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I recently bought the micro jig for 1/2 inch material.  I've never got it to work correctly and I've followed the directions to the letter.  I've tried both 1 inch and 3/4 inch screws.  My screws are not coming out in the center of the workpiece and usually they through my work piece..  I tried the Kreg tech support but was practically insulted and told my material wasn't 1/2 inch thick.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I have the regular size jig and have never had a problem but the micro jig has not really served me well.  I look forward to solutions to my problem.

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Personally, I don't think it's funny.

When I measure or spec out 1/2'', it's a half-inch, not something else.

I know it sucks, that they can't make 1/2'' PW a 1/2 inch.

That drives me crazy.

Just like hardboard (as in masonite)---

lumber yards mark their goods  1/4''---

and it's not 1/4''.

When I've ordered 1/4'' stock, I get 3/16 to 7/32''!

Go figure.

PS---years ago, 1/2'' PW was 1/2''.

RCW said:

Funny because most "1/2" wood is not 1/2 inch when you measure it.


The narrow end of the clamp, can be machined (ground and filed) down to fit into the smaller dia pilot hole.

Lisa Zanni said:

Does anyone know if Kreg plans to come out with a *right angle Clamp* for the Micro Jig.  My right angle clamp end is too large to fit in the holes that a micro jig makes.

After talking with our associate in the woodshop, one possible cause of the issue you are having is due to the position of your pocket holes.  With ½” material, if you drill your holes toward the outer edge of the joining piece it will sometimes come through the bottom since there is not enough wood to grip on to.  However, if you turn your piece around so that the pockethole will be going towards the middle of the board it will work without any issues.  We are currently working with Marketing to get this information put in the manual to help explain this situation.  This situation only comes up with 1/2" since it is less forgiving due to its small thickness.  I have attached a rough sketch to this posting that will hopefully help explain this. 

Another possibility is to make sure that the screw is following the pilot hole in your pocket hole.  If you are not careful, you can drive your screw without following the pocket hole hence changing the postion of the screw.  If the angle is changed due to this it can greatly impact the integrity of the joint. If you have any other questions please let us know.

I understand that if the screw is exiting off center it will work when you drill from the outside (correct image above). 

The problem is for repair work and some assembly projects you have to drill the pocket holes from the inside (incorrect image above). My issue is that I have a wall on outside so I can not drill or screw from the outside. With the normal size kreg jig I do not have a problem with an inside pocket hole since the screw seems to always come out of the center of the board.

It appears that with the current angle of the micro jig you can not repair or construct an object using pocket holes in an inside corner and 1/2 plywood unless you can allow the screw heads to not be flush with the surface.

Very true, it is easy to not get the screw in the right position. you have to really make sure it's in the hole the right way.

HEY ! ! ! Can't we all just get along?

weird - conversation here.... dating service ? weird. 

i never ever asked for that reply and frankly shes not my type.

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I find pocket hole joinery, Kreg and or others have limitations when it comes to 1/2" thick material. I wouldn't buy one even for repairs for small drawers. Your best bet is to completely rebuild the drawer and install the old face.

Lockng rabbit joints and glue are the old but true solution to building draws as I see it a good working knowledge of old school wood working is still useful today. I'm glad I didn't buy the 1/2" Kreg pocked hole joiner and don't intend to. My standard Kreg pocket hole joiner is a useful tool but will never be the answer to all my wood working problems. Good luck and may God bless.



I am having the same problem with the 1 half inch material using the regular jig I'm interested to see what responses you get . Thank you for asking this question maybe I can get some help with it too.

Used mine for the first time last night. Worked great.

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