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I am always finding new uses for the Kreg system. In this case I had to fix two major issues with a new kitchen installation.  Yet another house here in New Jersey that had been inundated by hurricane Sandy, among other things I had to install a new kitchen. Designed by Ikea, and using their cabinets, I installed them all according to the really bad layout provided by the company. After installation I was called back because the corner sink base was a 90 degree base with a 45 degree upper cabinet above.  This obviously would not work as the sink would end up way too far back to be useful. 

As with so many other jobs like this, time is of the essence in getting the homeowners back in their houses. So, since the cabinets were installed according to the plan, there was no time to pull cabinets, order new ones, then re-install. Not to mention that it turns out that Ikea doesnt offer the cabinets that were needed in the end. 

After careful consideration I decided to leave the sinkbase cabinet in place, yet turn it into a 45 degree cabinet using Kreg technology. I bought a few pieces of melamine shelving (which is really what these Ikea cabinets are made from) , and a roll of melamine edge banding. I cut out the top cabinet "stretchers" and replaced them with one piece running 45 degrees between the opposing cabinets. Then I cut a corner piece of the same material to make the bottom. I had just enough room to run ten pocket screws up from below the cabinet to secure the bottom piece to the main bottom. 


The second issue was that they had left out the cabinet that was supposed to accept the "built in" oven with range top.  Even though Ikea was given the specs of the appliances, again they sent what they had, instead of what was right. In this case, the cabinet box was 3" too shallow to accept the oven. To solve this problem I took some more melamine, ripped 3" pieces and created a new front for the cabinet.

As you can see, I also had to rout out the sides of the top of the cabinet box to accommodate the drop in stove top. But that's another rant for another anti-Ikea board ;-)

Anyway, Kreg saved the day, once again!!

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John, been there many times myself rebuilding many of the store bought cabinets.  That is why I always tell customers that you never get what you pay for in a store bought version.  They are made rather simple and flimsy and never can be made into what they should be.

The kreg jig has been my main "tool of correction" as well and has bored and pieced together many stapled up messes of cabinets that fell apart on their way from the warehouse to the job site.   I, at times I wanted to run and hide when a customer called wanting me to install their cabinets that they just bought at the big box store and as always at a what they thought was a great cabinet at a great price.

in this case the sink cabinet was not really built as a sink cabinet as sink cabinets are never bored for shelves and I see that this one was.  I think someone ordered wrong or delivered you the wrong cabinet.   Good job though as It looks like you saved the day for someone.   

Nice job, John, with creative and effective solutions to the problems. Looks to me like you did all the right things. I'm sure the homeowners will be very happy. I'm glad the Kreg Jig was able to help you. Keep up the good work!


Thanks guys. 

Jay, I found out after the fact by talking to the countertop template guy that Ikea sent, that Ikea doesnt actually make a 45 degree sink base. They sent what they decided would work, lol.  Also, since they are mass produced, I believe every cabinet they sell are bored for shelves. I dont want to bash another company on this board (well, I do) but since this was my first time dealing with this company, I will play nice. I usually build my own, or install much better built cabinets. I did learn that I will never again install this companies cabinets. It's not worth raising my price to compensate, when the customers are never going to be happy in the long run. I'll pass. But I will always have my Kreg jigs to bail me out of difficult situations.

What size of door did you use on your corner cabinet for sink modification? Thanks

 Linda, I wish I could remember exactly, but it was five years ago. I do know that since Ikea had screwed up the order so badly that I ended up with a bunch of extra doors that I'm sure were stock. And one of them fit perfectly.

Judging by my 2' level there, I'm guessing that door was 16". Hope this helps.

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