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john in Las Vegas.  Just got the different tools from the company. I would like to know how to set up my blind hole.  I want to place a sheet of 3/4 in onto the 2 by 4. What setting for the drill length and the setting on t drilling jig?

My name is Greg Smith. I live in Milton Florida.  I have just started doing wood work and really have enjoyed the Kreg line of products.  I plan to use this website for hints and ideas. Thanks.

Hi Renee,

I am also retired too. 20 years as a bartender in a major hotel on the strip. I spent 6 year in the Nevada National Guard  50 ton tank driver and a Tank commander for one summer camp before I got  out. I enjoy doing wood working when I was not working in hotel work. I did some work doing small cabinets and what every the people wanted. My Grandpa was handy with tools and building things. When I am doing my woodworking I forget everything but my tools and wood.  I think I made my first small box in the 6 grade. I got wood working books like Workbench and looked the pictures how they were made and when it came to make thing out of wood I came easy
Renee said:

Hello, I'm Renee I live in North Las Vegas, NV.   I have no experience in working with wood, but have always wanted to.  I'm retired US Army and have decided to treat myself to this as a hobby.. I did my research on Kreg tools and other products and feel Kreg would be a great fit and easier for me as an inexperience woodworker. 

I purchased the Kreg Jig K4 approx 2-3 yrs ago after seeing it on TV and never used it.  Recently I purchased the Adaptive cutting system and other items and feel now I am ready to get started. 

I look forward, and I'm happy to work within this community.   Here goes......

Another Texan here from Murphy. This is my second time around on putting my shop together. Can’t remember why I sold the first shop. Used a K-3 for years. Like the new ACS system, K-5, and my new Kreg router table. 
Nice site with great info. Thanks Kreg. 

Hi.  New to forum.  Posted my first project with my Kreg 4MS jig.  Thanks to Kreg, it was pretty easy to finish.  

HI all I'm another new one 

 From Bricklayer to Building motorcycles and trikes metal fabrication, Plumbing .

I'll need some help with wood thanks for having me

Hello,my name is Clive I’m what you’d call a self taught diy enthusiast,just bought a new kreg5 kit and looking for help with shelving/tool organising/storage ideas as just installed new shed.last summer made new raised patio decking with steps down to main garden. Looking forwards to learning kreg techniques and ideas, Clive.

Dear Members

I'am Bill Couzins, retired roofing contractor. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. Watching utube I saw Kreg Tool video and I was sure I could put that jig to work for me. I ordered Jig R3, planning on making floating shelves. Before I began that project, I called the 800-447-8638 and talk to Todd, about my plan.  Todd explained it would probably be better to use the HD Jig and bigger screws, so I bought HD Jig and the job was a completed.  I'm impressed how well it works. I have already sent picture of that 2"x12" x 8' southern pine garage shelf and plan to do more. I look forward to becoming proficient in joinery. Best regards, Cuz

Hi All,

I have been doing woodworking for a while, but have not made furniture until this year.  I made a table using Kreg jig and liked the results.  

Look forward to getting some tips and tricks from the professionals out there!

Roger Hughes new member from Owasso OK. My last project was a cart for my shop vac using plywood and solid wood from Kreg plans I downloaded.  My next project will be a HO train layout on 4x8 plywood table built from plans but using Kreg pocket hole joinery. The table needs to be very stable so I will be followig the bench work plans closely I found in a book on scale train layouts.

Hello all, my name is Bill from Northwestern Missouri. I am new to Kreg and have a lot to learn. I have dabbled in woodworking for many years but I do not consider myself as experienced.  I purchased the equipment to help me with home improvement projects.  I am close now to retirement and would like to do more woodworking.  Being off work for a while, I thought I would get a jumpstart on learning some things using the Kreg Pocket Jigs.  Looking forward to learning what I can.

Welcome Bill,

    You will find a lot of good folks on here, ready and willing to give the advise that you want. Also a lot of projects

to work on. When it happens have a great retirement !!

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I purchased one today and am very disappointed with it.

First the docking station is extremely cheap. The plastic is pathetic. A Lego has more…


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