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My B-Day is on the 9th of this month.

I am thinking of gifting myself with the $99.00 K-4.

I went to Lowes today and held it in my hands and placed it in myy cart.

I ran into a new friend at lowes today who was buying pre cut shelving to make a bookcase.
He was almost at the regrister when I showed him the K-JR and told him where to find it.

Should I order my K-Jig for $99.00 online and pay shipping or buy at lowes?

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I would get it from Lowes.
Buy it and Menards this week. Regular price is $99.00 but this week it is 15% off if you put it in a green Menards bag. The bag is under a buck. It's a great deal.
my wife bought me the same system from Lowes for christmas, I love her even more!!!! Go get it man, you won't be sorry.
Buy the Master, and a wide assortment of clamps, screws, and plugs of various colours. I really wanted this system, must have watched the info-mercial twenty times over a period of months. No stores within a hundred miles that would have even
heard of this product. I drove to where I could put my hands on it, even though I knew it inside out from downloading the owner's manual. I have put this system to a very challenging, highly sceptical series of important projects, me a guy that only believed in mortise/tenon, dowels, and dovetails. I bought an extra step bit, in case they were short-lived in their
edge-holding (wrong, big time), watched all the videos, bought a mulitude of screws and plugs.

I buy the best, I do without until scrimping and scraping will let me do so. This system is just downright first rate.

After several thousand driven screws into spruce, cedar, oak, fir and rock maple, not one misfire. Perfectly sharp bit
still, mind you, I followed the book advice and bought a drill capable of their recommended two thousand rpm.

Get it and get on with it. Nobody seems anyhing but thrilled.
It sounds to me like your having committment issues(haha). Only kidding, but it does sound like you need to walk around you home and get a good idea of what you would use it for. Try this list on for size, I used it on a friend of mine...

Storage Area's
Bed Rooms
Living/Dining Room
Outside Yards

If you find you have more then three projects for any one location on your list then mark that as a "prime location", now if when your done your walk around you find you have created more then three "prime locations".....well then you have a lot of work ahead of you and should seriously consider the K-3 set. It gives you all that you will need to start. Think about going into it with a friend and offset some of the costs.
If service and supply is important to you, then go with your local outlet(Lowes) but if cost is an issue then either wait and save up the differance or go on-line. I bought my K-3 on E-bay for $110 with free shipping but that seems to have been an exception to the rule as the norm seems to be close too or same cost as the retailers. Cost is a relative issue, "It won't matter how much you save if you don't make the purchase". So step up to the plate, get yourself the K-4 or K-3 and have a Happy Birthday pcfy2.

I was actually at Home Depot and Lowes (they are next to each other here) trying to show my wife which biscuit cutter tool I wanted and found the Kreg Master at Lowes. I told my wife to forget the cutter- just get me a router bit for biscuits and get the Kreg system instead. My birthday was Jan 16th- so she bought me 650 screws to go with it. Cost about the same as ordering online- but I got the sizes I will use most.
First project? I joined two 1x6 scraps to make a clamping base for the jig.
Hope you had a great birthday pcfy2
Buy at Lowe's, if anything is wrong with it they will make good. easier to deal locally than through the mail.

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