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Sean in Charlotte, NC here.

Good for you, @Sergio, for wanting to try new things and not being scared to mess something.  I know you will do well.  Welcome!

Sergio Velazquez said:


My name is Sergio. I live in Iowa. I am a newbie but willing to try new things and build and improve current parts of the house. I am not scared to mess something to be able to learn.

@Scott, it would be wonderful to see your crosscut sled creation.  Would you post a picture?  Thanks.

Scott Climer said:

I'm SO NEW, in fact, that I have yet to build a semi-permanent workbench/table.  Have used a pretty flat old (plain) door laid across a couple sawhorses as a work surface.  I've built my first crosscut sled for my contractor style table saw.  Just got that done a couple weeks ago, so maybe that'll let you know just how new I am.  Anyway, I'm hoping to get at least several years of enjoyment out of this newfound hobby during my retirement.  :-) 

Welcome, @Tom.  You will do well in woodworking.  As for your grandchildren, I, too, just became a grandmother again this past Sunday...this time it was a granddaughter!  It is wonderful being grandparents.

Thomas Gillespie said:

Hello all, Tom from Northern Virginia here! I'm a beginner woodworker and have started using the Kreg products, which I love. I'm a retired Marine with 2 children, 1 grandchild,vand two more on the way.

Hi, I'm Ada and I live in Luther OK.  I am a beginner woodworker.  I had to redo my kitchen cabinets due to mold so, after pricing new cabinets, I decided to buy books and tools and build my own. My woodworking friend said to get the Kreg tools.  couldn't have done it without them.  I'm sure I will need lots of help in the future so am grateful for this forum. 

Hi every one, this is dev from India a new diy woodworker looking for guidance and blessings from all . I am an automobile engg but at present reparing computer hardware . Woodworking is my new hobby.

Hi my name is Carl T Mclaughlin I live in Chandler Arizona I've worked on cars our life I took him woodworking about five years ago here in their about a year ago I started to buy some equipment getting ready for retirement I own some kreg tools now looking to buy the kreg router table and router lift but that will take a little while pretty costly

Hello, Stadler here from Cape Town, South Africa. I sort of inherited my dad's small combination machine and some other stuff when my mom wanted to sell it and I said I'd buy it and she didn't want to sell it to me... Don't have any room at my place, so I'm still using her extremely cluttered garage to store it and do the odd bit of sawing, sanding and whatnot. We're slowly but surely getting into the process of clearing up the clutter and creating some more space in the garage though! I didn't really have any specific purpose for the tools at the time, but just knew that I didn't want to let them go and today I'm very glad I didn't. I finally found something to make out of wood earlier this year when I bought a small camping trailer and wanted to make some simple shelves for two compartments, and enjoyed working with the machine so much that I promptly found other projects! I think of my dad almost everytime I turn the machine on or off, because he had this particular way of turning the switch, and I wish I could see his amusement at all the silly mistakes I'm making.

I've bought a bunch of tools, mostly new and some second-hand, since I started doing woodwork, and amongst them a K5 Kreg Jig and a screw starter kit, an Accu-cut and a Mobile Project Center, but I must admit that I haven't used any of them yet. I took the project center out of the box to see if everything was there and how it worked a couple of weeks ago, and I set up the Accu-cut this past weekend, hoping to saw some plywood, but then four of the set screws got lost and I only found them again late Saturday night. Hoping to get started this weekend!

Welcome aboard.


My name is Matt from Minnesota. I've been buying tools here and there knowing we were going to be doing a home renovation. I started with the Kreg K4 primarily to make a few things and it just grew from there. I made a few recent investments in a good table saw, router table and was able to justify the dust collector when the wife saw all the mess in garage :). I recently posted my vessel sink cabinet project and am currently building the kitchen cabinets, kitchen island and a few other items. I'm finding out now that one can never have enough clamps!!! I enjoy coming out here (Kreg community) and getting ideas and tips from other posts.

Hello, my name is Jerry and I live in Manitoba, Canada.

I haven't really done any wood working since I was in high school.  When I discovered the Kreg pocket hole tool, I thought I would give this a try and see what I could do.

Welcome Jerry from Manitoba. I'm sure as you use your kreg tools you'll find them to be as useful as most of us do. Happy sawdust days to you.

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