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Good morning,


I'm looking to buy a new circular saw? Does anyone have any recommendations, not too expensive?




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Hi Joey - 4600 rpm sounds a little slow to me. My old Milwaukee runs at 5800. You may want to look at this one for another $20

Joey said:

i think it was ken darga who mentioned to look into high HP and RPM ratings so i would like to know ---

because im getting a circular saw as well, for a diy/weekender/hobbyist use only, i would like to know how much  is enough to be considered good.

i was at homedepot earlier and im leaning on a SKIL SAW rated at 2.3HP, 4600RPM and 13AMPS priced at $59.



I use the Porter Cable left handed saw and i love it..
Hi Mike - Is that the old Porter Cable Saw Boss?  If I remember those right it was only 6 - 1/2" but wound up to 9000 rpm and left a cut like glass. Always kicked myself for passing on one of those.

Michael Campbell said:
I use the Porter Cable left handed saw and i love it..
I worked as a set medic for a local movie studio in the mill shop. After watching the 12 full time carpenters build everything needed for four seasons of the show, the corded Makita 7.5 was the only saw that lasted. I asked each one of them which tools a beginner carpenter needed and each one pulled the Makita from their tool bags, a porter cable 960 router, and a tape measure with carpenters square. If you can learn to use those tools, there isn't much that can't be done in wood working.

i ended up getting the 2.6hp skil saw at 15amps thats the same price with the porter cable and makita.

got it $20 less because it was on sale :D

As in most tools you get what you pay for, the 59.00 saw is 59.00 for a reason.  Bottom tier saws are in the New Craftsman, Ryobi, Harbor Freight and Skill (not the wormdrive) area.  20 year old or older Craftsman and Skill were great products.  If price is a deal breaker buy the best you can, but if you want a great tool that may last 's20-30 years buy in to the Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi and Ridged type brands.

Ken Darga said:


Sound like a good choice and price---for for it.

You'll appreciate the high-speed, for those smooth cuts.

It's got some good rating, at my nearby HD---they sell several of those models.

Joey said:

i think it was ken darga who mentioned to look into high HP and RPM ratings so i would like to know ---

because im getting a circular saw as well, for a diy/weekender/hobbyist use only, i would like to know how much  is enough to be considered good.

i was at homedepot earlier and im leaning on a SKIL SAW rated at 2.3HP, 4600RPM and 13AMPS priced at $59.



I just bought a Porter Cable at Lowes and I LOVE it. Paid $89 for it. 7 1/4 ", 15 amp, and an Aluminum base plate. The aluminum base plate makes all the difference in the world. I mounted a Diablo Thin Kerf 80 tooth blade on it and it cuts plywood with absolutely ZERO splintering and gives the smoothest edge. I can't rave enough about this saw.
If you have the money i would buy two saws, one would be a cordless model with a 6-1/2'' blade and two lithium- ion batteries from one of the major manufacturers. Dewalt, Makita etc The other saw should be a corded model, a good sidewinder or worm drive. The worm drive saws are more powerful, heavier and harder wearing but also more difficult to handle, it's a matter of personel preference. I would be a fan of the worm drive saws, either the Skil SHD77M 15amp 7-1/4'' or the new Dewalt DWS535 7-1/4''. I have an older Skil 13amp worm drive which had a warped saw foot which i flattened on a floor standing belt sander. I've seen some bad reviews about warped saw foots on the newer Skil 15amp models so beware! I will be buying the new Dewalt worm drive in time as i think they've taken worm drives to  a new level, Skil are playing catch up now.
I have a porter cable from Lowes about $60 .  Love it and when I have to replace it it will deffinately be with another Porter Cable.


Ernest Romero

I also have the Porter Cable, left hand saw. I would not buy a right hand for everything Steve has said. There's my two cents. Also, you would most likely need to order it left hand. They no longer stock them in my Lowes or Home Depot.

steve kidd said:

hi gary, i have two, one corded and one cordless that i would recommend. the corded one is a proter cable, left hand one, the blade in on the oppistite side you would be used too. for me being right handed its easier to see the blade when cutting, it was about $130 from lowes, they also have a right hand one. the cordless one is a ridgid, dont know the price of it cause it came in a kit. really like both saws, would buy either one again in a heartbeat, hope this helps.
Go to your local pawn shop.  Unbelievable what you can pick up there.  Also hagel them on the price.  Most of them will come down considerably. If you have Cash America available - go there.  30 day return policy if you are not happy with product.  Good shopping friend.   Cordless is great, but doesn't matter what you end up with - don't be cheap on the blades - at least 40 tooth and good brand like Diablo or Avanti.  Bill
Gary, I' m Buck Fleshner out here in California. Currently  I have three circle saws. Many years a Craftsman then a Skil 3600, (You' ll LOVE that one). I just picked up a Worx 7 1/4  (Corded)  I put a kinda high end blade on it for the fine cuts.  It works great with my KREG Square cut.  I almost forgot,  one of my daughters-in-law got me a Craftsman for Xmas two years ago.  She also got me 4 ea. 19.2 volt batteries and two 1 hour chargers.  At that time her father was General manager for SEARS.  Need I say more?  Gary, I am ashamed of myself.  Everything is still in the boxes!  It is also equipted with a laser. I DON' T care for lasers and I want a cord on my tools!  Please keep ln mind, mine is not the last word on anything  The Worx was about $80. 00  with tax. ( 9.25 % ) WIthout my input,  you have been given some first class advice .  Many of these KREGGERS have been there and done that and know exactly what they are talking about. Your friend,  Buck

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