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I like to make jigs to help with specific tasks. I made a guide out of 1/4" hardboard by using a large framing square as a guide to cut off the hardboard so that it matches the width of cut for the circular saw. to use this, you measure where you want to cut, place the guide edge on the cut line, then put the framing square on the other edge of the guide. Then move the guide and use the framing square to guide the circular saw. The blade will then cut the line that you want. You can also get the Kreg Square-Cut to do the same thing. I had made my guide before it came on the market.

Another jig I made is a corner square clamping tool that works like the Clamp-It Assembly Square that you can get at Rockler.

I found that the Kreg Jig Jr. is a good addition to the Kreg Jig. I read a lot of woodworking magazines and I have altered plans to be able to use the Kreg Jig.

Here is a shop stool that I made that called for screws to be screwed into the top of the shelf and top. I also made the dimensions larger to allow for my larger than average posterior. It is a bit dusty because it has been used.

 When I was in a hurry I drilled two holes in my kreg jig. They wasn't bad holes just holes that made you stop and slow down and think. I found out that I had my jig too low in the holder. Always make sure you slow down and double check your jig. I always check my manual on my jig just to refresh my memory if I forget something. 

 Make sure you always store your Kreg jig all together so, you don't lose anything. Make sure that you don't drop your drill bit while handling it and putting it away. It will really be a bummer if you have to wait until Monday for a new one and the store is closed or long shipping days until a new one arrives.

Not directly related to this discussion but.....I need to join timbers together that are 3'X4".  Legs/foundation for an outdoor table.  Can I use the Kreg jig, using longer screws,  to do this work?  If so, how do I determine the  length of screw needed?  Thanks.

I have a older Kregjig made of metal and am looking for information on how deep to set the collar on the drill bit, to use with different thickness of wood and screw lenghts.  Any help would be appreciated

Hi Larry, if this is the Kreg K-2 you have one of the best made.  I have one of which I have had for about 25 years using it extensively in my cabinet shop.  It was made for use with 3/4 inch material and the method I set it is using a nickel placing it on the jig base.  Set the drill bit into one of the guide holes.  Place the stop collar on the bit allowing it to rest on to the top of the guide hole and tighten the set screw.  This sets it so that it will not drill through the base.

There is a lengthy topic I posted several months ago.  You can find it in my topics.
Larry Hill said:

I have a older Kregjig made of metal and am looking for information on how deep to set the collar on the drill bit, to use with different thickness of wood and screw lenghts.  Any help would be appreciated

How do I get to topics?

Hi Larry go to my page on the left side scroll down to the bottom of topics and click on topics by this author.  Type in adjust stop collar on kreg jig or  kreg jig adjustments.  You will find a discussion there using a nickel and several other discussions about the kreg jig adjustment.


you can also go to main page of Kreg Jig community click on "forum" a page will open that says "discussion form"   type in "adjusting kreg jig stop collar".  It should open several discussions about it.
Larry Hill said:

How do I get to topics?

tryin to find how to highlight setting markings on my kreg jig adjustment marking on the guides

Hi everyone my name is Anne and Im a keen DIY woodwork,


Question and help very new to site looking for the original plans for the 2x4 Kreg work bench but I get page not found? And as a new to Kreg world that plan be ok to start with? I have done wood work as in remodeling my condo but nothing so detail as this.

Hi Cathy and welcome :)   The workbench was my first project with the Kreg jig and I fell in love with building.   I have been learning ever since and just like you, quite the beginner.  You can look at my photos and see what I built last year.  Sorry about the link.  I am not sure why it is not working.   Perhaps you can go to projects and do a search for "workbench" .   You can also try posting your question in the beginner zone.   The Kreg rep often replies to the site and there have been many helpful members that have helped me in the past and continue to do so.

Thanks Rita I will give that a try. Can't wait to get started but feel overwhelmed with all of the information that I have been reading about wood choice, etc but all of the info has been great, I will just jump in and learn from my mistakes.

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