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Hello everyone,

I'm a retired boilermaker living in a small town with a winter population of about 700 people which expands to about 3000 during the summer as it's on the coast about 110 kms south west of Melbourne Australia. 

I love my woodwork, nearly as much as my grandkids since I built my 10 x 6 mt shed. I'm into boxes tables and SWMBO volunteers my labour to all her friends. I'm in the shed all day after taking the dog for his daily swim and generally loving life.

Have been a wood worker for many years. Have a K2 but made the mistake of going to the woodworking show and decided to upgrade to the K5 master pack, plus the plug cutter pack, and more screws. Had to order some Stainless steel screws for a new project for the boss (wife) , new shutters for the house.

Thank you Earl and Ken.

Hello, my name is Andre Stapelberg and I live in Leicestershire UK. I am a keen DIY'r and new to woodworking. To date I have made Cutting boards-(in various shapes and sizes including an edge grain Union Jack cutting board, end grain Piano board and edge grain Guitar shaped board, using exotic hardwoods. I have also made Coasters, Tea Light Holders and a 3D Chess board with Nuts and Bolts for chess pieces. (Once I know how, I will upload some photos.....)

I have been given a Kreg4 for my upcoming birthday and am keen to explore this avenue for making furniture and various pieces around the house.

Hello, My Name is John I live in West Covina Ca. I enjoy doing woodwork around the house. Last year my wife bought me the Kreg pocket hole jig. I love it. I built a outside bar using the pocket hole jig. I look forward sharing ideas and meeting other on this site. I'm a quick learner and a DIY.



Hi - I'm Anya from MA.  I built two non-traditional beehives in 2016.  Because of our winters I decided to try building hives that had thick walls and insulation.  One looks like an over-sized trunk with 2" square framing.  And the other was a double-walled top bar hive.  The Kreg jig was  big help in constructing them.  Hoping to build a few more hives for the upcoming season.

Good Morning,

My name is Barb, from Wilmington, OH.  I just built two round kitchen table tops(60" and 54") using R3 jig.  I love this jig and wonder where it has been my whole life.  

Hi, Rex in North Georgia here.  I've had my eye on some Kreg stuff in the past, but a fencing project finally pushed me over the edge.  I just picked up a K5 Master and the HD insert.  I'm currently attaching my 2x4 fence rails to the 4x4 posts with pocket hole screws.  Probably overkill, I know, but the last fence I paid someone else put up was a flimsy affair.  So, I'm overcompensating.

I've done some very basic woodworking in the past.  I'm mainly limited by free time, so nothing fancy.  I'm hoping to up my game a bit by adding pocket hole joinery to my bag of tricks.

Hi everyone, I'm Barney from north west NJ. I have been on this site many times, enjoying all the good information on here as well as all of the creative work you guys have done. Finally becoming a member. 

My name is Carlos and live in the Dallas, TX area. I have been woodworking for a long time until I stopped a few years because of an illness. I got a Kreg tool kit for Christmas and I am ready to start using it.

Hi all,

thanks for the add.  As a youngster I did a lot of wood working over the years.  I lost my way and am now just getting back intowoodworking in my spare time.  Will be looking for advice as I build up me tools.  I do not have a lot of Kreg gear but like what I see and would like to start off with a Router table system and like the sound of the Kreg unit.  Any advice in this area would be great what ever I get will need a riser and a good quality 1/2” router.  I am currently doing a couple of restoration jobs including a two door vegetable storage cupboard and a double bed.  Looking forward to being an active member of the group.

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New to K5 and pocket holes, any video’s on the materials listed below?

I am using Danny Proulx book on shop workstations. I am deciding whether to use MDF or Melamine. He calls for MDF. However; I like the looks of the melamine.  I am a little leery of using pocket holes for it. One of the main reasons is I have no…Continue

Started by Michael Lusk in Beginners' Zone 3 hours ago.

Adaptive Cutting System T-Track Stops Mod 1 Reply

I bought the ACS a couple of weeks ago & have been pleased with the results on my first small project (LP record crates)... I was disappointed with the plastic accessories for the table-top, especially the T-Track stops. I'm pretty sure they…Continue

Started by John Moore in Beginners' Zone. Last reply by Deac Manross May 17.

Product Reviews

K5 Review

I really like the k5 it is faster to change from different size of screws. I hesitated to update because of some of the reviews about the dust collection hook up. That to me one of the improvements it works perfect no dust to cleanup .…


Posted by Gary roofner on April 5, 2019 at 10:02am

Merry Christmas r3

 Hi all Santa left me one under the tree the elf thar made it must have had a bad morning because one gray tab is metric and the other one is imperial help Santa what do I do

thanks Eric 

Posted by Eric Kershaw on January 8, 2019 at 6:27pm — 1 Comment

Kreg Project Center Work Station

The Kreg Project Center is great by itself, but 2 KPC's are better than 1 when you want to set up a 12 ft. work station in a couple minutes.…


Posted by Glenn Revheim on April 5, 2018 at 5:57am — 5 Comments

Festool Domino 500

The first thing I will do is set price aside and focus on the tool and why I bought the Domino. 

      I have orders for a few dining tables and chairs.  I have made one prototype chair, while I have all the tools to make angled…


Posted by justin waldron on April 2, 2018 at 5:46am — 2 Comments

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