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Hey all i'm starting to get my shop up and running and was wondering what would be the best set-up for a router table?i'm looking at just a table from rockler and flush mounting it in my bench or would it be better to have one with a stand for mobility?(the precision table from kreg).money wise kreg's is only $30 more than rockler.any idea's?

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Depending on your space, it is nice to have a separate table for your router. I had mounted a router on the work table in my last shop and never was able to use it, because I always had projects and tools on the table. I had 2 router tables and used them instead. In my new shop I am not going to put a router on the work table. Just my opinion.
I had a blog here on the subject and I am leaning toward the rockler $200 and the kreg doesn't have the fence included.
I have the rockler table combo and I also bought the acc. kit with the feather boards and dust collector. Although there wasn't any instructions with it everything went together fairly easy. I really like it alot more than the old craftsman one I was using
For me a good router table will be flat, hold the router solidly where I put it, have solid fence that will also stay put and maybe a miter slot (not necessarily). Anything else is either "luxury" or unnecessary.

Considering how often I use a router table, and my own requirements of one, I get by fine with a little commercially made aluminum table top on a roll around shop built stand that raises it to workbench height. I actually use it as an extension of the workbench or a stand alone assembly table more often than as an actual router table. It serves well for my purposes.
i see the table your talking about.the one i was looking at is a bench top that includes the fence but with the rockler i can get the right plate insert that fits my router.also my bench is going to be 8' x 8' so i should have plenty of room.
thanks for all the info.

Gary roofner said:
I had a blog here on the subject and I am leaning toward the rockler $200 and the kreg doesn't have the fence included.
Chris, check out they have several seemingly nice tables and table combinations'
However I think Kreg rules!

i have researched a bunch of router tables as i do a lot with my router. i still cant see spending $200-$500 on a table when all is said and done with accessories. i built my table for about $50. i had a rolling cabinet in the garage that i mounted the table to so i would have a table i could put anywhere. i used 2 pieces of 3/4 mdf. 2' X 3'. i cut out the base width for my router on the bottom piece then glued the sheets together. after that i laminated all the sides and mounted my router and routed a zero clearance hole. then i nailed 3 pieces of scraps under the router at a diagonal towards the back of the table and drilled a 2" hole for dust collection and hooked my shopvac up to it. on the table i put hinges on the backside so if i needed to change bits i could lift the table lock it in place and change the bits easily. i used scrap wood lying around to make my featherboards. and used a piece of hardwood for my fence. pretty simple. routed out 2 tracks for the fence and then a track for the miter.
Gary roofner said:
I had a blog here on the subject and I am leaning toward the rockler $200 and the kreg doesn't have the fence included.

Good luck with your router table search, Chris! Gary, just as a quick point of clarification, the Kreg Precision Router Table does complete with a self-squaring fence.

The Kreg Precision Benchtop Router Table also comes complete with a fence.

yep thats frikin nice.i really like the fence but the price tag is a little high for me though.still a pretty sweet set-up

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