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I just purchased a 2nd Kreg set for custom cabinet installing. However this time my Kreg set came in a cheap carrying case where everything falls around. I contacted Kreg to see why they changed cases & the Rep stated that the folks that use the Kreg system in a bench style working environment had no need for the case anymore. Unbelievable.  I think the reason is that it's cheaper to make & therefor they make more money. So if any of you carry case complainers have a case that you are not using I would purchase it from you.

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Hi Chuck - Why don't you just build one? Some 1/2" ply or MDF can get you a nice box and you can add compartments to keep the screws in also.

I would not even think about having no case for any tool. If it comes with case I would use it. Gosh I have a electric drill built in 40's the company is no longer around and it has been cased up for that long and I HAVE NEVER EVEN PUT A SWITCH IN IT.Take care of your tool and it will take care of  and your spending habits .

The tool is a 1/2  spade handle Miller Falls brand

I purchased my K4 in Dec of '08 and back then it already came with the "cheaper" case.  Personally, I don't use the cases tools come in.  I like to put my tools out on display.  I have 3 Milwaukee drill/drivers, Milw sawzall, Milw skil saw, Milw flashlight, Milw Radio (maybe you can tell, I bought the combo).  Anyway, I have these tools and others, hanging in a nice open rack and they are pretty.  Now if I had to take them to job sites, the cases would surely come in handy.

As far as producing the Kreg cheaper, like the cases, or changing color/coating finish on screws, or discontinuing the K3, maybe they're doing this to maintain their pricing structure and/or (God forbid) prevent outsourcing the product to China or ?????.

As far as I know, their stuff is still made in Iowa.

As far as transporting the Kreg I would probably make compartments in the cheaper case and use that nice Pocket Hole Screw Kit case that Kreg sells.


I personally don't care how you use your tools. I use the Kreg set everyday on the job & just like the older cases.
Just thought I'd throw a little bit different slant on the situation.  Sorry.

I store my Kreg tools, components, accessories and screws in a 10gal size RubberMaid container, with lid.

The front and side are labeled---"KREG TOOLS''

It's handy for me to store my Kreg tools/kits together.

It's all organized and stored together.

When I reach for my Kreg tools, they're all together---I can just ''gab-it-and-go'',

whether for use at home or ''on-the-go'' at a job-site.


I store my drill bits, stops, allen wrenches and driver tips, in a separate Plano tackle box ( 1 x 5 x 8), with the dividers removed.


''Works For Me".


PS---Screws can be stored in another Plano box, (2 x 8 x 12), with adjustable dividers,

to facilitate the screw size and quantity.  Add the ''screw chart/guide'' to the inside of the lid.


OMG I didn't know there was any other kind of case.  I have the cheap one as well, I would have loved to have gotten the original.  I agree with your assessment, it is cheaper for them to give us the cheaper case, so more money in their projects.
I just bought mine today and I wasn't much impressed with the case either. Especially since the face clamp and another part came packaged in a separate box.  No room for the right angle clamp or anything else. Like John said, I might end up building one custom for my needs.
I agree the new case is pretty much worthless. Why bother? If you can't afford the quality case and maintain your price point, pack the thing in cardboard and shrink wrap and bring the price down a bit. The new case costs more in storage room than it adds in utility or protection.

I bought a tool bag with a large inside compartment and outside pockets. Holds the jig and all my clamps, screws, plugs. Works great for me, easy to grab and go.

I agree with you.  When I received my K4 system I was shocked that the case was designed(?) that way.  Not much of a design.  It's always about the bottom dollar.


Chuck check out this case... I bought an aluminum case from this company (great quality)... it has a grid type of foam inside so you can customize the fit... I was disappointed when I opened the kreg case as well, I miss all the "old"cases with the formed tool locations or even the old metal cases...  all these tool bags and flimsy cases are for the birds!

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