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the drawers in the Bench where built with the Kreg Jig as well. Because the doors of the drawers where complete overlay i was able to hide the pocket holes with the front.

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Comment by Jeff Devlin- DIY Host/Carpenter on May 28, 2009 at 12:37pm
i did not take a ton of pictures, but i will most definetly put something together for you so as to show the building process. I always scribble something together i will scan that in and post that for you.
The Entire thing was made up of 1 Bench with 2 drawers (4' Long, 18" High), 2 Bottom Cabinets @ 36" High, ( i left the Stiles on the wall sides long, as to scribe them on site), 2 Upper Bookcases with no bottom (Just sides, top, & Back), Lastly the upper cabinet (8" tall). The small cabinet in-between drove me nuts because of the window it couldn't be any bigger. The plan was to fun the Crown straight across the top. Honestly as worried as i was the homeowners sent me a picture later and they have a bunch of stuff that does fit up there nicely.
The cases where constructed out of Red Oak plywood all was joined with the Kreg Jig. I wood never recommend using Red Oak for a painted project because of its EXpense and also because of the heavy graining, but it was the only thing the lumber yard had in stock that wasn't warped and good on both sides. Take extra care during this step in selecting materials because it could prove painful if you have to fight the wood. I chose to spend more money rather than battle warped, wood. ALWAYS plan on spending more than you think. If you don't then it is like christmas!!!!!
While on the subject, if you have the equipment, always try to buy your wood rough! It does make all the difference in the world. If you don't have the equipment or the time most higher-End lumber yards will actually plane and or joint your board at a pretty reasonable price. I have done it plenty of times and if you build a relationship with the lumber yard most of the time they will even cut you a break.
Because it was a built-in there was no need to cut out for toe kicks. The Rails and Stiles where made from 3/4"thick Poplar and 1 1/2 wide. For the tall bookcases i used the the Kreg Jig to secure the frame to the plywood carcasses at the top and the non-finished sides. For the sides that were exposed i just used Biscuits and glue. The most important thing i find interesting with this type of piece is some "twist". Each thing you build or construct should have your own little signature on it. Not literally but figuratively. The Client wanted a darker top and truth be told they originally wanted to paint everything. I made the suggestion ( My twist ) to go with a reclaimed wooded top to everything. I got the beams from a church that was being demoed a couple blocks from there house. i resawed the Heart pine @ 1" thick and they applied a Candelite Gel Stain, from General Finishes. (GReat Stain by the way, my favorite) The stain hid all the sap wood and blended the wood perfectly. Now they have a piece of history that they can be proud of. sorry to babble i am not sure if i helped but i will be more than happy to answer an questions you ever have.
Comment by Stanley C. Pearse on May 27, 2009 at 2:40pm
I am looking at building something very simular to what you did in the photo. I want to build a bookcase on each side of a bedroom window with a window seat underneth and a sofit above. Would it be possible for you to post additional pictures of the entire project? Do you have any plans that you can share? Insight?


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