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Hey guys,
I am on a budget and just want to get some feedback on a saw.  Should my 1st saw purchase be a band saw or table saw?  My wife got me the kreg jig for Christmas and wants a toy box for the kids.  I am also a novice woodworker so if you all could help me out.

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So I got a bunch of Amazon GC for xmas.  And pulled the trigger on the Bosch gts1031, I was stuck on the differences in fence length and operation.  But in the end I went with the fact that the Bosch can fit a dado blade.  Your point on ripping larger boards with a hand saw was well taken.

Now I don't yet know how to set up and use a dado but I am assuming at some point I will need to.  It should arrive Monday, so I hope I can make time on New Years day to test it out.  I did not buy the folding stand I was just goint to test it out on my work bench unless you all think it better to go with their stand.  I also did not get the dust bag am gonna see if my wimpy Lowes shop vac will work.

Thanks for the advice Ken.

Ken Darga said:


For lots of available info, enter the subject and do a search herein---

search field located in the upper RH corner of this page.

Lots of info available to help you make a choice.

Peruse the Bosch 1031, portable job site saw.

Great unit.

I like the features it offers over other similar brands.

It has an arbor length that will accommodate dado blade width of 1/2", more than is offered by other models.

The Bosch offers several optional accessories, for their 1031.

I'd suggest obtaining a 60-80 fine tooth blade for smoother cuts, cutting plywood and with minimal to no tear-out.

It's advantageous to have 7-1/4"  blades---

less expensive than a 10" blades---

and it'll fit the Bosch as well as applicable circular saws.

A 7" will suffice for most cutting operations, which don't need a 10" blade.

The only advantage to a 10" blade, is that it'll cut thru thicker stock.

Make a shop-made cross-cut sled for the saw.

The small mier guages, furnished with the portable saws are almost useless without an extension.

A shop-made extension can be easily made and fastened to the ajustable miter guage.

For an accurate setup, us a combination square or protractor for you're set-ups.

Portable job site saws can be placed on a floor, patio, deck, driveway,  or, on an adjustable portable stand.

The partable saws make for great job-site use.

I have one and use it more often than my bigger machine, 

and find the portability more universal.

If you need to cut large sheets, or the like, use and circular hand saw and straight edge.

For long stock, such as molding and the like, the material can be cut with a hand saw and a miter box,

or chop saw, or miter slide saw.  

For most home owner use, a 10" miter saw is adequate.

Happy woodworking and make lots of sawdust.

Marc Oshiro said:

I don't really want to start a new thread if I don't have to so will post my question here.

I want to upgrade my table saw but my budget is pretty small I want to keep it under $400.  I am thinking of getting the Dewalt DEW7480.

Seem good and reviews have been good, but it does not accept a dado blade.  Now mind you I have never used one being a novice/intermediate wood worker (more novice).  But will I regret it later?  Right now it is selling for $329, and it is a Amazon Prime options so free shipping for me.

What do you all think or is there a better option.  I am leaning toward the contractor options vs floor as I don''t have a lot of space in the garage.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for posting.

Selecting the Bosch GTS1031 is a good choice. I trust you'll like it.  Bosch makes some top-notch equipment.

They provide great customer support.

I have several of their products, some HD demolition equipent, and they haven't failed me, as of yet.

Several comments have been made on previous posts re GTS1031saw---Peruse the various posts


A shop-made auxiliary fence can easily be added and clamped to the existing fence, for mobility.

I've made a variety of them, for several different cutting operations.

An auxiliary (wood) fence is necessary, when making rabbets, using a dado blade.


Re dado’s

There are various dado blades on today’s market.  A 6” is suitable---no need to use an 8”.

Making dado’s is an easily learned operation.


The folding stand is nice, but, isn’t necessary.

You may want to make your own shop-made stand or table.

Make/buy a stand so the working height of the saws table surface is at a comfortable working height for you.  (Waist high is adequate).

Secure the saw to the stand, to provide stability.  Provisions are featured in the saw base frame to fasten the saw base frame.


The dust bag comes in handy.  It’ll catch the sawdust that exits the dust chute.  Some dust will exit around the saw blade.  A shop vac is more efficient.  It’ll suck up over 80% of the sawdust.  A larger HP vac the better.

Make some wooden push-sticks and push-blocks, they're a necessity. 

PS---read the instruction manual and become thoroughly familar with the machine, before putting it into use.

Make practice cuts using scrap pieces of wood.

Get use to the saw and become comfortable with the tool.

It would be advisable to invest in some books on the use of table saws.

WARNING: Table saws are one of the most dangerous power tools, one can have in their shop.

I don't want to see you post any bloody pics.

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