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I saw this tool in operation and after all the years that I have been exposed to the table saw dangers this product impressed me the most.  I think it would be of benifit for all of us to watch this in operation and it is reasonable in price as well.  Much better than any push stick or kick back devices I have used

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Comment by Lynn Shank on November 16, 2011 at 10:27am

Robert Brennan:  My table saw accident actually happened in January, 2006, so recovery was completed some time ago, yet it took some time and patience!  As for the GRR Ripper, I purchased mine through Rockler.  If you're satisfied with the similar tool you've fabricated in absence of the actual GRR Ripper, I suggest you do share it on this forum.  Evidently others have experienced difficulty in finding a source for GRR Ripper, and it would be most beneficial to help fill the need of others.  Best regards, and safety always!

Comment by Robert Brennan on November 16, 2011 at 2:29am

Hello there Lynn


Good to hear that recovery is undrway.

I have been trying to obtain a GRR Ripper in Australia for some time now.

In the intrim I fabricated a couple of my own.

I should post them in the photos for all to see and build if they want and hopefully avoid injuring themselves.


Speedy recovery and Regards


Rrobert Brennan

Comment by Lynn Shank on November 15, 2011 at 7:55pm

As for the GRR Ripper, here's my story, including a bit of my (hopefully ) past really BAD judgement ... stupidity, which in a split second was very costly to me!  A friend of mine showed me his newly purchased GRR Ripper tool, purchased soon after I had spent 7 excruciatingly painful days and nights in Baylor Univ. Medical Center, Dallas, TX.  My wife and were in the Dallas metro area to help our son with remodeling of his house.  I took many tools, including my table saw, with me.  About the third day or so, I was making a cut which I should never have attempted, and did so even without a pusher stick of any kind.  Yeah, I know, I said it was stupid!  "It" happened so quickly I don't know for sure what happened, but I believe the piece of wood jammed between the blade and fence, and the wood slammed my left hand toward the blade.  The blade cut the inner tip of my "ring" finger at an angle, then crossed over the end of my middle finger, then ... SPLIT my index finger up the middle to the middle joint.  It all happened in less than a second.  It was due to a lack of following safety procedures and having (or making!) a proper and acceptable safety tool.  At Baylor U. Medical Center I met some absolutely wonderful people, yet the costs .... full use of the remaining 2/3 index finger I now have, terrible pain, challenging recovery, succeptibility to cold, and many thousands of dollars! ... which would have been much better spent on nice shop equipment!  I share all of this for several reasons, mostly to caution YOU about considering each and every operation with your tools and equipment, regardless of your experience!  I was once qualified to teach high school shop classes, yet in one brief moment I made a mistake of a lifetime!  The GRR Ripper? ... It has a special place and receives good use in my shop!  PLEASE be careful, and yes, I DO suggest you purchase and USE the GRR Ripper!  It's a great tool, and a GREAT alternative to permanant injury!

Comment by Larwyn on September 11, 2011 at 12:43pm
I have had a pair Grr-Ripper's for a while now.  They are especially useful for working with small bits of wood.  They take a bit of time for setup sometimes but they do add a good measure of safety to some otherwise hazardous operations on the table saw.  Very useful.
Comment by steve kidd on July 28, 2011 at 12:43am
think i will buy the 1/8 leg next time im at woodcrafters, should make life easier and safer
Comment by steve kidd on July 28, 2011 at 12:42am
got mine last week, also got one for my dad. lucky for me we got them half price for woodcraft, great to know employees to get thier discount. havent used it yet but looks like a well made product. took a little time to assemble but that was no problem. even got extra bolts. cant wait to try it out but been finishing in the shop so no need to make any dust. thanks to jay and all the others for thier comments, i was able to make an informed purchase.
Comment by Robert Brennan on July 8, 2011 at 4:18am


No need to rub it in Pete,

Only today I was on the phone to attempting to finalise the purchase of 2x GRRippers.

It is Toolco that bought the stock from Northwood here in Queensland Ausralia.

Anyway even offering voluntary help to Toolco in sorting out the GRRipper inventory was not even accepted.

I first hear about them after reading Jay Boutwells post, I researched the item and found the distributor Northwood tools and they were north of Brisbane about 1hr north away.

However I was too late as the shop had closed and the owner was uncontactable.

I was even prepared to ride my bike up to their shop and PU 2 x units personally a good blast into the outskirts of Brisbane ia always needed !!

However they have now become uncontactable and even with the purchase of stock by Toolco the product is still not available.

I find it hard to beleive that with all the tool and machinery outlets in Brisbane that none are prepared to buy in bulk as you suggested and then try to keep up with the demand.


As from what I found out its a unique product and certainly works well.

In sheer frustration I have even thought of making one in plywwod and using it until supplies are available. I personally like my fingers,body and eyes so I have no reservations in beleiving in Microjigs product.

I even attemped to purchase them directly from Microjig but it proved too costly as an individual, I think the freight costs almost exceeded the purchase price.

Annoying as it is I will not give up just yet.


Regards Robert Brennan


Comment by Peter Green on July 8, 2011 at 3:28am

Had my Ripper for a couple of weeks now, well worth the money. Not only for safety but for the confidence when using narrow stock. Until you have used one you will never know how lucky you must have been before you purchased it.

Until dealers are prepared to risk the initial outlay on a bulk order and have to allow for import duties, freight charges etc. There will not be a great demand, but word of mouth and honest reviews must convince some that the risk is worth it.

Comment by Jay Boutwell on June 30, 2011 at 3:54am
Peter, I can understand your frustration with the way the total system of shipping and supply is handled any more.  It is somewhat on the border line of stupidity and insanity.  It is kinds like we have companies in the United States that are supposed to be American companies yet the work force is located in another land.  It is somewhat disappointing to purchase a tool from what we believe is American made and when you look it will be stamped made in China or India or some other third world place we sometimes do not know where it is located.  It is the piggery of the business world where the almighty dollar is the deciding factor in about everything we do.  What is frustrating to a person is that there is not a lot we can do about it short of refusing to purchase it.  Then they got you by the  gonads as when you buy it you think it is American made and do not find out until you receive it and there staring you in the face is: "made in China".  Sorry for your frustrations.  Some companies refuse to go the extra mile to help the good people of their neighboring countries.  I hope things will change before the world destroys its self.
Comment by Peter Green on June 30, 2011 at 3:18am

I have stopped buying gear from the USA because most suppliers are geard to UPS air freight, this puts the price beyond value for money and coupled with UK inport duties is impossible to justify. OK! Safety is beyond price but for some this is unafordable. At one time I could specify snail mail sea freight but this is now rarely offered.

My son has close friends in America and I am exploring that possibility for getting the stuff I want. This however: is beyong most peoples expectations.

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