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I was wanting to put in a Hide away ironing board, but they are very expensive for even the basic models.  So I decided to see what I could do for less.

I Sketchuped 2 models, one that fits in two stud bays, and one that fits in only one.
Here are pics of both.

They both have room for the iron to sit on a shelf or alternatively attach a mount for it.
The larger one has a power outlet, which can also be added to the smaller model.
They should both be able to fit a flexible lamp too.
Or alternatively they can have an outlet and lamp in one.
They both stick out of the wall in 2x4 construction, are flush in 2x6 construction and can be wall mounted if needed.

The larger cabinet is designed to fit an over the door ironing board and the frame of it can easily be clamped to the sides of the cabinet.

The smaller cabinet is designed to fit a folding tabletop ironing board with the board resting on the door.  I think that if you used a set of folding shelf brackets you could support the weight, upside down for the brackets but they're strong.

Let me know if this looks like a good project and I'll finalize the plans and put them up here.

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Pictures, Lana, can be worth a thousand words. Could you take / upload / email pictures including detail shots; it would make a clear understanding of your dialogue and much easier to assist/advise you.  Either post here or email to joe at bolin dot com.

Lana Clough said:

I wish I was a carpenter and could explain well what was built for us, because I just love it! 

The board is plywood and is shorter because it swings up from the floor at the exact working height.  There is a hinge as long as the ironing board is wide that attaches to a board that goes across the cupboard, near the top and fairly close to the front, the back edge of the ironing board sits on this board when it is open. There is an angled support (4x1?)  attached to the underside of the ironing board near the front, that is cut and hinged in the middle, with the middle folding up and laying against the back of the cupboard when closed.  There is also a long hinge, like you might use to hold the lid of a toy box open that attaches from the underside of the ironing board down to the angled support, it makes it very sturdy when in use.  He put a piece of plywood on the back wall and built on to it a little frame at the floor that make a track to hold the other end of the angled support.  The angled support just rests in it- it isn't nailed down or hinged.   The track is made of 2 vertical 'sides' app 12" tall and are attached at the floor  to the back wall with enough space between them  for the angled ironing board support to slide freely between them  and then underneath the angled support is the 'front' of this frame that goes from the floor up maybe 6".  To keep the angled support  from jumping out of the track made by this little frame  he put a piece of plywood that fits under the angle ironing board support but sticks out 1-2" beyond the frame.  It isn't hinged or nailed down and seems to act as a pivot and a guide to keep it inside the track made by this frame.  Sorry if this doesn't have clarity to match the enthusiasm!

I was just looking for one of these.  This looks great.
This looks great, wish I actually ironed@!
I like this project. Thans for posting.

Hi Tim, I am wondering what program/(s) you are using for this project. I am using CUTLIST. What did you use for the views?

Have a nice day.


All done using Google Sketchup, see my videos.
I am interested in this project and think it is very worth while to do.  Please finalize!!

I would have loved a set of plans that would download or print well. Lovely "graphics" bit lacking in the detail I was looking for.




Great idea. I like the smaller one. With the door opening like in the picture, if a piano hinge were

added, another board could be added as leg supports, when opened.  (a decorative "clasp" & "handle"

would also be nice additions, @ a minimal cost)  Great Job.

I agree the store bought ones r outrageous, great set of plans , I'm shooting for the larger one in laundry room. Tyvm

Tim, how did you get a cut list like that.  I build furniture all the time and have been looking for something that works inside sketchup to get my cut lists and cutting diagrams but haven't been able to get one to work... is that something that is an add on to sketchup?  Thanks,


Tracy Smith
Tim E Daniels said:

Tracy Smith said:

Tim, how did you get a cut list like that.  I build furniture all the time and have been looking for something that works inside sketchup to get my cut lists and cutting diagrams but haven't been able to get one to work... is that something that is an add on to sketchup?  Thanks,

Tracy Smith

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