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Hello everyone, My name is Matt I live in N.E. Ohio. I use my single car garage as my work shop, I have to keep everything neat and organized because some how I always get stuck working on everyone's car also. I took wood shop back in high school, but have done nothing with my "little" skills since. I decided to make a  small hanging shelf for my wife for her new office. That's when I got the bug again. I am still putting my workshop together but I got the Kreg master kit for Christmas. It makes projects very easy. I really enjoy this web page and some of the thing people build are amazing. They have given me some really great ideas. Though my little shelves are not as pretty as most of the work on your sight we all have to start some were right. Thanks in advance for all the help you folks have given me already. Matt   

Hello, I'm Don and live in WV.  I haven't yet got a Kreg Jig, but in about a two weeks will have one (Birthday).  Anyway, I got interested in pocket hole joinery from various websites that show plans using the technique and decided I needed a kreg jig to get started,  :).  I have never used one, but am interested in getting started , so I figured I would search the web for info, videos and articles so that by the time I get it, I'll have a bit better understanding of its operation.  I look forward to posting some projects in the future and have been impressed with all the photos and projects from members on here.  Some very nice work!

Hello Don, I'm sure you will love the Kreg Jig as much as I do.

Hello, My name is Darla and I live in Camden, AR.  I am a Guidance Counselor at a high school but I love building anything out of wood.  I have had my Kreg Jig Master System for about a year and I absolutly love it.  The first thing I built using my Kreg jig was and entertainment center for my mothers birthday.  It turned out great and Mom loved it.  Looking forward to many more projects with my Kreg jig.


Got my Kreg jig master yesterday and proceeded to make a small station for my miter saw. LOL ran out of 2x4 I had and hopefully will finish it tomorrow. This is my first time using a Kreg system though I have have seen them for years. I have been doing woodworking forever but stopped a few years ago. I sold my table saw quickly to a friend of mine because it was an old Sears and I had made a custom cabinet for it. But I kept my band saw and most of my other tools. :) 

I used to do a lot of hand carving and made Queen Anne furniture with claw and ball feet. I also used to carve song birds. Lately I haven't done anything because 2 years a go I had a total knee and a total elbow. Doing better now though.

I am retired and spend a lot of time riding my motorcycle. I enjoy that a lot.

I am glad I found this site. The DVD that came with the Kreg doesn't go into how to use the mini jig. I'd like to know how to use it/set it up correctly too.

Hello all,

Living in S Florida, moving back into a new home. Many projects to accomplish including desks, built-ins and crown molding. Looking forward to learning as much as possible! Just getting started with the Kreg system

Hi, my name is Jeff.  I am new to woodworking and a happy owner of a Kreg Jig.  I hope to glean many good ideas and tips from the community and maybe give some myself.

A big welcome to all the new members that have joined the Kreg community, I look forward to sharing ideas and seeing pictures of your work.  Enjoy the site and please feel free to explore, as you will also find there are many talented and knowledgeable people here who are willing to share information with you.   

Hello,My name is John Talbert. I live in Metro Detroit Mi. I'm a professional auto mechanic. I've toyed around with woodworking for years. my farther was a woodworker and picked it up from him. when I seen the infomercial on the Kreg Jig I had to have it. It cuts the joint process time in half.

Hi My name is ED from Hamburg, Pa.

   Bottom line I am a 55 year old  Rookie.  Had a kidney transplant and now i am in need of a new hobby since i am retired.  Always loved the idea of woodworking so I have been reading and started buying tools and supplies to start a shop.   Went to my local store and watched a demo on the K4 jig and loved it.  I am hoping I can listen in and learn while i am here

Hello from Arizona  i am an retired electrical contrator , gone into wood. If anyone is living here or passing thru ,  feel free to stop and say hello ,I am in Gilbert,AZ.        If you like,we could do a few projects together , it is always more fun  when with someone 

Write back or contact me at my e mail address



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