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I got my monthly E-mail From Highland Woodworking and seen this in it.

I was wanting to find out some more info on this kit, but I could not find any thing on it at





Read KregRep's official response:

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Here are the pictures of the Husky made or rather, offered by Husky. Same exact except Mines is gray, Yours is Blue.
I got a factsimili last year at Home depot (empty) for $29.00. I now heep all my drill attahments and cordless drills in it plus a lot of other tools. Mine looks deeper than the pictures of this Kreg box. I have easily  kept 2 Black & Decker cordless drills, a cordless Chicago 90 deg 18 volt and 2 chargers for the drills plus 2 drill indexes and 2 Kreg clamps in this box and the top with the cubby holes has compartmented space for many many screws and other small stuf.  

Allan Perret said:

I already have 2 Kreg jigs and LOTS of screws. 

I would like to be able to buy the new toolbox only without the screws.

I already have so many Clamp and screws the box will not hold them all, I will have to get two boxes, plus I have three of the Master systems, so I guess I will have to break it down and have a carry box, hope it big enough to carry a drill to
Nifty Idea! I could use 2 of them. One with my Kreg tools and a second one for my model railroad tools.

The Kreg boxx is 6.75" high, and that Husky box is 9.6" high.......sad they did not make it bigger, like they don't want you to buy more clamps....?


I wonder if I pulled the trigger too soon......;-(



Sorry the part that i listed as a mini jig was a typo i meant to state micro jig. That is 44.95 if you did the research. the mini is 19.95.  

Ed Martin said:
The Kreg box looks like a keeper.  I look forward to getting one.

You forgot the microjig for $45. Might get it cheaper somewhere else, didn't do much shopping.

Looks nice, but $60 for a plastic box?
I just returned from Home Depot where I examined the Husky box. It is considerably larger than the Kreg version and is only $30. (Of course, you don't get the screws.) I'm still going to buy the more compact Kreg version. I already have a few very large tool boxes that I can barely carry when loaded. So, for me, I'm better off "these days" spreading out the load even if it means more trips from the truck.

Yes, I've gone back and forth. I think I'm still going to keep my order in for the two smaller Kreg boxes....I'm in the process of downsizing to a smaller home, and I think I just want a box to fit my Kreg stuff without a lot of other tools. Hopefully this will be a good decision.


If they really are limited, worse case scenario, (no pun intended) I'm sure I can resell them.....



This will be an addition to my set looks great.
Definitely on my want list!
Check out the Husky Model # 17187311 available at Home Depot for $29.97.

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