been no other way to fasten the the top rail, left, middle, & right stile without exposed fasteners (other than glue).
I like the Simpson's fish sticker in the background (nice table by the way).

JD said:
Thanks to my Kreg Jig I was able to make my first piece of real furniture, a full-size red oak dining room table. My friends and family are quite envious. I never tire telling the tale of my first Kreg project.

My wife says, "Hmm, boys and their toys!" The Kreg R3 allows me to be mobile carrying it with me where I go as well as drilling in long panels. I mounted my Kreg K3MS on a 3/4" x 24" x 24" piece of plywood for easy storage. And that Kreg Beaded Face-Frame System is great for allowing an easy way to create superb detail in my cabinet projects in an inexpensive way. Absolutely love the Kreg line of tools. They have made life in the shop simpler and less time consuming! This is my product endorsement. Durable joinery. Significant time savings. Great prices. Fantastic products. Time to get the bigger Kregs! See some of my projects using Kreg tools at Thanks Kreg!
You know, you could... just have someone bring in your Kreg Jig...

Robert Leder said:
Can't really enter because I'm stuck in a hospital, but here is an idea of where my mind is:

no more biscuits!
no more dowels!
i've got a kreg jig,
and my friends think me an owl.

It's kind of funny, but when I sit here thinking of projects, everything looks like a frame. Reminds me of what my father once said, "when your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".
I use pocket screws on many many things. I've added my Kreg to a sub plate that has pieces on each side to hold longer pieces securely. I've also added an interlocked vacuum source to my drill.The sub plate hangs on the wall for storage. I've built many many feet of cabinets using your system which is very well engineered.

After 20 year's of doing it my grand father's way and now with my K2 isnt my grand father's tool and I couldnt do my work with out it.
David Dean
Appalachian Wood Works

This Wine Bar-Buffet Table is the 3rd such table I have built with the Kreg-Jig.
The KregJig saves me so much time...especially for the table top. I can put it together in minutes.
The real key is using the KregJig to put on the legs. How awesome!

Examples of other KregJig projects I have done are shown in the attached files

Frank Kilgore
New KregJig owner (about 2 months)
I teach a summer program for gifted children. this year I am teaching the children to bulid a cabinet with the help of a KREG JIG . Enclosed find a photo of the group working in the shop.
Joseph J. Pandolfo

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