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Picked up a K3 today on CL for $50.  Very slightly used, came with drill bit, drivers, etc., plus an almost full box (500) of 1 1/4" coarse screws.  (bought it from a young man who apparently didn't know what he had(:)

I already have a K4, purchased it in '08, and use it often.  Question is, what does a guy do with 2 of these?  The K4, I keep it on a shelf when not in use, and when I need it I just clamp it to my work bench, simple, space saving, and effective.

The K3, I see I will have to mount it to a board and then clamp the board to work bench surface.

I'm a shop jig and gadget guy so am looking for ideas to justify having 2 of these wonderful "gadgets".


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You also get a screw selection wheel.

...and the Master Collection Kit includes the screw selector guide ''wheel''.

Rockler is offering $50 rebate, for the Kit!


Gary roofner said:

You could buy that $300 tool box and get a K3.

A major issue I have with the Kreg 4 is not being able to work on large panels (like for kitchen cabinets).  You cannot reach around a large panel to clamp it into place.  You have to walk around the bench, if you can walk around the bench, to clamp the wood and then walk back around to drill the hole.  With the Kreg 3 you clamp and drill on the same side of the wood.  II am just completing some base kitchen cabinets and did not use Kreg joinery because of this issue.  I dadoed instead. I only Kreg'd the face frames. 

Also the screw selection wheel.

Gary roofner said:

You could buy that $300 tool box and get a K3.

I have the old k2000 and I just recently bought the master collection that came with the K3. My old one has the clamp arm in the back, I really like the clamp arm in the front its a lot easier to work with large panels.

For me I set K2000 up for 3/4
and use the K3 for everything else.

Sounds like you really like that screw selection wheel.

Paul Jones said:

Also the screw selection wheel.

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