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Personally, I've never been too advanced of a woodworker. I've done a few projects with dowels, and biscuits once or twice... but I never got into it too much because it took a lot of time, and I guessI probably just wan't real good at it.

When I saw the Kreg Jgi on TV I thought I would give it a try, and I am very glad I did. Since then, I've built several small project and am currently considering some larger ones (desk for my den, and some garage cabinets). Now I don't waste time gluing and clamping everything together, aligning holes or anything like that. Just cut it to length and screw it together. Fast and uncomplicated.

Anyway, how has the Kreg Jig changed the way YOU work? are you trying more difficult projects or just getting the same ones done in less time? If any of the posts I've seen on this site are accurate, I don't think I'm the only one who's now doing things differently.

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Very cool Bob, a great idea for a thread. Here are just a few of my favorites that have come in through this site in just the past few weeks:

Kreg Jig Owners' Community member, Don, just this weekend told an excellent story of how the Kreg Jig changed the way he works:
"I kept thinking to myself, 'well, that looks pretty easy. I bet I could do that.'"

Kreg Jig Owners' Community member, Michael, taught his young son Math skills with their Kreg Jig:
"my wife told me to take my son Liam to the shop to give him hands on experience with the importance of math"

Kreg Jig Owners' Community member, Tim, used his Kreg Jig to avoid buying an expensive store-baught entertainment center.
"After buying a flat panel 37" TV, our existing entertainment center had to go. Pricing new ones was discouraging."

Kreg Jig Owners' Community member, JD, used his Kreg Jig to build a dining room table even though his spouse was less than convinced he could do it:
"Thanks to my Kreg I feel I can do anything. Well, the wild redhead (read:wife) laughed like hell when I mentioned the DRT Project."
Just in the past year I've built my Cherry Office Desk and my Cherry Nightstands. If I would have had to use dowels or Mortise and Tenon on those projects... I just simply wouldn't have made the attempt. Since the joints are dead-simple the entire projects seems less daunting and more approachable. The Kreg Jig has given me the confidence to start projects I normally never would have.

And... it's fun!
I like the way it makes me feels inside.
My brothers and my dad have been woodworkers for a LONG time. I only got into woodworking last February when I saw the Kreg Jig informercial. Since then, I've been able to have the confidence to build a multitude of projects. DVD shelves, a workstation, a cradle, a podium, a hopechest, a speaker stand, etc. I've done it to the best of my abilities, and loved every minute of it.

Just last week I've had two of my brothers tell me that I now better at woodworking than they are. That was a HUGE shock to me, since I only wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Now, they're telling me I'm outpacing them in terms of woodworking. This is only possible because the Kreg Jig informercial I just happened to watch that one Saturday morning.

Thank you for my new hobby, guys!!

I never toe-nail anything any more. I always hated doing it and don't really care for the quality of the joints (even if you never get to see them). I'm remodeling a bathroom right now and dropped the ceiling 2 feet and the 2' X 4's that I would normally toenail are all joined with pocket-holes. It is ROCK solid - I am amazed at how strong the joints are compared to toenailed joints.

Next guy who remodels this house will be puzzled but what the hey....
The Kreg Jig lets me build projects a lot faster than I thought possible, and I think it actually gets me to try some more challenging projects because I no longer have to worry about complicated clamping (just drill it, drive it, and done, as the infomercial so kindly points out!)

I think it really removes a lot of the stress associated with woodworking for me.
Well, after having a Kreg jig around for a little over 4 years, it seems that just about every woodworking project that I do includes at least a couple of pocket holes. It generally saves time designing, cutting and assembling many types of projects. Another advantage is that since there is no requirement to allow extra material for the joint, it makes design and measurement similar whether I am in woodshop using the Kreg or in the garage using the welder. One less gear to shift when going from one shop to the other.

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