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Do you build more projects in the Summer or Winter?

Do you have a heated shop?  An air-conditioned one?  Do you work in your garage or outside?  The type of shop you have probably helps to determine when you build your projects the most... so what is it?  Summer or Winter (and everything in between)?

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I build in my garage that I built from salvaged lumber, the ceiling is insulated and is covered in plywood. The garage doors are hinged and fold to allow access, this allows me to bring in a vehicle if I need to. I was unable to find the walk-in door so I made my own. I have a torpedo heater that runs on kerosene or diesel, and I have not bottled gas heater. My sister-in-law gave me a portable air conditioner that is vented outside, it is really not big enough to cool the shop but it helps. I build year-round, in the winter when it is too cold. I do the staining and finishes in the basement. I am fortunate enough that I can move my power tools outside the garage. If I am going to make a real big mess. My son, Shawn and I are in the middle of a remodel for the shop, Shawn did demo as I explained what to take out, tomorrow we will start the rebuild process. When I get done, I will post it.

Geoff, the Canadian winter, I do not think these old bones could take that. It gets cold enough here in Illinois and the snow is enough. This is about as far north as I want to get. So it is with no winner and cycles in the summer, the scenery up there must be awesome down here It is just flat. Enjoy your bike and enjoy your woodworking. I put woodworking last because you will do more of that than riding a bike. A parabolic heater, I wonder how many people know what that is. I happen to know because one of our factories was heated the same way. Stay warm, stay dry, stay healthy, and most of all stay safe.

Geoff Simpson said:

I do most of my work in the winter....and this far into the Canadian north we have "WINTER".  I work in an unheated garage with the exception of a parabolic heater on my .  I'm a motorcycle guy, so i spend the warmer months on my bike.

I'm working on projects,  year around---

Inside and outside---

but, only on days that end in ''y''.


My small workshop is in the garage.


I have heat piped into the garage---[ductwork routed from the furnace to the garage].


An exhaust fan that draw fumes to the outside.


VAC system that collects the dust.


Many tasks are done outside---weather permitting.

Many wood cutting projects and machining of larger pieces, are done outside, on the driveway.


I set up portable work benches and work stands, on the driveway, outside the garage entrance.


My portable vac system works well---sucks up all the dust.


For night-time hours, when working outdoors, I set-up my portable lighting system---

High-intensity lamps, with 150, 300, 450 & 600 Watt bulbs---controlled by switches---select the applicable switch to achieve the amount of light I need.

I also use a portable 24" flexible goose-neck style 100W lamp---using a clamp or magnetic base---

for concentrating light near the work piece.


Most of my equipment is set-up portable---moved around to facilitate the needs and tasks at hand.


Works for me.


PS---I'm always working on ways to improve my productivity and efficiency.

All of my projects are done in the Summer.  My shop is the back yard and considering it is anywhere from -5 to -20 from October to mid March it is a little too cold on the hands to do any woodworking in the Winter.  Some day, I will have my own shop with a wood stove.  Some day.
For the money can beat harbor freight  with a coupon.
I make more saw dust in summer time.
summer but if I'm busy in the  winter Ill work.


re a VAC system

in a small room/area---

I'd look into a shop vac---8-10 gal, 3hp model, that contains a filter.


(Insert a 30 gal size plastic trash can liner/bag, in the vac receptacle---to collect and hold the sawdust---

remove the lid, and lift out the bag, tie it closed and take it out.

Sure beats dumping and getting sawdust strewn all over, when you empty it out.)


You can buy or make various shrouds, funnels, clamping and the like,

to secure the intake end, near the work-piece.


James Waller said:

I converted my old bedroom into a shop so with me it won't matter as I have heat and ac inside the house. I just need to buy a small dust collection system now to keep it from going everywhere.


James :)

Just finished building my 30 x 30 wood shop (new).  Heated and now can work summer, or winter, day or night and not be concerned with the 40 below zero weather that Alaska has to offer.  Although my finishing applications are held at bay until the warmer/less wet spring/summer days.

Looks good!  Congratulations!


Well I use my garage as a shop, and it is heated. Still there come a point in MN where you just can no longer go out to the garage in the Winter to work. I guess the same can be said of the summer. It get 's pretty darn hot and humid here. Still I problebly do more work in the summer. While in the winter I can only grab moments here and there.
Oh, you have a 30 x 30 shop man would that be cool. It looks really nice. Congratulations. Have you thought about a dehumidifier for when you want to do finish work, just a thought. When you get it filled up. You are going to have to statute as a more pictures, you are a lucky man.

Joe Lyddon said:

Looks good!  Congratulations!


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