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I really like the Adaptive Cutting System (ACS) and hope to buy it soon. My table saw really scares me as I have a bad knee that likes to buckle on me at inopportune times. I can just picture it happening at the table saw and tossing me into the saw blade. So, I am looking to replace my table saw with the ACS as it should be a lot safer for me. Which leaves me with a few questions.

How would you cut a rabbet (rebate) or a dado with this? Is it even possible? Lots of passes with the plunge saw then moving the wood slightly before making another pass?

Will there be a router attachment for the track in the future? Something like the EZ-1 system offers?

It seems to me like the combination of the ACS and  plunge router would be able to do anything that a table saw can do. And do it much safer.

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I'm happy for you Deac. I hope to someday be able to afford the ACS.

Let us know how it goes when  you start using it n a project. I'm really curious how well it can handle all of the normal cuts we do on the table saw. That's my main interest; For health reasons I want to replace my table saw functionality with the ACS. Perhaps it will save my fingers or save me from more serious injury.

Deac Manross said:

So I buckled and went to Woodcraft and bought the whole system on Saturday. Brought it home and started to put it together.  I am VERY impressed as to how well built the table top/table and legs are. Kreg did a great job on that part. The only thing that has me scratching my head is the quality of  the included reptitive stops, miter gauge etc etc. It's almost like they ran out of budget when they got to those items. I mean, even the Versa-stops are top notch, but those items? ......not so much.   If I'm going to pay $900 for this thing, I'd be happy to cough up another $50-100 to have the same quality there that the rest of the system has. For example, there are no 'hairlines' to read the built in table rulers just have to kind of guess and hope.  Maybe they will do some after market offering to fix what is otherwise a VERY impressive system. 

i bought the table and stand but cant afford the track and saw for quite some time. i have the accu cut track and have been trying to think of a way to use that until i come up with another $400. has anyone come up with a way to use the accu cut on the new table?  god forbid they would set it up for an existing track or sell a shoe for a circular saw that would work on the new track. hard to come up with $900 all at once. ok rant over 

Yes you can cut a rabbet or dado, simply by doing numerous cuts and slightly moving the board, and resting it against Versa stops, to keep in square. This was demonstrated in a You Tube Video by "Four Eyes" - Chris Salomone; and here is the link to the You Tube Video where he does a complete build with the Kreg ACS.

I hope this helps

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