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Hi Sandra!

I had this problem constantly since I am working in metric and thus had to adjust. My method is to set the stop collar on the drill bit 1/16" lower than it should be according to the charts. That makes the pocket hole bottom a bit higher and the tip of the screw which is going through the joint is shorter.

Based on my experience, it has zero impact on the joint strength, but it prevents any type of protruding (unless of course I am really driving the screw too far). 



Sandra Eynon said:

thanks for the reply. I am probably over driving the screws. I think I may need some practice on scrap wood to get the technique down. I will also take a look at the charts with screw choices and material. 

Robert Brennan said:

Hello and welcome Sandra,

In relation to your question about screws poking through.

The reason screws may poke through relate to either being the incorrect size (too long) or you are overdriving them, (meaning drivig the heads into and beyond the bottom of the counterbore.

There is an easy way to check the length, after drilling put a screw in the pocket hole and check with the mating material how much penetration the screw tip has. (BTW you can Use similar scrap to do this test).

If all is good there they are being over driven.

Have a look at the Kreg charts on this site showing the screw choices  using screw with similar or dissimilar materials it may assist.

HI, my name is Patrick.  I have been doing woodworking since high school shop class.  I have recently purchased the Kreg Jig to build a table and some cabinets.  I've made a variety of furniture from a china cabinet to a loft bed with a desk underneath.  I went from dowels to biscuits to now the Kreg. Although I build mostly small woodworking projects these days, I occasionally build some larger projects, and the Kreg will make it much easier and faster.

Hello all, just in the process of using my Kreg jig for the 1st time on a shoe rack.

Much needed, next up is a Buffet Table, but not sure wether to use MDF or Ply?

Looking forward to learning loads, making mistakes but enjoying myself.

Best wishes to everyone 


Hi, been a Kreg user since the beginning. Always had success with their jigs and will continue to use them.

Hi all,

My name is Russ from Rolling Meadows IL.  I'm recently retire and getting back into woodworking. I'm taking a class at a local High school. My project is a bookcase. I'll be using pocket holes to assemble the unit. I bought a K5 Master system for home projects. I'm looking forward to learning alot from this forum.

Hi Folks. 

I live in Springfield TN. just outside of Nashville. I bought a K5 master system, have not used it yet. Looking forward to it. I have a woodshop in my basement and enjoy woodworking when I can. Looking forward to being apart of the community here. 

Hi, my name is Chris. I live in east central Indiana. I am recently retired and am new to woodworking. Looking forward to learning from this group. I like working with Kreg pocket joinery and working with router. I recently completed my first major project, a vanity for my granddaughter. It is actually a conglomeration of techniques as I was learning on the fly. It is far from perfect but I have learned a lot, and it is onward and upward from here. I’ll post a photo when I get a chance. 

Simple design although it matches the TV/Grow house I built and I did them both with Kreg Tool Pocket joints

My name is Shawn Hampt and I’m from Maryland. I am a beginning woodworker (novice at best). I joined to get and share info and knowledge in working with wood and learn from others. Love all my Kreg products, especially my K5!

This past weekend I decided to build myself a simple mailbox to replace the plastic piece of junk hanging on my gate, so I got to use the brand-new pair of corner clamps that were delivered just last week. They really made the job a lot easier and since I don't even have a mounted vise at the moment I can just imagine how frustrating it would've been to try and keep those sides together while glueing and screwing them in place without the clamps!

I'm not done yet, because I still have to fit the lid and front door, but I wouldn't have been nearly as far as I am now without those clamps. They're a little sensitive and finicky to adjust, but once they're at the right setting they really do a great job!


Steven here.

I live in North Alabama and have raised two teenage boys.  I have been doing woodworking and DIY projects for over 30 years.

I also, cook, play guitar and keep salt and fresh water aquariums.

I started using pocket holes in the 80s on a jig I built for a drill press and had to use two different drill bits, but it worked.  :)

Hi everyone,

I'm in the Huntsville, AL area. I do a lot of DIY remodeling of a historic home I share with my wife, four kids, three dogs and bearded dragon. I've been working quite a bit with the Kreg jig for the past 5 years, but still a newbie!

Looking forward to the community.


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