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Each year we receive hundreds of emails and letters from Kreg Jig owners letting us know why they love their Kreg Jig!  Starting June 25th, and through the month of July, we will be holding a “My Kreg Jig®” photo contest, and awarding a Year’s Supply* of Kreg Screws along with an assortment of Kreg Hats/Shirts!  If you have a Kreg Jig and a digital camera, this is your chance to win big!  To participate, you must be a member of the Kreg Jig Owners' Community.  If you're not yet, don't worry, it only takes 2 minutes to sign-up!


  • Each photo should include both you and your Kreg Jig®.  You can be drilling pocket-holes, standing on it, leaning on it, holding it in your hands… it doesn’t matter, as long as both you and your Kreg Jig® are in the shot. 
  • Entries must be posted as a reply in this forum thread.  
  • Photos should be embedded in the post, not linked to so that they can be seen by simply scrolling down… no extra click required. 
  • Please also include a brief testimonial-type description (a few sentences) of why you like your Kreg Jig®; what it has done for you, how it has changed the way you work, what projects possibilities it has opened up, etc. 
  • All entries must be submitted by July 29th.
  • Results/Winnings will be posted on the Kreg Jig Owners’ Community (KJOC),  August 3rd.  Criteria below. 


Boy, it sure pays to be a Kreg Jig Owners' Community member!  KregRep will contact all winners through community Private Message at the conclusion of the contest to get your shirt size, mailing address, etc.    

  • Grand Prize:  Your Choice of 10,000 Kreg Screws.  Up to 3 varieties.  Option to substitute 2,000 Stainless Screws
  • First Entrant:  To get things off on the right foot, the first person to post here, meeting the above criteria, will receive a free Kreg Multi-Mark.  Hurry!  Do you have any idea how many other Kreg Jig owners are reading this right now!?!  ;) UPDATE: 'First Entrant' Prize awarded.
  • 10 Random Winners:  10 additional winners will be picked at random, using the tools at  Winners will receive one Kreg Hat and one Kreg Shirt.  

Judging Criteria: 

The bottom line… is ‘have fun!’  We have to have some criteria to determine the Grand Prize winner, but if your photo isn’t that great, don’t sweat it!  We’re not all professional photographers… any photo with you and your Kreg Jig® will be fine… and remember, you’re just as likely as any other entrant to being one of the 10 random winners.  A small team of Kreg employees – including KregRep – will determine the winning photo.  Criteria for the winning photo is summarized below: 

  • Believability (photo and description) – Does the person actually like the tool/technique?
  • Entertainment Value – How entertaining/humorous/engaging is the photo? The more creative, the better!
  • Photography – How is the lighting?  Can the person/tool be seen clearly?  General photo quality.  


Photos should be embedded in a forum post below.  You can find detailed instructions for doing this… here.  Please do not simply 'link' to your photo, embed it if you can so we can all see the post without clicking. If you have any questions about shooting or uploading photos, feel free to ask them in that thread as well.

* In the event of more than 200 photo entries, ’10 Random Winners’ will become ’20 Random Winners!’  Double the number of winners!  Tell your friends, spread the word! 

* "Year's Supply" is based on an internal estimate.  Some woodworkers will use more than 10,000 screws in one year... most will use far less.

* Multiple entries (with unique text and photos) are welcome and will be included in the drawing.

* No Purchase Necessary


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We have our first winner! (see above, first entrant wins a Kreg Multi-Mark)
Way to get us started, Aaron! Great photo, and testimonial!
Can't really enter because I'm stuck in a hospital, but here is an idea of where my mind is:

no more biscuits!
no more dowels!
i've got a kreg jig,
and my friends think me an owl.

It's kind of funny, but when I sit here thinking of projects, everything looks like a frame. Reminds me of what my father once said, "when your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".
I bought the Kreg for my 14yo son and he loves it. He has built me the potting bench and two chairs. He built himself the work bench!
I would like to enter the chance to win a years supply of kreg screws my name ios Kenneth D Parmer 8210 W Trails W Drive, Columbia, MO 65202-9525


Nothing but Kreg to hold it together. Love my Kreg Jig.
I completely did my kitchen cabinets with Fir wood and Fir plywood with my Kreg Jig. Never built cabinets before never alone the drawers but with a little time and patience I did it and after staining two different colours I must say the upper and lower cabinets came out pretty good. Trying to acieve the original concept of the time period.

Since I recieved my Kreg jig I've had problems scheduling simple things like shaving but I get alot of projects done. Everything from double sided picture frames for stain glass hangings to vanities and kitchen cupboard upgrades. I don't think I'm ever going to run out of projects so I really see the need for more screws.
This is too funny! It sure caught my eye.......great entry!

Mark Whitsitt said:

BTW, I guess I forgot to put in my testimonial about the Kreg Jig.

Quite seriously, I wouldn't be a new woodworker without this Jig. Most joinery techniques take a long time to master... Dovetails, box joints, mortise & tenon, and so on... with the Kreg Jig, I've been able to produce nicely assembled projects quickly and cleanly without the discouragement of poorly made joints.

Being able to do this from the start now gives me the time to learn & practice these more traditional methods when I'm ready to make something more traditional. But I'm mostly making functional furniture that looks nice (beds, side tables) so there's no substitute for the Kreg pocket hole technique in my work. I might play with a few more traditional boxes for gifts, but I can't see futzing around with dovetails for an under-bed drawer!


Mark Whitsitt said:

They said multiple entries are welcome... just one last pic like this...

(Insert your own caption here...)
Mark Whitsitt said:
They said multiple entries are welcome... just one last pic like this...

(Insert your own caption here...)

Hahaha, great photo! How about "As if Washington isn't SCREWED up enough as it is!"

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