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I can only tell you how I am doing my doors. They are frame and panel but not raised panels. I used 1x3 stock to make the frames with a groove cut in all 4 sides. I joined 3 sides of the frame with pocket hole screws, slid the panel into place and then joined the last panel. I made drawer fronts the same way. If you are making raised panels. I think you would need to cut the sides of the panel similar to mortise and tenon (sorry if this is wwrong) and then join the frame as I did. Good luck and make sure we get to see pictures!

henry gould said:
My name is Henry Gould (Hank) and I am also new to this pocket jig joinery to and I would like help on building kitchen cabinets especially building doors. How do you build the raised panels and insert them into the rails and stiles?
Howdy everyone,
Names Ron and I live in NW Louisiana. Retired state trooper and have been woodworking for hobby for 10 years. Mostly make furniture for daughter and my ladyfriend. Been using the pocket hole system for maybe 6 or 7 years and WOW is it fine. Made faceframe for shop cabinets in 30 minutes where conventional methods would have taken a couple days..Im sold.
Hello everyone, I am a retiree of 66 years, from about 10 I fell in love with woodworking as a hobby. Living in a city apartment, I do not have the space and the possibility of great things, but I am always looking for news and video for learning and improving knowledge of this wonderful hobby. recently purchased the kreg jig and redy to get started whit it.
Good luck to all.
Hello everyone, I am a retiree of 66 years, from about 10 I fell in love with woodworking as a hobby. Living in a city apartment, I do not have the space and the possibility of great things, but I am always looking for news and video for learning and improving knowledge of this wonderful hobby. recently purchased the kreg jig and redy to get started whit it.
Good luck to all.
hello, me name is Josh I live just south of Appleton WI. I have been woodworking since about the age nine. I just recently started making custom furniture for people hopefully someday it will turn into a full time job.
Hi all, my name is Jim and I'm from Glasgow in Scotland. On a recent holiday to the US I bought the Kreg jnr set because I had seen some of the videos on you tube and some of the wood work forums that are on the net of the great things the kreg system can do. Havent used it as yet but I will view this site with interest and find out as much as Ican bfore I try it out.

Hi. My name is Andy and I retired from the Canadian Army after 32 yrs of fun and games. I've always had a love for woodworking and stumbled upon this site after getting my Kreg jig from Lee Valley Tools. I'm amazed at all the help and talent available here and I just know it will be a fountain of knowledge for me.
My name is Cliff from Odessa, TX. I'm a retired teacher and am trying to learn home renovations. One of my projects is making some glass doors for some old barrister book cases. You know the kind that have doors that slide up and into the book case.

Using my R3 jig on a 3-shelf end of counter rack made putting the shelves together easy. It motivated me to use some 1 1/2" X 1" clear pine to make frames to act as halves to some barrister book shelves. I'll sandwich some 1/8" glass in rabbets and drill the frames for some 1/4" pins that will allow the doors to slide up to open.

The problem is the frames will only be 1 1/2" wide and cut at 45 deg not allowing for 2 pocket holes. How do I make a stong 45 deg corner with a pocket hole??
My name is Jim and I live in East Tennessee. I'm a retired operations manager for a trucking company. After 2 heart attacks I figured it was time to find something else besides chasing trucks and trailers for the rest of what life I have left. I started building small covered wagons and old wall style telephones from scratch. Gave a bunch away and was asked if I could build a baby bed for a friend. I sent off and got some plans, checked the safety specs and finished it in time for it to be used by my step grandson. Now, I have became hooked and want to do more. I have not used the Kreg System yet but will on the next project. I have included a couple of shots of my projects. Look forward to hearing any comments (good or bad).
Hi I am Shane from Australia and i am retired due to a work place accident.
I use to do some engineering projects with steel and i love working with wood as it has just a great feel when a job is completed. But metal is really great to work with .
It's interesting i have adjusted a few machines to do both jobs like i have a mill drill so i can use it for mortise and tenon joints and the best part is that the end cutters that i use on steel just makes perfect cuts in timber.
I geared up my big lathe to do lathe work with wood it moves very fast now but i can slow it down again to do steel work.
Anyway hope to talk to some of you out there as I always say if i can learn just one thing a day then at the end of a year well that 365 thing i learnt about ( not that knowing is right just different hahaha??)
Cya Shane
Hi Bill- Nice Shop!
My name is Denny Larkin and i live in Barnhart, MO. just south of St. Louis. i've been building projects for about 35 or 36 years and have enjoyed building projects for family and friends for years. I really like your shop set up and wish I had that much room- unfortunately, I don't but I am in the process of expanding my basement shop and have made vast improvements in the last few weeks.

I was laid off last February from a electronic systems company (project manager) and have decided to start a small company on my own doing custom woodworking. I've had several orders and built some beautiful projects for people ie: mantels, mirror frames, benches, headboards, and shelving units- and after seeing what you build, I am thinking of doing some "one of a kind" projects- I guess "art "projects would be the right name.

I was wondering if a person can make decent money doing these types of projects and what avenues you have used to get your projects out there to the public- I hate the thought of Craft shows since most of the stuff out there is junk-
I would sure love to hear from you with any thoughts and experiences you have had in this regard- by the way, your web site is dynomite!! Thanks in advance for your insight!
Denny Larkin

Bill Arnold said:
Hi, everyone! I've dabbled with wood most of my life but only got into serious projects about 12 years ago. I did a few small items using plans from magazines, then graduated to designing furniture for our home. I was introduced to the Kreg pocket hole jig a few years ago in a commercial shop. I am retired now and recently added the Kreg Master system to the lineup of tools in my home shop.

You can see my shop and some of my completed projects on :

Bill Arnold
Thomasville, GA
Hi, My name is Dawn and I live in Eastern Washington. I would have to say that my experience with wood working is extremely basic, learned through trial(s) and error(s). I have some wood pallets that I took apart and then built things like a small table for outside using an umbrella stand for its base. I didnt like seeing the screws on the outside so I decided that the next project that I do I would try the Kreg Jig. Now that I have explored some of the Kreg site and all - I cant wait to actually settle on a project and learn a bunch.

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