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    I would like to know if anybody esle out there in wood world purchase this clamp I thought

   it was a very good idea but!!!!!!!!!!!! my problem is( duhhh)  how to get a square coner using it

    I tried and tried but with three hand it work I know it can,t be that hard to use is there any instruction at there or help   Thank!!!!!!1


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I'd suggest ''squaring off'' the pieces to be joined---

hold the pieces in place with a suitable alternate clamping method, to ''square of the pieces''---

then proceed with the Kreg 90 degree corner clamp tool, to hold the pieces in place, while fastening with the required screws.



You could make some 90 degree corner braces .3/4 inch stock about 1-2 inches width.Place in corner and clamp the brace to get 90 degree then jig clamp it

Works like  charm

I agree with Jen's. Build a small 90 jig! That's what I use and it works perfect every time!
I just have a 70mm by 70mm block of pine that is about 200mm long and I use it i use to square cabinet sides.

I use it with the right angle clamp on each side.  Seems to work fine, but as mentioned below, a jig to square the pieces sounds easier and repeatable.  Took me a while to learn how to place the corner clamp, but once I got it dialed in for the appropriate dimensions of the sides, it goes on quite easily and quickly, and accuratel (when used with the right angle clamp on the oppose end  of the pieces). 

Tony i was thinking this clamp will work with building drawer sides. i have one on order when i receive & try my hand at it i will post a few pics of my experiance. Probably late next week.

does anyone know how to properly set and use  the kreg 90-Degree Corner Clamp  item # KHC-90DCC.  I have searched and searched for user guide  and diagrams for this "Jig".  It seems to me that not even Kreg knows how to utilize the tool, they provide no instructions nor any guidance at all.  Pretty frustrating, seems to me that they would want people who purchase it to know exactly how to set it up and make the most of it.  If you look at the package  the clamp comes in, they, Kreg, make claims of its extraordinary value for constructing drawers, shelving etc and its not like I can not do anything with it.  However, too much time is wasted figuring out how to adjust, set and use the "contraption.

I have two of them, one is still in the original package.  When I purchased them, the clamps, I was so excited and happy.  I could not wait to get to my shop and build shelves and bookcases.  At this point I would pay someone to take them off my hands.

Admittedly, I am not a rocket scientist but...........

well, they do make interesting paper weights though very  expensive

Product Description

Kreg combines the function of a corner clamp with the convenience of a face frame clamp to create the ultimate clamp for box construction. Pull drawer boxes into alignment quickly and easily. Assemble and secure 90-degree shelving in a snap. Self-squaring design aligns individual joints every time. Large clamping surface protects soft woods against workpiece imprint Includes quick-adjust handle for varying stock thicknesses up to 1-1/4".

Agreed, these things are not just a pick-up-and-use tool!

But like Armbar mentioned, once you get it 'kialed-in', you'll love it.

I live by the axiom of cut it square, it'll assemble square!

That and always use a "story stick" at every opportunity - especially during assembly.

I just completed a 4' x 6' bookcase yesterday, and the diagonal, square checking measurements ended up within 1/16th of each other. :)

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