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I'm looking for a tall dresser.

Thomas M Foster said:
Welcome Katie, funny how a little time with dad grows into a hobby. If you look to the right side of the screen (providing you haven't already noticed) their is a list of free projects to scan through. If you write down what projects you are interested in next, maybe someone here will guide you or even have plans for those projects. Or perhaps you could help a lot of us with our projects too.
I now have the finish on the shadow box wine cork tables, and tomorrow I will order the glass tops and add the corks. Thanks again Kreg!!!

Michael Hobert Edwards said:
Hello I am Michael Edwards, and I just bought my Kreg Jig last week. This coming weekend I plan to attach the skirts to legs for the base of my shadow box wine cork end tables. I have never built furniture before, so am a bit nervous about how to ensure these bases are square when I get done. Does anyone have any tips?
I finally completed my two shadow box wine cork end tables. See photo

great idea for all those corks. I have a collection of them myself going on. thnx for sharing

Michael Hobert Edwards said:

I finally completed my two shadow box wine cork end tables. See photo
Really nice job! I agree with RMK that it's a great idea. Good ideas coming together as a finished project is a neat thing to see. TF in Bellingham WA.

RMK said:

great idea for all those corks. I have a collection of them myself going on. thnx for sharing

Michael Hobert Edwards said:

I finally completed my two shadow box wine cork end tables. See photo

Yeah, 4/4 cherry is around $7.00 (U.S.)  a board foot here. The End panels are visible on some of my cabinets, so I got 3/4 cherry ply to case my in wall oven (raised panel ends won't work with cabinets running into it) and the plywood was just over $120 a sheet. But I've used the sommerfeld tongue and grove system in conjunction with my kreg jig and made a very nice cabinte so far. Not finished or installed and trimmed yet, but the joints are as nice as can be.
Robert Brennan said:

Robert Brennan said:
Holy (gold nuggets maybe)
I just bought 4 x 2m lengths of quad trim 6mm to 12mm and they were AUD 35.00, so I could imagine what a trailer load would be, you would need to hire an armed guard to protect it!!
Really makes you want to use natural resourses to build with, but there is no alternative which is more cost effective and produces the same result.
Robert Brennan

Jim said:
Hey, all. My name is Jim, and I'm from north central Illinois.I worked as a carpenter for a few years and went to college. I've been an electrician now for 11 years, but have continued to work with wood. Just bought my first Kreg jig and I love it. Much simpler than mortising or doweling, and it really speeds up my cabinet production. I'm on the edge of building all new cherry cabinets for my kitchen and this system should really help streamline the job. And holy (fill in your word) the cost of a trailer full of cherry today (just dragged one home).



My name is Gary and I live in NY. I am new to woodwork, I recently bought a Kreg jig and want to start using it. Looking forward to learning from everyone here.

Hi Gary I'm Ray your neighbor from Conn. Any questions? I will try to answer I've been woodworking for 35 years and still learning

g mac said:



My name is Gary and I live in NY. I am new to woodwork, I recently bought a Kreg jig and want to start using it. Looking forward to learning from everyone here.

Hey guys, My name is Joe,  I live in western CT. I put myself through college,way back when, by doing construction. Had to get back into it via 9/11, when my business (F/O electronics) went under.  I must say it felt good getting back into it. I was looking for a better way of joining wood on certain jobs and found out about Kreg online, must say it has definitely made my life easier when I get those quirky requests from customers, (if you now what I mean).  I have been viewing all the posts here since I signed up and have really enjoyed and used some of the suggestions posted.  Thanks to all.   Joe

My name is Luis Castilla from Chile, and I want to learn how to use this tool. I like to work with wood as a hobby.

I want to discover all the adventages this tool has. Iam planning to buld a moderm  wall tv furniture. I will telling how it is going, I´d be able to start it in few weeks.


 Okay.  I just found this link to the introduction thingy.  Anyway, my name is Skipper.

I am originally from Brooklyn Long Island New York, now living in Tulsa Oklahoma.

And I am very new to woodworking.  I just finished building that outdoor chair from

the Kreg plans.


 It came out okay.  I am planning to build three more.  My favorite hobbies are: ham radio,

photography, gardening(growing vegetables), target shooting, (pistol & rifle), & now added

to that list is woodworking!  Oh yeah, I also play flute & percussion on the worship team

at church.


 That's about it.  I hope to learn a lot of stuff here.  Thanks!

Oh darn, I left out one thing; I love to fish!

Hello, my name is Steve. Mt first project was an entertainment system for my sister about 25 years ago when I was in High School. Since then I have done small projects but I have been in construction building and remodeling homes. I bought a house about a year ago with plans to renovate it room by room and has been going very slow but nice (one man operation with some help on the side). there is an enclosed pole building here that I've been working on setting up as a woodshop. I've had the table saw, miter saw, drill press, router and other hand tools. So I bought a band saw and planer to finishmy collection for now. I bought the Kreg Jig to start building my kitchen cabinets but got a little side tracked with building shop equipment! I've built a beautiful router table, new table for the radial arm saw, new table for the drill press and a work platform for the Kreg Jig itself. Now that these things are done I can work on the cabinets. The Kreg Jib makes it so easy and fast to put things together without long setup times.

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