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I would like to see Kreg start a trade in your old Kreg tool for a new updated Kreg tool.  What do you think????

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As nice as that sounds, you would be able to sell it on sites like Ebay or Craigslist and be able to receive more money for it then Kreg could offer you for it and still make it as a profitable business.
Thats true, never thought about the web sites like them.

Tom Hansen said:
As nice as that sounds, you would be able to sell it on sites like Ebay or Craigslist and be able to receive more money for it then Kreg could offer you for it and still make it as a profitable business.
Definitely, what I think would be a fantastic idea would be bearing in mind that back in the old days jigs were all that Kreg sold would be if old models could be returned back to Kreg and a small voucher issued for use against newer items, the old ones reconditioned and perhaps sent to places in need of reconstruction following disasters or sent to disadvantaged kids etc. For example I have a Rocket and a K2000 system which were and still are fantastic bits of kit, but being the consumer that I am they have been replaced with a Master and a Jr because they speed up my work marginally and doing it for a living time is money. If I was to be able to send them back to Kreg and perhaps get a credit for say £15 towards a new tool
I would then probably buy a Squarecut or Cornice Jig(crown moulding is known as cornice in the UK and I knew some Haitian bloke was rebuilding his house with it I would be happy.
I have a early basic jig that didn't even have an adjustment for thickness. I now have a K3 master. I will just give the old one to someone that has an interest .
I feel no need to "upgrade" my K2 or K2000. I generally use the K2 for 3/4 inch stock, while the K2000 is normally set up for 1 1/2 inch stock. That covers a good 90% of my Kreg jig setup needs and keeps things simple. I'll just stick with what has been working just fine for me for the past few years.
I think thats a good idea, I'm lookig for a router table and it would be great to start out with a less expensive used one, it would give both experienced and new comers a way to purchase and upgrade.
Why? There isn't anything wrong with the prior stuff, but I am sure you can sell it on ebay. But that has been said already.

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