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Built with professionals and hobbyists in mind, the Kreg Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine is packed with features that will have you building with twice the speed and half the effort of a standard pocket-hole jig. 

With the all-new Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine, creating perfect pocket holes is extremely fast and easy. Simply pull the large control handle to start the powerful 110-volt motor, clamp your workpiece securely in place, and raise the drill bit through the table. This simple operation drills a precisely-placed pocket hole at the perfect depth in materials from 1/2"- to 1-1/2"-thick, while built-in dust collection keeps your work area clean as you work.

To ensure perfect pocket-hole placement, the Foreman features an adjustable fence that positions your workpiece for precise pocket depth, and pair of adjustable, spring-loaded stops that provide repeatable accuracy. Markings in the rigid, cast-aluminum table make it easy to position the fence for the three most commonly used material thicknesses: 1/2", 3/4", and 1-1/2".

Light-but-durable construction makes the Foreman perfect for use in the shop, around the home, and on the go. This hardworking machine weighs just 20 pounds and has a lockable handle for safe and easy transport. Even with this portability, the Foreman still features a large table to hold big boards and support pieces made from sheet goods. The table flips up to allow easy access to the motor and quick-change drill chuck, plus a built-in storage tray that keeps extra bits and accessories organized and within close reach.

On top of all of these great features, the Foreman is the first pocket-hole machine that creates all three Kreg Joint™ sizes: Standard, Micro-Pocket™, and HD (Heavy-Duty). The Foreman comes with the standard bit and drill guide, but you can easily switch to Micro-Pocket™ or HD any time you want to.

The Foreman’s innovative features make it possible for anyone—whether you are a professional woodworker, a hobbyist, a contractor, or a do-it-yourselfer—to create strong, tight-fitting pocket joints with the speed and precision only a Kreg pocket-hole machine can provide. And the Foreman does it at a price that’s easy to afford. Combine it all, and it’s easy to see that the all-new Kreg Foreman is your high-speed solution for pocket-hole construction.

Learn everything you need to know about the new Kreg Foreman HERE.
Retails for $399.99 (U.S.)

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UGH!   Dang I really could use now, hate having to wait till august.  :0(

From the video it looks like you will be offering a Left Hand and Right Hand option. 

Is the clamping mechanism plastic and how does it work? 

i think the tool looks interesting and definitely easy to use, at least from the video, but I don't think I would pay $400 for it. Seems a bit over priced. Is that the final price or is that still being decided upon?

I'm confident I'll be the first one at my local Woodcraft to get one!

As a semi-pro cabinet maker, this will truly be a huge time-saver

2 wishes:

  1. The price was a wee-bit lower, but, $400 is significantly lower than the current Foreman product.
  2. IMMEDIATE availability!!

Time enough though to start the bottle-drive & metal scrapping to save up ;)

Congratulation go to Kreg Tools for this Foreman pocket hole machine.  As a person of whom had the privilidge to test this tool before its release and as a professional cabinet builder I was impressed.  As for the asking price I actually rated it at around $600.00 due to it preforming what I need in building face frames and panels are there.  It handled everything that I asked it to do and did this quickly and accurately.

It is built similiar to the larger foreman of which cost much more.  In comparison with the larger foreman machine I felt that it had the same capabilites.  I am making this comparison statement from having operated the large foreman of which was puematic and then comparing it to this new Foreman that is a electric machine. I would perfer to have the new maching vs the puematic machine as it requires a large compressor of which will need to be in the 50 to 60 gal tank when your are using it in a prodution setting.  Since I did not see any difference in what the larger forman can do over this new machine I would pick the new machine.  It has advantages of which allows you to move it from job site to the small shop setting with ease.  I feel that it is the ideal machine for the small shop or construction site in the field. 

During the testing I found the hold down to preform well and held all the thickness of materials tight and positive against the fence.  The drilling of material was smooth and also postive without motor fatique or noticable slowing down of the motor.

Some of the wood materials that I tested included several different plywoods comon to the cabinet maker and or woodworker.  These were oak, birch, maple. ash, and common AC Plywoods used in construction.

I tested it's ability to bore hardwoods such as oak, ash, birch, hickory, purple heart, buninga, and several others as well as soft wood like pine and red cedar.  During these tests it performed without a problem boring nice clean holes.  I found the fence to be positive and quick to set up for different thichness of woods. 

The ability to change bits is quick and simple with the hex head bit that required no wrench to remove and install a new bit.  It has two additional bits for boring thich wood like 2x4 and a micro bit for 1/2 inch wood, making it an all around machine.    The hold down is adjustble using a thread type adjustment and its pressure comes from the hand operated lever of which clamps the wood first and then introduces the bit and drills a complete hole in one motion.  Once you are familiar with the operation it is an exteamly fast machine to use.

Would I buy it?  In a heart beat. Do I think it is over priced?  No, not for what you are getting.  It is a compact machine with large capabilities and the video does not do justice to the machine.  it is a well made machine and inspection of the under carriage is well designed without over complicating the mechanics of the workings. 

I intend to own one as soon as they are in production.  The wait is nothing if you really are serious about owing a forman machine that will speed up your work and one that you will be proud to own.  It is priced at an afforable cost for the home hobby woodworker up the professional woodworker that is an up grade in pocket hole joinery.  Thank you Kreg Tools for thinking of the smaller woodworker and introducing a machine of this quality.

For guy that make a living with wood working this is a good buy. But I can't justify the cost for hobby wood working.  

I am a hobbyist and a woodshop teacher.  My school has the original foreman I have the K3.  My students do a manufacturing time study K3 v. the Foreman, needless to say the Foreman will make you more money in less time, if you need to make alot of pocket holes.  My one gripe about the original Foreman, no micro holes.  Kreg has solved that, I will be getting this machine for personal shop.  


Thanks for your inputs.

A well written summary.

Hopefully amazon will soon have this at a reduced price to actually make it affordable.

Hmm, I heard that Christmas was arriving in August this year ... ;-)

The fence has 2 slots to adjust it. On the video it looks as if you could easily adjust it out of square.

I agree with gary  ,but a pat on the back to kreg for making such a machine .

Gary roofner said:

For guy that make a living with wood working this is a good buy. But I can't justify the cost for hobby wood working.  

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