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What is a good inexpensive brad/finish nailer.  I've looked at the Stanley TRE550 nail gun and the ryobi nailer/stapler.  Really don't have the money to buy an air compressor and a pneumatic nailer.

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I have an Campbell Hausfeld 2" two in one nailer that came with a 2 gallon tank model # FD209592 . It came from Lowes. It cost $59.25 including taxes. I have never had any problems with it. For a small shop where you want to have a nail gun for minimal work this is a good choice. Try this link
Back in the day, I was a "factory rat" and had access to trades work castoffs. Maybe twenty years ago I was fortunate enough to acquire an empty freon tank. I bought a freon-to-air tank conversion kit (still available for around $5), and quick-connect fittings and, after filling it at a friend's garage or at a gas station (before it cost $.50 for air), I used it often for filling car tires, bike tires and basketballs. Once our kids moved away and began having kids of their own I didn't fill so many bike tires and balls, and so the air tank fell into disuse. Well, one day, after boogering up way too many molding projects with a hammer, I finally saw the light and bought myself a reconditioned Bostitch 5/8-2" 16 gauge brad nailer from and a 15 gallon portable air compressor from Sears. What a blessing! But I still find myself falling back on my old tried and true mini air supply when the 50' hose won't reach and it's difficult to haul that large compressor up or down stairs.
Just bought a bostich brad nailer, finish nailer, and 6gal compressor for $229 from Menards. They also had the same combo with a stapler from lowes for $249. Buy generic food not tools:)
I have used some of the Harbor Freight air tools and i have found themt to be OK. They would not typicaly hold up to production shop work but for the weekender they are very affordable and hold up ok.
Here is another good nailer for the price got good reviews on amazon. I think free shiping.
Hey John,

You can buy brad nailers under $50.00 new. Reconditioned Campbell Hausfeld and a 2 gallon 1hp or so compressor for under $50.00 each. Try or the later one being a CPO page they sell new or reconditioned tools of all brands. I gave information to a friend who roofs for a living they bought 4 twin tank 2hp compessors @ $59.00 each orders over $100.00 at the time shipped free he's happy dispossible equipment as he put it no worries about theft from truck at that price. Nailer and compressor under $100.00 . I purchased a brad nailer kit from Wal Mart Campbell Hausfeld for under $40.00 works great; brads can be purchased from Harbor Freight for next to nothing sizes from 5/8" to 2". Good luck and God bless.

Sincerely Joseph
It's the holidays, go to your local big box home store. You can usually find a good deal on a combo set with a small pancake style compressor and a brad nailer. it might cost a little more than an electric nailer but you can also upgrade later to additional tools. I bought a porter cable combo at loews several years ago and it has worked great for me. good luck and don't forget to check online sales.

Bostitch makes great Brad and Staple guns, I use them daily in a production environment. Even the old ones, having been dropped on the floor, not taken care of, function flawlessly. FWIW I would try and get a model with the double safety trigger, the ones with the pressure safety on the nose aren't a very comfortable thing to use. You can get the trigger from Bostitch yourself and install it if you can't find it available in stores.

Merry Christmas Friends!

I am interested in getting a nail gun and compressor. Recommendations on brand/gun/tank size(s), please. BTW, I'm a home-when-I-can-find-the -time DIYer.






I bought a Campbell Hausfeld from Lowes for a gift to a friend, compressor and brad nailer combined on sale last Christmas. He is very satisfied with it only wish I had bought two. They were on sale a couple of weeks ago for under $60, needless to say I bought it for myself this time. I have a Craftsman 18 ga I've had for years I gave over $100 for, no problem with it ever. Harbor freight runs their's for $20 quite often and I've given them for gifts and had no problem with them.

I purchased a Bostich combo, compressor and three tools-stapler, brad nailer, finish nailer. Granted, $220 was a fair amount of money at the time (8 months ago) but I have never looked back. Finished a number of things in the shop, used it on a bookcase (7 1/2' tall x 3' wide) and was faster than I used to be when using a hammer. Recently purchased a pin nailer from Harbor Freight and a framer and roofer from Northern Tools. So far, cannot complain about any of them - and would prefer to NEVER to without them.

I'm big on name brand reconditioned stuff. Think used with a warranty. One big reason is if you decide to upgrade later a name brand, reconditioned or otherwise, is much easier to sell and generally commands a better price than than the Harbor Freight and other low end tools. As far as brands, I have Porter Cable and Hitachi for pneumatics with a Porter Cable 2002 compressor. I think I have roughly $500 tied up in compressor, 23 ga pin nailer, 18 ga brad nailer, 18 ga narrow crown stapler, 16 ga finish nailer and 21* framing nailer. All are recons except the 16 ga and 23 ga which was a combo kit.

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