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I bought 2 of the 3-inch versions to be used on my drill press table. It's difficult to explain the problems, but I'll try.


First, there are no written instructions - except for a tiny, itty-bitty box with 2 red arrows. Sorry, I don't have the vision required to see something that small. Sure, I used a magnifying glass, but the red-on-blue cannot be fixed with magnification. (...probably color blindness...)


Second, the bolt that is concealed in a little box on the package does not fit into the tracks on my table. I found some t-bolts that fit, but that meant that the clamp can't swivel freely.


Third and worst of all, the mechanism of the clamps do not slide freely. That big, black spring in the handle is stuck! I went to a local store to see their display to understand the differences between their working example and my cripples. The display worked perfectly. The big spring slides just fine, but the ones that I bought don't work!


I'm sure that I am not the only person who suffered these experiences. How did you solve these problems, short of sending them back for a refund?


Thank you!



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I'm sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing with your Automaxx. If the clamp isn't working properly, we will replace it for you. You can contact our Customer Service Department by phone at 800-447-8638, or online at

The bolt is designed to fit into our Klamp Trak. If you are using a different form of track, you may have to use a different style bolt.

We'll be glad to make the clamp right for you.


I'm a independent Kreg Rep in the sales field. I get this question sometimes when doing dealer sales events and demonstrations. The new Automaxx Bench clamp was not designed to fit into 'mini-track' (as we call it), the track you'd normally find embedded into a woodworking drill press table. This mini track is too light for the force created by the Automaxx clamp. That's why the screw in the Automaxx clamp is much larger, to prevent someone from trying to use it with a mini-track (this mini track usually accommodates the head of a 1/4" bolt). Also, that mini track is normally held down by a few small wood screws, not sufficient to withstand the clamping force generated by the Automaxx clamp. Pick up the Kreg KKS1020 Klamp Trak or KBK-IP Klamp Plate...those units are compatible with the Automaxx Klamps. Hope this info helps. 


Thanks for the reply. How sad that Kreg could not find a way to reveal this information in such a way as to save both Rockler and myself the time and expense to learn this after the fact.


You are right that the force is such that it bent my so called "mini-track", further adding to my bad taste and loss of trust for the Kreg brand.


I was one of your first customers of the Kreg Jig way back when it was made of strong metal. I also bought the blue plastic version years later because it allowed me to adjust it for different thicknesses of material, and it works well. But the other, "me-too" products you have ventured to produce just look like toys to me.


To prevent proplems and misunderstandings like this, I suggest that you invest in well written, external package instructions and disclosures of your products - at the point of sale. If you had done this with the clamps, I would have known to look elsewhere for a drillpress clamp. Instead, I find that I am still wasting time complaining about the time I lost.






Why is it Kregs fault when too much pressure was applied and distorts a mini-track?

The mini-tracks, as previously noted, are for light duty applications.

There's provisions in the mini-track to fasten the track with #6 screws, not 1/4" bolts.

The mini-tracks thin sections will distort when exposed to accessive clamping pressures.

That's like blaming the screw manufacturer when a #8 nut/screw is stripped when one uses a 14" adjustable wrench or a pipe wrench to torque it down, or

blaming a small clamp for failure when a large wrench or an extension bar is used to tighten it. 

Some drill-press clamps use 3/8" size bolts.

Congratulations, Ken, you are the first to misunderstand what I said. Here's your trophy...


Re-read what I said in my reply. I am blaming Kreg for not making this limitation obvious on their packaging.  Furthermore, I blame them for not including well written instructions that can be accessed without having to buy their product and costing both the vendor and the customer time and money.


Rockler did their best to make it right for me, but both of us lost the value of time, which at my age is becoming more valuable to me every day.


Before Gary sent this comment, I didn't know they had a limitation on the color of track that their clamps would not destroy. Maybe you are smarter than I am, or maybe "the Force is with you". Good for you, Ken.


In conclusion I repeat the last paragraph of my complaint:


"To prevent problems and misunderstandings like this, I suggest that you invest in well written, external package instructions and disclosures of your products - at the point of sale. If you had done this with the clamps, I would have known to look elsewhere for a drill press clamp. Instead, I find that I am still wasting time complaining about the time I lost."


Relax, Ken, your right to buy Kreg clamps has not been threatened by my being disgruntled. You are still free to buy as many of them, and their blue tracks as you want. Go get 'em!


As for me, I will be more careful in the future before buying a tool that doesn't explain its limitations on the package.




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