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I am terrible at planning out organization strategies. I want to get my shop and whatnot organized for everything I have and might get.... I want a place for everything, car stuff, plumbing, electrical, wood working, tools, drilling, sanding, painting, miscellaneous stuff.... 

I can provide pix or a video of the space, I just need someone to lend me their creativity and give me ideas of where to put things, what to build to put the stuff there, and what not...

Hit me and let me know....


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First, I'd organize the tools I use most often, in a ready access location, followed by the lesser used tools,

and finally at the back/rear of the room, lesser used tools.


Lumber and other lighter weight goods can be stored overhead.

I store molding, narrow strips, pvc, conduit, long clamps, and the like.


Utilize wall space for storing lumber, sheet goods---horizontal and verticle.

Larger sheet goods, store vertically against the wall.

Horizontal pieces on support brackets, for longer/wider boards.


Vertical pieces, shorter strips of molding, lumber, clamps, and the like, in storage compartments with dividers.

You can make a partitioned divider bin, from a sheet of plywood, assembled and fitted with HD swivel casters, for mobility.


Wall space can also be utilized to store at-the-ready tools---pegboard, shelves, and the like, located near the applicable machine.


Bins with lids, Rubbermaid containers, or the like, can be used for storing tools, sanding/finishing tools,

drills, saws---separated and labeled on the front of each bin.

Bins can be stacked and stored on a dolly---with the base size, the length and width of the container bottom.

(use low profile casters, for increased stability).


File cabinets with drawers, are very handle---either stationary or mobile.

A dolly can be installed under the cabinet, for mobility. 

I have a 2 drawer legal size file cabinet, that houses my table top model drill press---supported by 2 layers of 3/4" plywood.

I utilize the top drawer for my ready access tools, such as rules, measuring tools, etc.

The bottom drawer for heavier tools---such as portable routers and its associated tools.

Other file cabinet drawers for several different items--one drawer for catalogs and reference books.

Another file drawer with hanging dividers, labeled with its containers---from A-Z---Adhesives, fasteners, drilling, routing, and the like.  Another for manuals, for the applicable tools.


Separate smaller size storage containers, labeled with its contents, and can be stored in another drawer.

Ex---chisels, files, drill bits, and the like.


Label the exterior of each drawer---to facilitate ready access to its contents.


An old wooden office deck, can be fitted with casters---cut down the legs, and attach a sheet of 3/4" plywood, and attach a set of 6" HD casters.  These descks are very handy, as they feature several drawers, pull-out shelves.  The drawers can house lots of goods. The top is very handy as a work surface, for many tasks.  Appy a sheet of masonite, over the top.


My compressor is on a dolly, for ready access to pull-out---Framed on 2 sides and back, with a solid top, to facilitate storage bins.


A metal upright cabinet, with adjustable shelving, to store paints, and painting tools.

Another upright cabinet to facilitate other tools/objects and supplies.


Overhead lighting, located over workbenches and frequently used work areas.


Hangers can be attached to 2x4 wood strips, mounted horizontal, for objects that can be hung-up, on a wall.


Electrical power cords, power strips, and the like, can be stored in containers, with lids, and stacked against a wall and on a dolly.


Separate storage containers can house, drills, saws, sanding suppliers, such as sanders, sand paper, and the like.

Each container labeled with its contents---ex, sanding, drilling, sawing, etc.


Painting supplies---brushes, rollers and painting tools, can be stored in a separate container.


Milk crates, can house portable saws and saw blades.


A separate container to house scroll saws, and their associated blades, and accessories.


Another to house measuring tools---tapes, folding rules, squares, and the like.

Some of the more often used/ready access measuring tools can be house in a file cabinet drawer.


Base and overhead cabinets, can be obtained, from various sources, who have remodeled their kitchens.

Make a new top, to suffice as a work surface, to suit your needs.


And, of course, a separate container for KREG tools and fasteners.


Make it up as you go, to facilitate it to your likeness.


Go for it.



build your shelving to hold totes for plumding,electrical and what notthen label the totes

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