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Hi Kreg , Company  may be since we have to wait for over two months to try or buy the new clamps , maybe you could have a contest to give away one of the new clamps when they  come out on the market ( just an Idea for you to try to get more members involved and post there projects ) , I know this will have to be approved by the owners , so please forward it to them !!!  I think if you can get the members to post one pic. of a project  and label it clamp contest  and one week before the new clamps hit the market , take all the post,s , put them in a hat and pull out one name  ( old fashion way )  and send them a free clamp!!  Like I said this is just an Idea that I had to get more members involved in the site, as this is a good site and there are a lot of good wood workers on here  and it dose not matter how big or small your project,s  are they are all Important and you should be proud of what you build !!  Think this should be done a few times a year , even if it is just for a hat , driver bit or a drill bit , some thing small !!!  Any one else think this would be a good Idea if approved by the company , JIM !!

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I think this is a great idea,  It seems that there are a lot of the members whom do not get involved with building a project or even commenting on the ones that are posted.  It never hurts to give some incentive for member involvement.  After all, this is what makes a community, it is the involvement of each and every member.  It makes the community a strong and healthy organization where sharing photos and ideas becomes something where everyone  learns.  I would like to see everyone asking and answering questions and posting projects as this is how to learn.  Can you imagine what  50,000 members could do if each one would post a project or in some way be involved at least once a month.   I know some that are members that never post a project but they participate with answering questions and asking questions and in some way add to the strength of this community.  This community has a wealth of talent and ability in woodworking and it would be even better if every member would get involved.

I suspect a company the size of Kreg, it is not a simple undertaking to have a contest.   I am not aware of the legal complications but there must be some.   Every one of the contest, rebates etc that I have seen always are followed with those words in small print that must be necessary for them but hardly anyone reads or can see it well enough to read.   The announcement of a new product prior to its actual release I am sure is a marketing strategy.    Still, like jay and Jim, would love to see Kreg develop certain promotions that would serve well to many Kreg fans.

Everything Kreg wise ,products and product information takes a long time to get to us across the pond .Plus their products a lot more expensive here .So I guess practical wise the contest would be for you guys in the U.S.A.

We apologize for the delayed availability date.  A decision was made for November 1st, to ensure that we have enough stock to meet demand.  We typically announce new products to Kreg dealers 60 days ahead of time so that they can gear up.  Once we announce to dealers, we then announce to the public (on our social platforms and in the community) so that they can get all of the information directly from us.

We are looking into ways to make more contests possible.  Like Rita mentioned, there are lots of strict laws that we must adhere to when conducting a contest, giveaway, etc.  All U.S. bloggers, companies, etc. must create contests that meet all requirements of U.S. sweepstakes laws.  Canada and other countries have restrictive laws as well.  There are lots of people doing contests online these days, but many aren't following the sweepstakes laws.  We must adhere to all laws and regulations, and are working on developing a contest policy now.

Lastly, as we've shared over the past few weeks, we are working to make the community best fit the needs and desires of its members.  We want to thank you all for your genuine input.  We will keep listening and working to make the right changes.

Have a great day.

If you want me to strip naked and run into the street screaming "I'm a squid, I'm a squid," I'd probably do it to get my hands on one of the new Automaxx bar clamps...  Posting projects and answering questions?  Eh, I do that anyway!  

Damn lawyers.

Disclosure:  Russ Haynes is himself a licensed attorney.  Please note that all jokes are intended to be funny, unless you don't find them funny at all, in which case all references to funny, real or implied, are strictly the responsibility of the writer, who accepts no liability for the fact that you did not find any of the jokes to be humorous in the slightest, in which case, reader bears the responsibility for lightening up and getting a little extra sawdust in their diet.

Russ, put your clothes back on!   Trying to run a respectful forum here LOL!

Thanks for the smiles. 

Mick, I would imagine it must be frustrating to not have easy access to some products.  I was pleased today to see a end isle display and additional inventory at the local big box store today.  I was wondering (hoping) that this meant they are finally catching on that there is a demand for the products and with added exposure, they can stock more items and with luck, carry the new clamps when they become available.   I have heard others mention the cost,  any good quality clamp hurts the budget.  It seems that Kreg is in line with other manufactures of clamps.  I will be tossing a few extra coins in the piggy bank and hope Santa does not ignore me this year like he did last!

Hi,  It is  amazing that we had 63 view,s on this post and only had 5 member,s reply to the post , what dose that mean ???   There are 50,333 member,s on this site , not very good odds !!! I am aware of the legal and strict  laws that are  involved in running a contest and hope that the community will keep working on a way to have more contest ,s  for us and the member,s in the UK ,Canada and any where else  the Kreg  tool,s are sold,  and keep us updated on the progress of a contest policy !! I did mention that I thought the price was a little high , that was my own personal opinion , as it was not stated in the original post and had to look it up under kreg tool FAQ,s !!!  The main reason I put this post on was to try to get more member,s active on the site , more pics, and more comment,s on the project,s !! This is a great site for wood worker,s , with a lot of talent  and people that will help when you want or need it !! They have made some changes to the main page and have been returned back to where they were , except for the member,s list , old saying if it is not broke don,t fix it , hope to get more member,s involved , JIM !!!

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