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Hello, my name is Fred. I live in Gothenburg, Ne. I have always enjoyed working with wood. I didn't have the money to buy all the tools to do projects. I love the pocket hole jointery. It is easy to work with. Looking forward to doing a lot of projects for my home.
Hi.. my name is Mike Sauer.
I just moved to the Bahamas, Governors Harbour on the island Eleuthera.
Just cleared land to start building our retirement home ..
Have contracted the exterior and plan on doing the interior myself ..
Besides framing out the house, my wife has 100s of little projects that I felt this new jig would come in handy for .. haven't opened the box yet .. we'll see.
Did both finish and rough years ago and also tried my hand at timber framing in Ohio.
Strong believer in having the right tool for the right job ..
Hope to learn some secrets on this website...

Hi. I see my name will appear above anyway, so I'll skip that part. I live in Omak WA. If anyone here is from my town or area, give me a holler. I'd like to meet some people with similar interests and equal or slightly more experience/knowledge. I've just recently become interested enough in woodworking to start setting up shop. I've got no store bought jigs at all so far, but I'm interested in a few of the Kreg jigs I've looked at. Just a matter of time and money before I add them to my arsenal. The only thing I've made so far is my router table that I made from scraps. Even that was just so I'd have something to work with while making the real one.
Hi, I'm Ana, I live in Alaska, and I love to build furniture. The Kreg Jig has opened up so many possibilities for me! I'm here to be inspired by what everyone is building with their Kreg Jigs. Some of you may know me from my blog, Knock-Off Wood. I'm super excited to be a part of this community!

Welcome,lovely lady

Ana White said:
Hi, I'm Ana, I live in Alaska, and I love to build furniture. The Kreg Jig has opened up so many possibilities for me! I'm here to be inspired by what everyone is building with their Kreg Jigs. Some of you may know me from my blog, Knock-Off Wood. I'm super excited to be a part of this community!

Hello, My name is Marsha, I usually go by mgoo online. I am a Kreg Jig owner and have only had the occasion to use it in the construction of a small end table that I made for a Saint Bernard Club Raffle. I had woodburned a side view of a Saint Bernard on the top, at the front edge. It was a most popular item at the Raffle. I have done other projects, but this is the first one I used my Kreg Jig on. I do love how it works and plan to use it in several other projects I am planning in the near future!
My workshop is the uncovered patio and we live in Texas, so my work times are quite limited this time of the year.
Hello, My name is Steve and live in South East Texas. I started woodworking some 50 years ago in junior high school wood shop class.I came across this Kreg pocket hole jig recently and I think it will change the way I put things together. Never considered pocket hole joinery before.Nice to find this community. Enjoy woodworking and remember that a mistake is a chance to start over. Thanks to all.
Well good morning, I just joined the group and I have the K3 Master Jig System. I have built a couple of small items including a shop utility cart. I have started watching The Woodsmith Shop on PBS and I have subscribed to The Woodsmith Magazine and ShopNotes for good ideas and plans on woodworking. I hope I will start finding the time to do more woodworking in the future, but for now I am loving the new pocket hole system Kreg has introduced me to.
I'm Steve from Holly Springs NC. I am a web developer by day and a weekend woodworker. So far I have the Kreg Jig and have used it alot building up my garage workshop. I hated making dadoe's for plywood as the router bits I bought never seemed to be the right size and it got old trying to shim up my dado blades to the correct width. Pocket holes rock.

I had problems with creep when driving in the screws. Add glue and no matter how hard I tightened the kreg clamps, i seemed to get creep and there are alot of places where I just couldnt use enough clamps. I solved it with pipe clamps, a backer board, and a 2x4 that I use to wedge against the direction it wants to creep. perfect joins every time now.

I will be ordering the top trak kit to make a miter saw station in the next few days. Looking forward to that project. Anyone have any pics where they used the top trak? Not sure if I want 2ft extension to one side, and 6 ft to the other. or if I want 8 ft all one way and then move the saw or the extension to one side or the other for the full 8.
Hi, Brian here. From South Africa, got my Kreg Jig a few weeks ago and still to use it. Rather an amateur at wood work but love using my hands. Have not yet worked on any pocket hole joinery but think my first project will be to build the simple bird feeder. Got some DIY plans for a simple letter/post holder for the study as well, hope to tackle that soon.
My name is Efrain, I live in Mexico City and carpentry is one of my hobbies. I have a Kreg joiner and is one of the best tools that I have. Best Regards to all
Hello there ! my name is Ryan from Toronto and just started to learn how to work with wood to create little projects. I came about this jig and purchased it right away. Just waiting for it to arrive in the mail :)

First project will be likely a stand for the food bowl of my dog :) the bowl has been sitting on phone books up to now :) then organizational shelves for the garage :)

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