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I just want to speak for a moment about the "show of force" by the Kreg folks at the KC Woodworking Show...I was really looking quite forward to going just to see the Kreg reps and check out all they had to offer; hoping for some show discounts possibly and maybe even see some of everyones great projects being displayed on a monitor or, big screen at the booth.  My expectations were apparently too grandiose and elaborate for what I encountered instead.  I was, in all honesty I am sorry to say, really dissapointed with the whole setup.  There were maybe 3 tables end to end with three gentlemen working behind them; one cashier, one product rep, and one demonstrator.  No project displays, no real show of excitement about the product-a very luke warm scene, no real discounts to speak of (ex. face clamp was $2.00 less), etc.  I was so excited to see the Kreg booth, I beelined for it and was let down.  One of the gentlemen working was even directing show-goers to a competitors booth which he said was Kreg's brother and that the family didn't get along; how inappropriate! 


Kreg, if you're listening, please rethink your display and sales method for coming shows...I really believe that it should be a much bigger production than what I encountered yesterday:-)  Have a big screen or, a monitor showing the communities hard work or, comparable, have folks there excited to sell your products, make the products you are offering more accesible to the show-goers and more plentiful.  I was hoping to find the dust extractor at the show and it was a no go...when I asked the gentlemen working, he looked at me like I was nuts and handed me a catalog with no explanation.  Maybe because I am not a few years older and a man he assumed that I was out of my element, who knows; I just know that I was dissapointed with the interaction or, lack there of.


I love Kreg and everything about it, community included!!!  I hate to say these things but, feel I should at least let someone know in hopes that it will be cause for a rethink of how things are done in the future:-)

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I am glad to see that I am not the only one feeling this way.  I have to agree with you.  During the last 20 or so years I have been  faithful to the wood working show attending almost all of the shows in Portland, Oregon.   Over the years I have seen a continued downward spiral that is nothing from the economy caused effect.  It is the enthusiam of the people behind the booth and the lack of product samples and product information.  Even their catalogue has fallen down. This last show was in Nov of 2010 and it was a total let down at the Kreg Booth.  I was there on a Saturday spending most of the day there and what I saw had the owner, Craig Sommerfeld, observed,  would have been unhappy.  There were very few stopping at the booth as the booth appeared to be dead.  When you have a person behind the booth pretty much sleeping leaning on both elbows,showing no emotion of interest in the public or the products they were representing that is what you get.  "a big fat nothing".  To me it appeared that they were not there to represent the company but just collecting a pay check and looking at what ever the attendance brought their way for excitement.  I too was disappointed.  The most exciting thing I can say about Kreg Tools now is the tremendous amount of members in the jig community.  There is a large number of talented and intelligent members both women and men  who, like me, totally have a passsion for woodworking and tools and make every effort to pass on their knowledge to others who have just started working wood...............

I attended the Woodworking Show in Detroit and got the same feeling from the Reps.  I asked the rep if they had any K3 jigs for sale.  Like a snake oil salesman, he whispered that they did and pulled a K3 out from under the counter to show me and then quickly hid it.  He told me that he could sell me one for $20 more than a K4.


I asked him why the K3 was more expensive if it was discontinued.  He went into great detail explaining the lawsuit from Korea and that the K3 uses a special clamp to pull the wood into the jig which is more expensive than the K4 clamp.  He said that Kreg retooled and started building K4's in case they lost the lawsuit.


BUT - when he explained that by me spending $20 extra for the K3 I was sending a message to Kreg that the woodworking community would pay more for a K3 and they should start building them again, that turned my stomach.  The K3 design is superior in my opinion.  I shouldn't pay extra for a discontinued item to tell Kreg something it already knows.


thats really sad, you see the infomercial all the time. think what the response would be from some acutal kreg users. pics from the community site would be go advertisement, you would think. maybe we should be the sales people at the next tool show, we have much more enthusiam and energy than the salespeople you described. i dont hate my current job, but i would love my job if it was going to tools shows for kreg!

