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Do you build more projects in the Summer or Winter?

Do you have a heated shop?  An air-conditioned one?  Do you work in your garage or outside?  The type of shop you have probably helps to determine when you build your projects the most... so what is it?  Summer or Winter (and everything in between)?

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I have a heated shop (wood burner) and do the greatest share of my projects in the winter.  Not being a winter sports person and living in Michigan it keeps me busy. Or as my wife says "it keeps me off the streets and out of the taverns"!

I build a lot of furniture; chest of drawers, headboards, etc. and the Kreg Jig saves me time and eliminates the frustration of ill fitting and weak joints.

I do most of my work in the winter....and this far into the Canadian north we have "WINTER".  I work in an unheated garage with the exception of a parabolic heater on my workbench.  I'm a motorcycle guy, so i spend the warmer months on my bike.

Garage is shop, NOT heated or cooled... in So. Calif....  small shop... table saw, band saw, DW-735 planer,  old 4" jointer, router table, circ. saw, bench drill press, and sanders, clamps...


Spring and Summer and part of the Fall is the best for me...   otherwise, it's too wet (rain) and cold.


I have to roll-out some of my stuff into the drive way to really be able to work...



My shop (used to be LOML's garage) is air conditioned and I'm retired, so the seasons make little difference to my woodworking. But with so many other things going on in the warmer months, my woodworking output does suffer!
I build in the summer 95% of the time. Here in Michigan with an unheated garage to work out of you quickly decide warmer is the way to go. About all I do in the winter time is to do some chip carving but then I can not apply finish to the projects until it gets warmer. Darned if you do and darned if you don't I guess.

I do most of my woodworking in the summer and fall, I work out of a 24 x 24 unheated garage that doubles to park two cars. IT gets kind of sloppy in there in the winter months due to snow dripping off the cars. someday I hope to build a small shop to work in the winter months, I AM dying to get out there and build something but still to cold up here in Northern minnesota.



I've got a heated shop; but I usually do more projects in the spring, summer and fall.
I build more in the spring/fall.  Here in Texas that is the cooler weather.  My husband doesn't like it when I use the saw in the garage so I do most of the cutting outside and assembling in the garage.  No workshop here. :(

I have a garage/woodshop and the van is in the garage most nights.  I have an electric radiant heater that I can 'focus' at the place I'm presently working in the shop (all my power tools and worktable are on wheels).  If the shop is anywhere near  50 F (10 C), I am comfortable in the shop.


In the summer, it is often too hot by noon to work in the shop.  Our seasonal temperatures vary from 100F in the summer down to 15 degrees in the winter.  So in an unheated/unairconditioned shop, I work when I can.



I have a tin box for a shed/ workshop and I live in Perth, Australia. In the summer when the outside temperature is 40 degrees C ( 107 degrees F) the temperature inside the shed is high enough to give me a heatstroke! I stick to autumn (now) or winter! Also I play cricket in the summers :)
Winter ,spring, and fall are my most productive times I do somethings during the summer but I'm ussally too busy doing summer time things. I work in my basement so the weather doesn't affect me too much
My shop is in my basement, plenty warmth in the winter with the pellet stove going on the other side of the basement. As you all know basements stay pretty cool in the summer. All of my projects are done when I get a chance or time to do them during the winter/summer months. Mostly it depends on the weather, spring time is rough because there is so much outside lawn/garden maintenace to do.

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