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brinda Ashley said:

Thank you for accepting me as your friend

please i will like you to contact me through my email address at(   ) so that i can tell you more about myself and together with my photos,
Camila  Layal.

email me (

My name is Todd, live in Perth , Western Australia . Saw the pocket hole system on YouTube, so bought it and keen to get started. I do a fair bit of metal working and wood working will be mostly new to me. 

Hello. Steve and I am retired and spend a lot of time at my house in Vermont, where my shop is.  Although having built a home myself and completely rehabbing 2 200+ year old homes, I’m somewhat familiar with wood.  But I consider myself a novice at actual woodworking eg furniture.

Looking forward to building lots of furniture and projects for kids and grand kids.

Hi, my name is Ken Hunt, I am an expat from the UK now, living in the Philippines. I am a beginner to wood work, apart from what I learnt back in High School. I have been ready up on Kreg tools and what they do for you and I am impressed. So I thought very slowly I would try and start making things for the house. That is why I joined Kreg Owners Community to learn from them also. 

I have to confess though, you guys from America are lucky in that you have a great choice of tools, wood and kreg products to choose from, unlike here as its hard to find what you need, like wood that has been cut straight or is not bowed in any way. But we will see how it goes. 

Hi, My name is Leah and I live in NH. I am pretty new to woodworking so i dont know much but can figure things out usually. I bought a house and am very determined to make a few different things such as bed frame, Dog kennel and table. i am really interested in learning some great techniques  or things to look out for so if you have any pointers send them my way :)

Hi! Mike here. Set up a pallet shop at my camp. Got the Kreg 5. Cant wait to try it. Want to make octogon picnic table for the deck! Thanks for any help.!

Hi KregRep. I am getting a couple of people wanting me to reply specifically to them, they want to show me something. Like the one from Brinda Ashley who goes by the name of Camila Layla. And Michael Flanagan. What is up with these? They ought to be banned okay. I get msg's from this site which is okay, but for legit purposes. Can you do something about this?

Hi, Michael.  It bothers me too when these things happen.  If you click on the name of the poster you can see all their posts, and this Brenda or Camila has done this before, many times.  I don’t know why the list monitor allows this stuff to get through; it has nothing to do with the purpose of this group.  It bothers me too.  Roy.


I am Peter Watkins - a Retired ATC - who is living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia

My wife and I are in the process of downsizing and have a house being built which is about half way along - Roof on and walls currently being clad

I am a surfer and surf most days

I will be querying a few things as I construct an island benchtop 3 m x 1 m [10' x 3'4"] out of Tasmanian Oak - but I have had the Kreg for quite a few years so I have some experience with using it for cabinet work

Hello, My name is Paula and I have just found a new love of woodworking. I basically know nothing and am soaking up info like a sponge. Just today at Home Depot I learned from a customer in the isle I was on the difference between galvanized and machine made nuts and bolts. See how new I am?  I’m hoping to learn a lot from reading all your posts!

HI, My name is Neil... I'm a part time whittler... and i wish i could ditch my job and do it full time. I cant look at something hand made without trying to figure out how they built it, or how long it took. Woodworking is very addictive. I've seen some great projects on this site, i hope i can add something that stands up to the standard

Hello, I'm Renee I live in North Las Vegas, NV.   I have no experience in working with wood, but have always wanted to.  I'm retired US Army and have decided to treat myself to this as a hobby.. I did my research on Kreg tools and other products and feel Kreg would be a great fit and easier for me as an inexperience woodworker. 

I purchased the Kreg Jig K4 approx 2-3 yrs ago after seeing it on TV and never used it.  Recently I purchased the Adaptive cutting system and other items and feel now I am ready to get started. 

I look forward, and I'm happy to work within this community.   Here goes......

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