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Picked up a K3 today on CL for $50.  Very slightly used, came with drill bit, drivers, etc., plus an almost full box (500) of 1 1/4" coarse screws.  (bought it from a young man who apparently didn't know what he had(:)

I already have a K4, purchased it in '08, and use it often.  Question is, what does a guy do with 2 of these?  The K4, I keep it on a shelf when not in use, and when I need it I just clamp it to my work bench, simple, space saving, and effective.

The K3, I see I will have to mount it to a board and then clamp the board to work bench surface.

I'm a shop jig and gadget guy so am looking for ideas to justify having 2 of these wonderful "gadgets".


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Use them both.

Set each up on a work top---

the K3 on the one side, and

the K4 on the opp side---


set the K3 up on your primary work top,

and the K4 on an auxiliary board, for clamping to the work-top, as needed.

Set each up for the two most common wood thicknesses you use. Personally I would do 3/4 and 1-1/2. I'm actually looking for another jig to do just that.

FINS , sounds like JONATHAN  has a good Idea and that is what I would do if I had two jigs , btw you made a real good deal , JIM

I recently did a project with a friend of mine who has a K4, i took my K3 with me to his shop,  the project included 1x2s 1x4s and 2x4s  we had his set for 3/4 stock and mine for 1 1/2. got everything cut to length and went to work with our drills, every pocket hole was drilled in short order with no need to readjust the jigs.  it probably saved us the best part of an hour by the time we were done.

and i'm with Jonathan and james ,  soon as i can find another jig or have the money to buy new i'll have a second jig on my shelf.

Hey guys, thanks for the replies and ideas.  I mounted the K3 on a nice piece of 3/4" plywood just big enough so I can clamp it on both sides to my bench, so she's ready for duty.

Might have a problem though.  I got one set up now for 3/4" material, the other for 1 1/2", but I also have a 1/2" drill guide so I'll need another Kreg Jig for that. (I think I'll try and make due with the 2 I have:))

I know exactly what everyone is saying about setups.  Soon after getting my first Kreg Jig I bought another drill bit and have one set for 3/4" material and one set for 1 1/2" material.  I hated screwing around with that little set screw and allen wrench.  I also have 2 band saws with different size blades.  Don't have to keep changing blades for different jobs.  Couple of cordless drills too.  Changing from drill bit to driver is a time waster.  

Got 4 routers so some can be dedicated to certain jobs.  Got 2 circular saws, one is dedicated to the Kreg Rip-Cut.

So I guess it only makes sense that I have twp Jigs.  Also with the K3 it makes it easier to clamp large pieces, don't have to try and reach around for that handle.

FINS ,  sounds like you are all set up to  drill ,screw , saw and rout !!! Have fun and be safe , JIM

Thanks Jim.  I recently built a bunch of cedar bird feeders (I'm up to 14 now).  And I did use drills, screws, band saw, and router to build them.  Ordinary joinery for them I think is nails, but I used the Kreg Jig.  Nothing but the best for my birds.

  Now I got to figure out what to do with all these feeders.  They're fun to build and I got a couple jigs set up so it's fast and easy.


Fins here K3 buy for your HD.

Only problem they charge $13 to ship.

I do like the K3 better than 4.

Gary roofner said:

Fins here K3 buy for your HD.

Only problem they charge $13 to ship.

I do like the K3 better than 4.


Now I'm puzzled.  It looks like Kreg will sell  you just the K3 front clamping base without the drill guide???   If they got a whole bunch left over why didn't Kreg just keep selling the complete K3 Jig?   Or am I missing something here.

Anyway, my CL buy came just in time.  I only had five 1 1/4" coarse screws left in box (seller gave me a big box with jig, I bet not more than 10 are missing) and my drill bit, set for 3/4" material, is dull  (hit a hidden nail/screw in chair repair) so I am now using my newly acquired one.

K3 is more convenient to use especially as the parts get larger.  K4 was developed during the interim since the K3 design was challenged in court for patent infringement.  Once that challenge was satisfied in court, Kreg was able to manufacture the K3 again.

OK, that makes sense.  So the guys that bought the K4 in the interim now have the opportunity to buy just the K3 base and use their K4 drill guide with it.   Good marketing strategy on Kregs part.

You could buy that $300 tool box and get a K3.

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