I plan on attending the show in Somerset nj at the end of Feb. I sure hope that someone from Kreg has straightened these problems out, because I was looking forward to seeing their display and maybe checking out the bead frame jig they sell


I am glad you all commented but, sad that the problems weren't just encountered by me...I really hope that the Kreg family and the powers that be are monitoring this feedback; I feel really bad about even feeling like I should say something but, on the other hand, if someone doesn't say anything, how will they know there is a problem???

That’s a shame that you encountered less that professional reps at the Kreg counter. I would suggest that you also send an email or letter to Kreg directly. Kreg is probably like a lot of companies that spend a great deal of money on info commercials and other advertising only to have customer go elsewhere because of a hourly employee. Those reps are the gateway to a loyal and money spending customer base and I’m sure Kreg would be interested how they are being represented!!  Hell I’d be happy to represent their fine product!

Tomboy I had the same experience at the New England Show. Reading your comments is like daja vu for me right down to being handed the catalog. I hope they listen to the Kreg community next year. Thanks for posting this. 

Thank you everyone who has contributed to this discussion as I am hoping that it will prompt a rethink of how things are handled in the future...Like I said, I feel really bad about writing this up this way but, I think that this community is a great place for comments and criticism alike to be voiced and heard in a mature and respectful manner so, it was the forum I chose.  I don't want to "badmouth" Kreg as I absolutely love their products and use them faithfully and am a better woodworker for them; I just want to know that future woodworkers novice and beginners alike will have a better buying and educational experience when coming into contact with the company and its represenatives:-)
I was also at the Kansas City show on Saturday for about 5 hours and the reps were always just sitting down.  I had to ask one several times just to buy some screws.  I never saw a demonstration the entire time I was there.  They probably did some, but obviously not very many and the place was packed.  They definitely missed out on several potential new users by lack of motivation.


First off, thank you for bringing these issues to our attention… since the Kreg representatives at the Woodworking Shows are not direct employees of Kreg Corporate, we especially appreciate this type of feedback so that we can work with them to improve future shows.  Obviously, several of the experiences referenced on this page are not ideal. 


Other issues you bring up (the relative size of the booth, available discounts, amount of information available, etc.) I’m sorry to say are simply a result of the economy and the shrinking size and popularity of these woodworking shows.  The shows have become more ‘sales’ focused instead of ‘Corporate’ or ‘Marketing’ focused out of necessity to justify the expense of the long Woodworking Show schedule.  I strongly appreciate your desire to have a more ‘corporate’ feel for the booth, and to focus more on the projects, community, videos, accessories, surrounding the Kreg Jig®, etc… this is something that we truly value, but at this time it’s just not possible.  However, as you are all especially aware, we are putting great effort into expanding our wide range of educational and product-based content online through the Kreg Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the Kreg Jig® Owners’ Community.  Our goal is to create an online experience that lives up to the Kreg Jig® legacy and your high expectations of the Kreg Brand.


The information all of you have provided here regarding your tradeshow experiences will be taken into consideration moving forward… so thank you for posting it here for us to address.  If anyone has any additional specific questions or technical issues that were not answered at the show, please feel free to contact us at customerservice "at" or contact me directly through the community.  Thank you again to everyone for taking the time to provide your feedback, we will continue working hard to provide you with the best service and support moving forward.


Thank you,




I appreciate your response to this thread.  I'm sure that you understand that if people are out here posting about Kreg, it is because we truly care about the company and it's products.  I sure we all have a little "blue" in our blood.


Please continue to produce a well-built, well-designed product and we will continue to buy them and support the company.


As the author of this discussion, I for one really appreciate the reponse to my posting.  Like Gary stated so well, I think that we all are genuinely invested and proud of our expreience working with the Kreg tools and products and wish for Kreg to continue to succeed as a leader in the woodworking industry so we can continue to be provided with outstanding tools and jigs that are the most ideal for making a sound project that we know will stand the test of time!  Thank you Kreg for replying and letting us know that you are listening and will take our feedback into consideration!!!  That, and the quality of my products is exactly what makes you stand out from the rest in my book!



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